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SahmAdrangi Spearheads Plans to Short the Stock of an Unnamed Public Company

Shrewd investment expert, Adrangi, recently made headlines after Kerrisdale Capital Management successfully raised nearly $100 million from its investors. A source conversant with the issue told Reuters that the motive behind the fundraising was to wager against a single sock. Typically, hedge fund managers raise funds to deal with a given investment thesis like residential mortgaged-supported securities or the recovery of distressed energy companies. Nonetheless, Kerrisdale Capital Management went out of the norm by planning to use its money in shorting the stock of a yet to be known public company.

In an email addressed to investors, Adrangi, the chief investment officer and founder of Kerrisdale, expressed his joy in managing to raise such a significant amount of money within a limited duration. The email also unveiled that both SahmAdrangi and the company’s analyst, Shane Wilson, were working on a website, report, video and more tools geared towards creating a compelling thesis on the upcoming campaign. The name of the targeted company was set to be revealed in mid-May. The anonymous source also told Reuters that the Kerrisdale co-investment fund had already started purchasing stock in the unnamed company in a move to establish its position.

Kerrisdale Capital Management

Kerrisdale Capital Management currently manages about $500 million inclusive of the raised funds. The company has a reputation for placing bets against companies. Some of the companies that have fallen victim to Kerrisdale include satellite company Globalstar as well as drug makers Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics. Kerrisdale’s primary hedge fund boasts an average yearly return of almost 28% throughout the past five years.

About Sahm

Adrangi is undeniably an investment expert. In fact, he is the proud founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Since the company’s inception back in 2009, Adrangi has significantly participated in all its development aspects. As a testament to the success of Kerrisdale, it was founded under $1 million and currently manages $150 million. Sahm is best known for publishing research and short selling. He has a reputation for sharing Kerrisdale’s views on stocks such as overhyped shorts and under-followed longs that are often misunderstood by the market. Adrangi first gained prominence in the industry after exposing and shorting fraudulent Chinese companies like China-Biotics and China Marine Food Group.

Earning a Living as a Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guide

Product distribution in a Direct Sale format has grown tremendously popular over the past few years. In this respect, several companies have sprouted and ventured into distributing various products such as home products, cosmetics, and foodstuff. One of the most predominant companies in the American market that uses the direct-selling platform is the Traveling Vineyard, an Ipswich, Massachusetts based company that was founded in 2001 and is exclusively involved in the distribution of wine.

Despite there being several wine distributing companies, the Traveling Vineyard remains to be an outstanding entity with a significant edge over others. Unlike other wine distributors, the Traveling Vineyard not only distributes exotic and exquisite quality of winery, but also understands the existence of diverse tastes. Their presence on various social media platforms has also earned them a great deal of popularity and learn more about Traveling Vineyard.

Other than having the world’s finest quality wines in their wine cellars, the Traveling Vineyard also proffers myriad wine accessories that would come in handy in parties and other wine-drinking sessions such as decanters. The Travelling Vineyard distributes and sells wine in different ways, including selling in wine-tasting parties, individual-to-individual selling, and distribution of their wine catalogues and

For most people who envisage making chunks of money through a venture into the wine business, the Travelling Vineyard is the opener to your window of opportunities. The company offers you an opportunity to join them as a wine guide. The process of becoming a wine guide for the company begins with the simple step of signing up via the Traveling Vineyard website and being allocated a consultant and more information click here.

Upon signing up and getting a consultant, you shall be required to pay a start-up fee of $189. Subsequently, you shall be given the Traveling Vineyard Starter kit; this kit encompasses all the requisite business materials that shall enable you to sail smoothly on the sea of wine distribution. These materials include: 10 bottles of superb quality wine, a full set of wine-tasting glasses, wine bottle openers and carriers, food pairings, tasting notes and party invitations.

The company has just the perfect remuneration plan for its wine guides; it offers between 15 and 35% personal sales commissions on the monthly sales. An outstanding advantage of being a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard is that you do not have to pay for your wine-tasting event sets if the event is qualified. Moreover, you are entitled to several enchanting rewards if you make sales above $150 and

Other than treating you to thrilling sessions of tasting some of the most exquisite wines that the world has to offer such as Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Orvieto, the Traveling Vineyard also gives wine enthusiasts an opportunity to make money as they indulge in what they relish most and attending several A-list events where they get to meet the high and mighty members of the society and Traveling Vineyard’s lacrosse camp.

What Makes Adam Milstein Top Philanthropist?

Adam Milstein is recognized internationally as a leader, philanthropist, entrepreneur and a prolific writer. Adam is Hager Pacific Properties managing partner. Hager Pacific Properties is a real estate industry. Hager Pacific Properties acquires, rehabilitate and reposition industrial, retail and home items. Adam philanthropist work started by co-founding a nonprofit organization with his wife the Adam and Gila Milneist family company.

Adam Milstein was born in 1952. He joined the Israeli defense force in the year 1971; he served in the Yom Kippur War. In 1978, Adam acquired bachelor degree in business and economics from the Technion University. Adam married Gila later moved to the US where he graduated from the University of Southern California with a master degree in entrepreneurship.

Adam Milstein began his career journey by working at Hager Pacific as a sales agent part-time job while he was still pursuing his master’s degree. Adam rose through ranks to become one of the real estate organization managing partners. Adam later indulged in philanthropy with a primary aim of building a legacy that would touch and change the Israel American youths and learn more about Adam Milstein.

The Israeli born tycoon nonprofit organization, revolve around the Israeli American community and also the state of Israel. The Milstein foundation works by enhancing active philanthropy, life path impact, and liberal synergy principles. The family organization also works to improve the relationship between the United States and the Israel state. The Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation sponsor students and intermediate entrepreneur with nonprofit knowledge of being a Jewish with non-questionable facts and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

In addition to the philanthropic work, the family foundation also supports other fields such as the health and medical sectors. The organization also helps in battling discrimination of various levels of activities in the universities and colleges. The family foundation in general works to protect the Jewish and their state, ignite the Jewish pride, and to provide the Jewish people with knowledge and expertise to advocate for the State of Israel, and a unique chance for getting to know the Israel politics, threats and ways of defeating BDS movement and Adam on Facebook.

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What you should know about Susan McGalla

American Eagle Outfitters has one mighty president. Having a successful businesswoman serve at that position is a rare but an advantage for them. Susan McGalla also serves as the company’s chief merchandising official, whose sole purpose is to conduct the design, marketing and merchandising of the company’s brand. She does this to teens everywhere. She did not start at the company with that position. However, she started with low positions. Her promotion happened in May, three years ago. The promotion was due to her hard work and devotion to her work. At the time of her joining, that is in 1994, the top management or executive positions in the company were male dominated. There were no women even on the company’s board. Her dedication and efforts got her to the positions she is at. Her promotion contributed to culture change in the organization. The company now included women in their construction of corporate cultures for a decade since the year 2000. Five months after her ascension, to raise awareness about the company’s intention of moving its head office to the south side, she wore jeans in support.

Susan has her perspective on being a woman in business. She provides her expertise to clients who need it in the areas of branding, talent management, and marketing among other services. She does this through an incorporation she founded known as P3 Executive Consulting. She has even given talks on her views as a businesswoman and how she made it in that field. She has spoken to various audiences including the Pittsburg foundation for women and girls.

The 53 years old successful businesswoman says that she has had consultations with many women and most of them are looking for practical ideas and advice that have to work. They no longer need buzzwords as they want to be targeted not as women, but as professionals.

McGalla was brought up in East Liverpool alongside two brothers. Her father coached football and taught her that she was a person, not a woman or a man. For them, gender neither contributed to nor prevented anything important in life. Her family also taught her confidence whether when presenting herself or when conveying her ideas. This helped her excel in her career working with both gender and in confidence.

Before her work at American Eagle Outfitters, she started her career at the departmental stores of Joseph Horne Incorporation. This career began as soon as she graduated from the College of Mount Union with a Bachelor of Arts.

Susan McGalla Starts To Break The Business Glass Ceiling

From retail to the National Football League there are few female business leaders who have managed to break into established companies; in fact, statistics show only a small number of female business experts have broken into category C executive positions with Fortune 500 companies. One woman who has broken the glass ceiling and arrived in the upper echelons of the business world is Susan McGalla, an Ohio native who has made her name in both the retail and professional sports industries.

After beginning her career with the American Eagle brand, Susan McGalla believes her own career has benefited from her refusal to see gender in terms of her own business career or those of her colleagues. During her time with American Eagle Susan McGalla needed to overcome the male dominated boardroom that showed both her own skills and the diverse nature of the company that she made her way to the position of President that saw her become a trailblazer among female executives.

Despite being seen as a major force in the business world for her fellow female executives, Susan McGalla believes focusing solely on gender will not bring success to her fellow female business leaders. The Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers explains the work completed by women’s business initiatives has been important, but may have hit a plateau as the number of female business leaders remains relatively low compared to their male counterparts.

Susan McGalla credits much of her success on her strong family support system that has pushed her forward throughout her life from her birth in East Liverpool, Ohio. Brought up by her father with two brothers, McGalla states her gender was never used as a reason or excuse for her not to take part in activities by her family who instilled in her a gender blind attitude to life.

Over the course of her life a major focus has been placed on education and philanthropy for Susan McGalla, which includes the board level position held by the Mount Union College graduate with Magee-Women’s Research Institute in Pittsburgh.