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Ash Ice Cream Debuts in New York City

As reported in an article published by the Daily News, the latest dessert craze in New York City this summer is extremely bizarre. Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream on the Lower East Side is now offering a black coconut ash ice cream flavor that has customers confused yet intrigued. The main ingredients in this outlandish dessert include coconut milk, cream and ash. The coconut ash used in the ice cream is a type of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is becoming all the rage as an upscale ingredient in a variety of new healthy foods. Some of the potentially beneficial uses of activated charcoal include treating bloating and alcohol, detoxifying the system, removing harmful toxins from the body, preventing hangovers and clarifying the body. While all of these health benefits may make a compelling cash for indulging in this obscure treat, a typical person would have to eat an extreme amount of the ice cream in order to get a high enough dose of the activated charcoal to make any difference.

One of the reasons this new ice cream concoction is drawing attention is that the black charcoal leaves a horrendous stain on anything it touches. This has made for some odd pictures of hands and faces covered in drippy, black ice cream. It even turns your teeth a nasty shade of black. Customers are willing to pay a hefty price for this unique treat. The current price is $4.50 per scoop and $13 per pint. Be sure to save room for toppings!