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Matthew Autterson Success Was More Than Just Dumb Luck

Investment management is the management of securities and assets, to meet specified investment goals for investors. Investors not only seek opinions based on forecasts and strategies but they also receive a philosophy of money management.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management, PIMCO, Capital Group, Prudential Financial and Goldman Sachs Asset Management Int. are some of the top global investment management companies.

All these companies became successful because their clients sought and obtained, higher returns and income, growth in their investment portfolios, unbiased, objective investment advice with less volatility and peace of mind.

Matthew Autterson is an Independent Investment Management Professional. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) and a very successful and sophisticated financial advisor. Autterson’s current philanthropic interests are the Denver Zoo, Denver Zoological Foundation and the Denver Hospice where he is its Chairman of the Board.

He graduated from Michigan State University in 1979 with a B.S. degree in Finance. He then moved to Colorado. Matthew Autterson’s career began in the financial services industry, First Trust Corporation, a Colorado state-chartered trust company.

Matthew Autterson co-founded a Colorado state-chartered trust company, Resource Trust Company. He became its president in 1986 which was one of the largest state-charted financial institutions in the country. He ran this very successful business for about fifteen years.

The Resource Trust Company provided services for retirement plan assets. The retirement plan was sold by more than 10,000 independent financial planners to their clients. Resource Trust had $20 billion dollars in custodial assets and more than 500 employees.

Resource Trust, with more than $1 billion in insured assets, was the largest state-chartered financial institution in Colorado. Autterson left Resource Trust and focused his efforts on his tax and estate planning. Matthew Autterson spent 25 years in the financial services industry.

Troy McQuagge Celebrated For His Exceptional Performance

One Planet Award is an international award that is granted to businesses and individual who have shown excellence in their performance. The award is meant to recognize entrepreneurs from around the global. It is a form of motivation and inspiration for businesses to do better and leave an impact to the communities they serve. The award recognizes the efforts of committed businesses and individuals a thus is a highly coveted award. Who wouldn’t want to be recognized in the whole world for their efforts?

The article captures the 2016 One Planet Award and the winner. Troy McQuagge, the USHealth Group chief executive officer was recognized and awarded as the CEO of the year. His efforts since he joined the company in 2010 were appreciated. From the article we gather that he has been a tremendous leader and has pushed the company in expansion and development. He uses his creativity and visionary style of leadership to ensure that his company runs well and is up to speed with its mission and vision.

Mr McQuagge humility and spirit of team work, he attributes the award to the work of his team. He appreciates his crew and affirms that the team work is the pillar that supports the organization. Together with his team at USHealth Advisors, he is determined to use his innovation to help his customers get better medical coverage especially those small business individuals. The company continues to work tirelessly each day to make sure that their clients sleep peaceful knowing that they can get medical cover when need arises.

Mr McQuagge has more than thirty years of experience in the insurance and sales industry. He has garnered a great deal of knowledge and skills when it comes to the industry and thus uses this in running the operations at USHealth Group. He is known for his exceptional communication skills and his ability to turn companies round to gain their competitive advantage over other firms. At USHealth Group, he has broken his sales records for three years consecutively.

McQuagge mission is to help those in need in whatever he does. He shares this motto with his company and encourages them to use their creativity to come up with better and more ways that they can help the low income earners get medical treatment. In the same giving and helping spirit he volunteers and donates at Semper Fi Fund and Hopekids among other charity organizations. The funds he donates are used to give children medical care and places to live. He encourages people to give back to their societies and help others who are in need.

McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with a bachelors in Arts In Legal Studies, Activities And Societies

Martin Lustgarten on Buying Things You Need

If you are trying to get the things you need, it helps to know a simple rule of economics. Buy low, and sell high. If you buy when prices are high, you are going to be losing out to the competition. You will not be getting what you need. If you buy when prices are low, you will be getting what you need at a good price level. Many people make the mistake of piling into the stock market as it is soaring. As they see Apple stock roaring up, they gleefully pile in, ignoring the high cost to buy popular stock. The next thing that happens is the stock tanks, taking their hard earned money with it.

This is not how you make money. A shrewd investor looks at a high value stock at a low price. This investor ignores popular biases and prejudices in evaluating the stock. Good investing exploits the fears that people have, according to Warren Buffett. Identifying the common fears that plague human beings can show the path to success. Your peers are avoiding opportunities because of irrational feelings about certain situations. If you can identify what opportunities they are missing, you can profit from them.

A wise investor looks at the company behind the stock, not the stock’s price level. Once they find a quality company, they buy the stock during a period of recession. When everyone else is screaming to get out of the market, the shrewd investor piles in. They then profit the next time the market goes up. And the market is guaranteed to go up if the stock was for a company or commodity with lasting value, such as gold, land, seeds, or food. Warren Buffett’s rule is to only buy something you would be happy to have 10 years later.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment professional who is in the business to make you and your company happy. You might be wondering how you can get out of the cycle of debt slavery, and into the skyscraper of success. Martin Lustgarten collects tools from the wisest in the investment industry to share with his clients.

If you would like to talk with Martin Lustgarten, feel free to contact him at his Linked In account.

Activewear is Winning with Fabletics Passion

The scientific approach of Fabletics e-commerce and retail experience is Amazon-like with high-performance focus on fashion for the smart shopper. Fashion-for-the-people is getting ready to take the lead in daily activewear.

Co-run and created by mother and actress, Kate Hudson, the growth of Fabletics is due to the fact that Fabletics knows what today’s busy family demands. Community is a high-priority to Kate and the Fabletics mantra, “Live with Passion”, is practiced daily. Fashion is your passion when your life is filled with color. And Fabletics fashion on Wikipedia is designed with your creativity in mind.

A New Story

The story being told by Fabletics fans, that are living on the economy, is that high-end fashion is do-able on a budget. Do you have to make a choice between a bill and a new pair of leggings? Don’t sweat it. When you are a Fabletics member, you can take a break and then come back at your convenience. The seamless feeling of finding exactly what you need and want at a website that caters to your wildest whims, is a good feeling.

A Continuous Path to Happiness

From first glance to fitness, getting around at Fabletics is simple. Start at With fresh and innovative styles every month, there’s always something to look forward to. For V.I.P. members, outfits start at $15.00. Whether you want to work out at the gym, jump in the pool, pick up your kids, or go for a run, Fabletics has something for you. The positive results you’ll get from your Fabulous new wardrobe can catapult you into a more productive day. Yes! Fablectics is crazy about collections. Add to your existing closet of love or fill one up with more mix-and-match threads than you’ll wear in a week.

Have it all at Fabletics Online! And, with more locations opening by the minute, you’re welcome to stop by for some Fabletic fun and lasting memories.

Breath easy when you’re Fabletics family.

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Fabletics, a fashion company combining ground-breaking marketing with a trendy product

Fabletics: The Future of Sportswear

The world of sportswear is extremely competitive and any type of innovation is needed to set a company apart from the crowd. No other company has accomplished this better than Fabletics. Specializing in so-called “athleisure”, the company is really making a name for itself in the sportswear world and looks to be the future of the industry.

Fabletics was founded by actress Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg in 2013.The company sets itself apart by being a subscription based organization. Members pay a monthly fee and receive outfits based on their preferences and lifestyle. Starting out as a women’s sportswear company, Fabletics opened a menswear division in June 2015 called FL2. FL2 was founded by Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver. In March 2016, the company added clothing other than sportswear, including dresses.

Another way Fabletics is setting itself apart is through its aggressive social media campaign. The company has a presence on all social media platforms but most notably on Youtube. Recently, an ad was released virally and called out Fabletics competitors, including the more expensive brand Lululemon. In the ad, several words are bleeped out as curse words even though they are not usually considered to be profanity. This created quite a buzz around the company and the response has been positive. These type of ads on show that the company is different than competitors and has a sense of humor. This is all in an effort to make the company more approachable and as Kate Hudson says, “all inclusive”.

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Recently in Fortune magazine, Kate Hudson spoke about the all inclusive mission statement. This is referring to the fact that Fabletics offers a wide variety of sizes so that women of any body type can wear their sportswear. This is very important to the owners of the company because they see sportswear as something that was only worn by in shape people. By offering the wide variety of sizes, Fabletics really is a sportswear company for all people, no matter what body type.

It is easy to see why Fabletics is seen as the future of sportswear. The company has earned this through its subscription based business model, all-inclusive sizing, and aggressive social media marketing campaign. It will be interesting to see the heights the company will reach in the coming years and if it can become the number one name in men’s and women’s sportswear.


Choosing A Competent Investment Banking Advisor

Are you researching investments and ways to raise capital or expand your portfolio of assets? Looking for a reputable professional that can help you take appropriate steps toward financial success? When it comes to choosing a trusted investment professional, consider Martin Lustgarten.

Capital markets players have often been less focused than entirely consumer-oriented organizations on assessing the profitability of clients and customers and using customer segmentation to determine which tasks are eroding or creating value for their organization. However, a client-centric strategy to profitability is the most reliable way to evaluate the impact of the external powerful forces including changes in counterparty behavior, changes in market structure and regulatory impact that have been squeezing revenues and substantially increasing business costs.

If you are considering getting involved in the investment banking arena or any other investment or financial services field, it is a good idea to get in touch with a well-established firm or professional. A qualified professional can advise and guide you toward your ultimate goal of financial success.

There are many ways to raise capital for expansion or other projects for a company and these professionals have a great deal of knowledge and skills on how to get it accomplished swiftly. They have been rendering financial and investment services in the industry and have catered to numerous clients, so they understand what works and what doesn’t.

Martin Lustgarten, an investment banker, has been meeting the needs of his clients for years and is considered one of the most knowledgeable in the field. Martin has numerous clients around the world and they are always raving about the top notch service that he provides. He has great expertise in raising capital for companies and other clients.

Why Susan McGalla Inspires Me

Susan McGalla is one of the people that inspire me. One of the reasons that she inspires me is that she makes sure that she goes after what she wants. I myself am going after what I want. I find that it is working very well for me. It has worked well for Susan. For one thing, she is passionate about apparel. Her passion has resulted in her knowing how the industry works. As a result, she has decided to use her creativity to bring forth the extra boost that a business needs. My field is a bit different. However, I am learning more about marketing on Steelers. Susan has put forth a lot of talent into marketing.

Of course on the road to success comes discouragement. I myself have come across people that have tried to drag me off of my path. It goes without saying that Susan McGalla is someone who has faced a few obstacles on her way to her latest success. They can come in many forms. One form of discouragement that I was faced with was people trying to tell me what to do and what not to do. One thing that could be said is that they had a life that they wanted to live through me. Susan herself has likely come across people like that.

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Another thing that Susan McGalla does that inspires me is pay very little mind to her genetic make up on She does not pay attention to being a woman. She sees herself as a human being, a person. She was instilled that mentality by her father. I myself only see myself as a person. I don’t factor any other genetic make up into my life other than the type of work I’m passionate about.

When people pursue their passions on, they are likely to come across people who want to stop them. One reason is that they are afraid of change. However, change is something that people are going to have to face. Also, disapproval is something that Susan McGalla has had to face on her road to a successful career as a marketer and consultant.

Adam Milstein Is Named Among The Top 50 Most Influential Jews

The Jerusalem Post has ranked Adam Milstein position 39 out of the 50 most influential Jews in 2016. The newspaper publishes its news in English and French. The recognition is based on the impact that people have made over the past year and their potential to bring change in future. Milstein’s leadership role as the co-founder and chairman of Israeli-American Council (IAC) guaranteed him the recognition. His successful leadership role in many notable Jewish organizations is unrivaled. Adam’s philanthropic activities and activism are influential. Some of the organizations that Adam is leading include Stand With Us, Stand By Me and AIPAC National Council, Hasbara fellowships and Birthright in Israel.

Alongside Adam’s name were other famous people, including Benjamin Netanyahu, Charles Schumer, the Supreme Court justices Elena Kagana & Ruth Bader, and Jewish leaders, Malcolm Hoenlein and Natan Sharansky. In the list were names of philanthropists and entertainers such as Haim Saba, Sheldon Adelson, Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot. While appreciating the recognition by the Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein said he was honored to be named alongside great people in the Jewish community. He gave credit to his wife and the IAC, in addition to other organizations that he partnered with in the past. This award is a regarded as a milestone in the accomplishments made by the IAC community.

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor, a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties and an active philanthropist who was born in Haifa, Israel. He joined the Defense Forces of Israel in 1971. Later, he enrolled at Technion College where he graduated with a B.S. in business and economics. His career started while in college. He helped his father expand his real estate business. Later, Adam enrolled at the University of Southern California after moving to the U.S. Here, he pursued his Masters in Business Administration

In 2000, the philanthropist established Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Its mission is to safeguard the interests of the Jewish community and the Jewish state by imparting knowledge to the next generation to help them support the Israeli State and the significant U.S. – Israeli Alliance. In opposing boycott, divestment and sanctions, Adam Milstein has written many pieces explaining the effects of the movement towards the Israel and the Western nations. This information was originally mentioned on Wikipedia as explicated in the following link Wikipedia Adam Milstein

New Projects Coming to NYC

The New York City real estate market is always one of the strongest and best is changing markets in the world. While 2016 has been a very strong you’re already, the fourth quarter of the year is likely to be just as strong as several major projects are either being announced or nearing completion.

One major project that will continue to be in the news is One Vanderbilt, a major 1,500 foot tall project. The project will have over 1.6 million square feet and has already seen some significant leasing activity. The most significant lease signed was to TD Ameritrade who will be signing a 200,000 square foot lease. The project is still in the early stages of development that has slowed things a bit, but the news of TD Ameritrade will surely help things pick up.

Many rumors are outstanding about the project located at 28 Liberty Ave. the project has already started going through the rezoning process which makes it believed that a major redevelopment or construction will take place in the next few years. This will likely include the addition of new office, hotel, and residential space.

Another major project that is coming to New York City is a redevelopment of the cities transportation system. While completion is more than five years away the 2nd Ave., Street subway line will be expanded several miles. This project will cost $4.5 billion in total but will provide a significant amount of convenience to those using the public transportation system. It is also expected that it will help to relieve congestion in other areas.

If you are looking for NYC apartments for rent a great place to start would be working with the professionals at Town Residential. Town Residential is a young boutique real estate firm that provides a number of different services to property owners, buyers, and potential tenants. When you are looking for NYC apartments for rent, the company will be able to provide you with the most current listings available and will help you to make the most informed decision possible.

Talk Fusion Accepts Second Big Award

Talk Fusion was established by CEO Bob Reina back in the 2007. Since then the company has skyrocketed in terms of growth in order to become one of the most dependable and popular all in one video marketing solutions on the entire internet. This popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by the press or other big agencies either, as Talk Fusion has proudly announced another big award to add to their cabinet: The 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award.

Communications Solutions presents their Product of the Year Award to companies that they feel perfectly embody the the spirit and drive associated with creating services for video and data communications. Not only do they look at the integrity of a company, Communications Solutions also looks at just how advanced the different companies are. TMC Ceo Rich Tehrani called Talk Fusion a true “leader within their industry” before going on to say that Talk Fusion offered some of the best products available on the market today for video communication solutions.

When accepting the award CEO Bob Reina called it a “great honor” and that it was “just the beginning.” Reina would go on to say that his talented IT team were just getting things started for 2016 and that they had massive plans ahead in order to stay ahead of the curve. In the world of communications, especially those driven by the digital age, it is integral to always be ready to set yourself apart at a moments notice. Staying ahead of the curve is an absolutely central necessity in this current working climate.

Talk Fusion offers users the ability to connect with their own customers in a way that is more effective and more productive than anything else on the market. Being able to integrate professional videos into marketing emails all while communicating with an entire client list of email addresses can be the difference in turning a company around. Statistics and studies show that videos have a higher percentage of click-through sales than plain text and image emails. Talk Fusion is currently offering a 30 day free trial for new customers.


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