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New Pizzeria Opens in Long Island City

Beebe’s is now open for business in Long Island City’s Boro Hotel. With its mouthwatering thin-crust Neopolitan-style pizzas, the restaurant is a collaboration between pizza maestro Louis Tomczak and chef George Mandakas. While Tomczak preps the pies, Mandakas prepares the rest of the Italian-inspired menu.

Louis Tomczak is a longtime staple of Brooklyn pizzerias. He began his career making pizzas at a Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn, later moving on to Pizza Loves Emily on Fulton Street. In 2016, he partnered with Emily Hyland and her husband Matt to open popular Detroit-style pizzeria Emmy Sqaured on Grand Street. The eatery quickly became famous for its mozzarella-drenched square pizzas.

In April 2017, Tomczak and several other investors in Emmy Squared sued the Hylands, claiming that they withheld company profits and opened new branches without consultation. The lawsuit also alleged that the couple used company funds for personal expenses like vacations. After an undisclosed settlement with his former Emmy Squared partners, Tomczak moved on to Beebe’s.

Tomczak decided to debut his new concept at the Boro Hotel, venturing outside of his comfort zone to Queens. With Boro Hotel executive chef George Mandakas taking care of the non-pizza portion of the menu, Tomczak debuted his Neapolitan-influenced pizzas at the end of March.

The new eatery seats around 100 patrons and is also open for breakfast. The pizza menu consists of thin crust pizzas, including a vodka-sauce pizza and a meaty Hot Italian sausage pie. As different vegetables come in season, the restaurant will also add a pesto pizza and a squash pizza to its menu.

Beebe’s menu also boasts traditional pasta dishes like basil-infused spaghetti and rigatoni with pecorino and Parmesan cheese. Appetizers include rosemary-flavored fries and homemade ricotta. Patrons looking for tasty dishes for breakfast can enjoy smoked salmon on toast and warm farro cereal flavored with rosemary honey.

Chef Lou Tomczak Opens New Restaurant in NYC

New York City is getting a new pizza destination. Beebe’s, a popular restaurant in Long Island, opened a few weeks ago and are serving pizzas designed by famed chef Lou Tomczak. Situated inside the Boro Hotel in Long Island City, Beebe’s offers traditional New York thin crust pizza, layered with delicious toppings such as prosciutto and sweet fennel sausage.


Fired in a classic brick oven, each crust is made from scratch, then fired up briefly in a gas oven set to 700 degrees. This gives the thin crust the strength to support the toppings without tearing, and the pie finishes baking in a wood fired oven.


Like many upscale pizza restaurants, Beebe’s offers more than just pizza, serving a variety of pastas and other Italian-inspired fare. But the restaurant isn’t all Italian, either. Chef George Mandakas contributes a variety of inspired takes on classic ideas, such as avocado toast for breakfast. Beebe’s is an all-day restaurant and serves a full menu, so you’re not limited to a pasta lunch or pizza dinner.


As you might expect, beer and wine are also on the menu. Beebe’s has several different beers on tap and offers a complete wine list. So whether you’re looking for a pint with lunch or want to share a bottle with your friends for dinner, you have options.


The next time you’re in the area, stop in and see what Beebe’s has to offer. It’s located between 38th and 39th Street in Long Island City, and it’s open all day long.

Beebe’s Dough is In the Know

The idea of opening up a pizza place in New York might seem to be foolish, given the mountain of competitors that any newcomer would face. Yet Lou Tomczak believes that Beebe’s in Long Island City will be unique enough to deliver regular patrons as well as guests of the Boro Hotel, where the new establishment opened up in mid-March.

Extended proofing and fermentation of the dough serves as one of the centerpieces of this strategy. Combining that with thin coverage around the edges makes the base soft enough to almost melt in the mouth, with rapid delivery of each pie the result of a 700-degree blast of heat for up to four minutes.

That gives more of a Staten Island vibe to the pizza, yet it’s distinct enough to stand on its own. Specials for each season will be one of the hallmarks, with squash this fall coming right after pesto during the summer months. In addition, the Campfire will blend pizza staples mushroom and olive oil with the dual impact of Pecorino and smoked mozzarella.

The sausage that goes on these pizza will be fresh and made in-house, guaranteeing that attention to detail on all options is in place. Tomczak’s previous efforts at pizza had a square look to them, while these efforts will be more traditionally round, with another nod to old-school pizza-making being the hint of pies made within coal-oven stoves.

Yet to simply call Beebe’s a pizza place wouldn’t do justice to the all-day serving that will take place. Breakfasts will have things like a han-and-cheese melt, while heartier meals later in the day will offer up things like the combination of arugula and chicken Milanese. Those with sweet tooths will be wise to take advantage of things like Nutella bread pudding and different cheesecakes.