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Tammy Mazzocco Stirs the Pot In Central Ohio Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco is a relentless worker to crafts her design of accomplishment in the Central Ohio real estate world. She sells residential real estate with the RE/MAX group of Judy Gang in Pickerington, Ohio and covers four counties of territory. She is passionate about her career and feels that by helping people with great expertise when they are transitioning from one house to another.


Starting in 1999, Mazzocco has blazed a trail to be envied as she treats her clients as she would like to be treated herself as to their time and financial obligations. Mazzocco goes on to say that when people believe that you have their best interests at heart, they will trust you and do business with you. You can check her aboutme page for more info.


People who ask Tammy what drives her the most she will tell them that setting goals are a great motivator because the process allows her to change the future and bend it to her will. She likes to break goals down into smaller action steps which make them easier to manage. Many people try to deal with and manage the entire goal at once, and they usually give up because it is too big to handle, that can be found on


Tammy likes to tell the story of how it was difficult for her, early in her career, to speak with people about their finances. Realtors need to know what they are dealing with regarding whether a prospect is capable of putting up a down payment and other financial information as well. One co-worker suggested that she forget about the niceties and just blurt out the questions that she needed to know. Then the person would be forced to answer. If they did not come forth with the information, then Tammy would know that the person is not ready to buy at that time, and she could move on.


Tammy tried the technique, and it worked. Today she will tell you that many of her co-workers and managers were instrumental in helping her along the way and she is always grateful to have been associated with helpful people.


Tammy works hard and tries to get the busy work done as early in the morning as possible so she can spend the bulk of the day with prospective buyers showing them houses. She knows that that is where people make decisions about buying a house, and where she can guide them properly.


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White Shark Media Review – 4 Frequently Asked Questions About The Free AdWords Evaluation

White Shark Media has quickly grown into one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in the nation. Over the last 5 years they have helped thousands upon thousands of clients improve website traffic through various tactics including pay per click marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

One of the ways White Shark Media introduces their services to potential clients is by offering a free AdWords evaluation. During the evaluation a certified specialist will go over your current campaign with you and highlight what’s working and what needs to be improved.

If you aren’t currently using AdWords, the specialist will show you how you can start using it to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the free AdWords evaluation.

#1 – Are There Any Hidden Fees?

The free AdWords evaluation you receive from White Shark Media is 100% free. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges for you to worry about.

#2 – Do They Use Standard Templates For All Evaluations?

Most evaluations will touch on a variety of different topics. Keep in mind the evaluation is live which means you are free to ask any and all questions you may have.

So to answer the question, no, White Shark Media does not use a standard template when performing Adwords evaluations.

#3 – How Is The Clients AdWords Account Accessed?

Being that White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency, they use what is known as Multi Client Centers to gain access to your AdWords account. You simple send them you 10 digit customer ID number and they will in turn invite you to join their Multi Client Center.

With this type of access you are in complete control as you are able to remove their access at anytime. It is also considered safe as you will not be sharing your password. And don’t worry, the White Shark Media team will never have access to your billing information.

#4 – Will Any Changes Be Made To Your Account?

During the evaluation there will be no changes made to your account. No changes will be made unless you decide to become a paying client. Other than that they will simply provide suggestions that can help you improve your overall AdWords performance.

To learn more about White Shark Media and how they can help you drive more traffic to your website, visit them online at

Who Is Greg Hague?

990 company that brings together some of the industry’s best real estate agents throughout the United States, and they simply bring them to you under one company. They simply give these people the chance to deliver top of the line services at prices anybody can afford. I needed an agent to help me sell my home, and I went to them because I have heard nothing but good things. They are ultimately one of the best real estate groups in the industry considering their experience and large amount of people on their team nationally.

My Experience With The Company

When I wanted to get my house sold, I decided to have this professional company help me out. The company contacted me and let me know of the entire process, and they made all the great recommendations to help me increase my chances on getting my home sold for the price it deserves. They made sure that they worked with me personally and helped provide me with some of the best tips and advice to help me invest in the right places. You’ll find that this company loves to work with all kinds of homeowners.

No Upfront Fees – Save A Bundle

This company loves to provide their services without charging their customers that much. The best part is that they love to help provide customers with no upfront fees, so you can easily get their help without having to pay a huge fee upfront. While some fees are not that expensive, you will come to find that it is still a hugely great way to save some big cash. You will enjoy the power behind getting their services without having to pay for anything. They also only ask for as low as $990 for their services, and this is the best part of having the company help you out.

There are several people who are truly struggling with the world of real estate and trying to get their home to be sold. The truth is that the 990 sells homes is the company that can truly help you make your money from your home.

They treated me with plenty of respect with the time I had with their team. I find that the key to succeeding with this company and their listing is to help them out by making your home presentable. They need you to do your main part in the business by making sure that your home is looking good and ready for selling, and this is what will help them succeed. The truth is that this company knows how to get your home in the eyes of these right people, and you will enjoy their professional help along the way.