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What Is It like Working at Neurocore

Neurocore is a brain performance center that specializes in improving people’s performance through the enhancement of their brain ability. The specialists use extensive brain assessments such as validated symptom rating scales and qEEG brainwave mapping technique among other diagnostic methods. These techniques help the specialists to identify the cause of the symptoms a patient is showing and therefore develop a treatment plan. They usually develop personalized programs for each patient while implementing a neurofeedback training guide, which helps to engage the brain in real time and the process improve patients’ attention, sleeping behavior, focus and impulse control. Many people have been helped by Neurocore to overcome different physiological, psychological and behavioral problems. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore was founded in the year 2004 and provides data-driven programs that are useful to both adults and children who have mental challenges such as stress, sleeping disorders or lack of concentration. The company has nine brain performance centers already in Florida and Michigan. The success of this center could not have been possible were it not for their dedicated team of employees and managers. There are several departments filled in by different professionals either at entry or managerial levels. Working at Neurocore comes with some benefits and these include free Neurocore services for all the workers, discounted services for family members and friends and access to health, vision and dental services. Other advantages include working with an awesome team of co-workers, enjoy a paid time-off and health benefits such as the 401(k) match.


People who have a passion for helping other people or working with people suffering from anxiety, depression, memory loss, ADHD and sleep disorders should consider working at Neurocore. According to those who have worked there before, Neurocore has a great team of professionals, and the management shows respect to all employees and clients. The only thing they would complain about is the possibility of working long hours which is sometimes necessary to provide patients with the best care. Job opportunities are always posted on their website, and every interested person can log on and apply for the position they qualify for. Like other companies in the industry or other sectors, Neurocore will carry on the recruitment process step by step from shortlisting to interviews, selection, and orientation. Visit to know more about Neurocore.