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Scott Rocklage – A True Leader in the Medical Industry

With over 30 years of experience, Scott Rocklage has a very extensive resume to include his PhD and him being a contributing inventor for over 30 different patents in the United States. Furthermore, he has been one of the top leaders in the industry that helped with FDA approval on various new drug applications.

Rocklage has worked for many different companies over the years and has been partner of some of these businesses. Several of the companies that you can find on Rocklage’s resume can include Relypsa where he was the board chairman and Novira a part of Johnson & Johnson. Scott also won a Nobel prize in 2005 for his contributions in chemistry, during his stent at MIT. Read more: Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | Bloomberg

Most importantly he became managing partner of 5 AM ventures in 2004, which has aided him in his healthcare contributions tremendously.

Though he received his Bachelors degree in California at Berkeley, as a Boston native, Dr. Rocklage returned to Massachusetts for his PhD to attend MIT and study chemistry. Working with various different entrepreneurs like scientists, business executives and physicians, he must always be on his toes. Rocklage can often find himself researching, learning and developing himself in life sciences.

Scott’s firm, 5 AM ventures is currently placing a financial backing on the cure of M1 which is the cause of muscular dystrophy in adults. At this point, there has been over $55 million contributed to the research and cure of the disease. A

s this is a disease that crosses through the DNA it is something that can be inherited through the family over years and conditions can worsen. With this in mind, 5 AM ventures and Scott Rocklage, PhD has decided to address this disease with new molecule medications.

With Rocklage’s true love for what he does, he is determined to fulfill these medical needs and continue to treat these diseases related to RNA and M1. He can truly be seen as a leader in the healthcare management industry that is tenacious, charitable and eager to help.


Matt Autterson’s Journey to the Leadership Position at Falci Adaptive Biosystems

A good leader has specific skills and an undeniable vision for the future, which can be said about Matthew Autterson. He is a proud member of the Board of Directors of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems, which is well-known within the industry. It should be noted that this is not the first time Matthew Autterson has been in a position of power in his life. For one, the man spent around 25 years within the financial services industry overseeing financial institutions for the state of Colorado.

Autterson has had leadership roles with the Board of the Denver Zoo, which was something he did not expect but loved. The man felt lucky enough to have taken part in leading new generations of people who ignited their love for animals by visiting the state’s zoo. He also held a leadership role within the Denver Zoological Foundation. It was in these two positions where he became convinced that believing in himself and his skills can get him far.

Matthew Autterson has also been a Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice, which is an undeniably large cross to bear. Many citizens of the state of Colorado depend on this organization wholly, so being given such an important leadership role did strike a chord in Autterson’s heart, but he rose to the challenge.

There is no doubt that Autterson has become a beacon of light for Colorado, but he is originally from Michigan. In his home state, he graduated from the Michigan State University with a B.A. in Finance. Around this time he decided to make his move to Denver and attended the University of Denver as he took his interest in tax to the next level. It did not take this young and ambitious man long to get a job in Denver, which is what allowed him to stay in the state.

Most people know Matthew Autterson for his accomplishments in the financial sector, but his work with the hospice truly set him on the path he is now. As the leader of the company he runs now, he is attempting to focus on neuropathic pain. Autterson has seen the consequences of this type of pain and is doing everything in his power to offer some relief through his company. There is no doubt that his passion and dedication is bound to lead to things worth paying attention to.


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The Entrepreneurial Advantage of Dr. Mark McKenna

Where did Dr. Mark McKenna get his entrepreneurial spirit? Where did he get the spirit to build a real estate business from scratch into a $5 million success? Where did he get the spirit responsible for building a wellness medical practice to a $4 million annual revenue generating business?


Dr. Mark McKenna’s perseverance and strategic applications have effectively trampolined the doctor to great heights, but what is the foundation from which such qualities derive?


Starting his career pursuit as a student at Tulsa University Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna graduated with his medical degree, then later decides on a career move to work with his dad, who ran his own practice out of New Orleans. He works with his dad for 5 years, while in all running a real estate development company called, ‘McKenna Venture Investments’.


Dr. Mark McKenna would build the real estate business and add two other related companies, ‘Universal Mortgage Lending’ and ‘Uptown Title, Inc.’, where the business would reach a $5 million annual worth and 50+ employees.


Unfortunately, the business would take a huge lost when most of it would get destroyed during the hit of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Dr. Mark would pick up and move to Atlanta, Ga, where a new venture would begin. The wellness medical practices of ShapeMed was a factor of the city and excels. His new business enterprise would win the hearts of the community and bring in a annual revenue stream of $4 million. He would later sell the business to Life Time Fitness, Inc and a year later, 2016, he would start up a new venture, UVME, which, with his previous successes, is destined for great achievement. Click Here to learn more.


Where does his entrepreneurial spirit derive? Well, besides the fact that his father runs his own medical practice, his mom too is a business owner herself, currently the owner of a publishing company. Growing up to two entrepreneurs is adequately reasonable as to how entrepreneurship would be a part of his career path. It is extremely incredible as to how Dr. Mark McKenna would Lead two businesses of two different complete opposite industries to multi-million-dollar status. Yes, his parents are a huge influence on his successes, but, quite frankly, do you honestly think that Dr. Mark McKenna’s parents held his hand all the way through his career path?


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Talk Fusion’s Video Communication

Talk Fusion is an innovative video communication company that has made a name for itself by creating useful and life-changing video communication products. Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 by Bob Reina in Brandon, Fl. He started Talk Fusion to fill the need of the people that had a desire for video communication but were being told that video communication was impossible to create. He was aware of the need because he had the requisite himself. AOL said to him that the technology to create video communication was too challenging to design. He decided to do the impossible.

Bob Reina collaborated with his friend Jonathan Chen to develop the technology to create video communication. The first product that he launched was video email. He has now connected with his IT team to create technology for video communication in ways that people would have never believed to be possible. He has created video newsletters, email, and many other video communication forums. Talk Fusion recently created WebRTC. WebRTC allows people to communicate when they want. They can communicate through email so instead of sending long emails that have to be read. A person can just send a video, and the receiver is able to send a video back. The hassle of sending an email and checking for grammar and spelling is no longer a factor in sending an email using Talk Fusion video communication.

Talk Fusion has also released a University for the people that work in his company. He wants to make sure that they know everything that they need to know about the business, products, and the way that things work overall. His employees have received the same life-changing results for being connected to Talk Fusion the customers have received. Talk Fusion’s employees have received the results that they have because Bob Reina works to make sure that nothing is impossible for his company to get to his customers. He keeps up with the trends in society to make sure that he is able to serve his customers significantly. Bob Reina started the company based off of a need. He makes sure that none of his customers have a need when it comes to video communication. He never wants to have customers that his company tells the same thing that AOL told him. He continues to break barriers to ensure that his company, products, and customers are adequately served. Learn more:

Michael Burwell: A Certain Success

With beginnings tracing back to the 19th century, Willis Towers Watson the world-renowned problem-solving insurance and reinsurance broking specialist has helped creative minds make the most of their assets. Michael Burwell, a Michigan State University Graduate, former CFO and later COO of Pricewater House Coopers LLP (aka PwC) has taken on the prestigious role of CFO for Willis Towers Watson. Appreciation for diversity is weaved within the fabric of the company. Tens of thousands of their workers are providing services in over 140 countries.


Global Cohesion


Mr. Burwell, who appreciates Willis Towers Watson’s mission, notes their: “strength of leadership, commitment to clients and collaborative and inclusive culture.” Their global aptitude for business is the perfect fit to complement his previous achievement as Head of Global Transformation. His history speaks to the exemplary leadership demonstrated over decades of business-related endeavors. Expertise in financial aspects, more than 12 years of holding Transactional advisory roles, and title as Head of Transactions ensure his entry into any new position a warm and welcoming experience. View More Information Here.



A CFO Sees Potential


John Haley CFO of Willis Towers Watson spoke of the excitement surrounding their newest arrival, Michael Burwell. Confidence in Michael Burwell’s management skills, his keen focus on clientele, and implemented financial acumen were among the many reasons why Mr. Burwell would better their company’s dynamic. His proven track record of 31 years at one company allows other powerful businessmen assurance that unmistakable diligence to the tasks he is given will not waver. Reliable, dedicated and exhibiting a strong work ethic equate to low-risk high reward. And in business terms, certainty means successful results.


Divide and Conquer


Organizational skills are required in various aspects of finance. Michael Burwell has applied his senior leadership acuity by invoking positive change by supervising Global Strategic Sourcing and ensuring effective organization standards were utilized. Versatility in the hectic environment of industry and commerce is a welcome commodity. Mr. Burwell isn’t confined to excelling in just one role. With Burwell’s willingness to “wear different hats,” companies that require their employees to fulfill a variety of needs can trust him to address their diverse needs. When businesses strive to reach their goals, Michael Burwell strives right along with them. And that’s something the business industry can bank on! See Also:

Michael Burwell and Financial Services Leadership

Willis Towers Watson is a massive international company that specializes in all subjects that pertain to broking and advisory options. It’s just told the world that Michael J. Burwell is the latest addition to its illustrious leadership crew. Mike Burwell is the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Roger Millay in the past had his position. He made the decision to exit it for retirement purposes. Millay’s time with Willis Towers Watson ended in the fall of 2017.


Burwell is a qualified professional who has every reason in the world to be steering the ship at Willis Towers Watson. He’s been involved in professional services and finance matters for at least 31 years now. He used to work for PwC or “PricewaterhouseCoopers.” He was a priceless senior leader for the company in many ways. He was a big part of transaction services, global transformation and many related and relevant topics. Burwell was part of transaction services and auditing for 12 and 11 years respectively. He’s a professional who knows exactly how to assist businesses that need help that relates to valuation and due diligence. Businesses that are on the verge of taking on mergers often got a lot out of Burwell’s savvy.


Burwell is a capable CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who has accounting knowledge that is sharp and updated. He got his education at Michigan State University in the Midwest. He earned a Business Administration Bachelor of Arts degree from the sizable school. He’s thrilled to now be a part of the Willis Towers Watson crew. He indicated that he’s in awe of the capable leaders who represent the vast firm. He’s in awe of the firm’s world-class collaboration abilities, too. He wants to do a lot to make Willis Towers Watson even more impressive and adept. Click Here to learn more.


Burwell’s finance services ingenuity has been wowing people in the large field for a long time. People who have questions that involve mergers often make the decision to turn to him. People who have concerns that involve advisory concepts often make the choice to seek his guidance, too. He’s the kind of executive who is always keen to assist other people. He’s not greedy about his knowledge at all. The Willis Towers Watson team wants to make Burwell a true asset. It plans to use his expertise and background to go to a brand-new level. This professional is interested in advancement and a bright tomorrow.


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Getting Help with Business Management from MB2 Dental

If you are a dentist who owns their own practice, you know how difficult it is for you to juggle running a company with helping patients. If you have been struggling to do just this, it is time for you to get help from a business management agency. Business management agencies are an ideal way for you to quickly and easily get the help that you need when running your own company. Unfortunately, most of these agencies are not specific to dental offices, and so they might not be able to provide the management skills that you need to grow a successful practice.

This is why a lot of dental offices are choosing to hire MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental is one of the best choices because they specifically work with dental offices. This means that you are hiring people who work with dentists all over the country. While you focus on patient care and dental skills, MB2 Dental will focus on managing your company for you. This includes financing, accounting, marketing, advertising, site maintenance and creation as well as patient filing. You will be amazed at what MB2 Dental is able to do for you and get your company running to the best of its ability.

The next time you find yourself struggling to get your management under control, MB2 Dental is there to help you out. MB2 Dental offers a variety of different management packages, which make it easy for you to know that this is something that is sure to be beneficial for your own needs. There are thousands of dentists all throughout the country using this particular service, and MB2 Dental is able to work with you on a budget that you are able to afford with ease. MB2 Dental is there to help when you are unable to do the management on your own.

Before you make the decision to try and struggle to manage your company, consider the reasons to hire MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental is there to help with managing a busy practice so that it can work to the best of its ability. You will find that this gives you the time that you need to focus on your patients and their care and less time worrying about managing your company from the bottom, up. Be sure to visit the MB2 Dental site to learn more about what they can do for you.  watch youtube channel

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion’s mission

Talk Fusion is introducing an updated version of Live Meetings, a computer software that enables real-time communication. The update focuses on a new interface, making use of the WebRTC system. Live Meetings helps people hold oneway videos and video conferences. It will also help provide an easy, seamless way to arrange meeting and presentions, able to support up to 15 hosts with 500 guests. Guests can connect to calls from PC, tablet or smartphone. The updated software has recording technology does not require an additional download. With access through the web, users can have more convenience, improvements in capability, and saves time with no need to have Adobe Flash Player.


Before becoming Talk Fusion’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bob Reina attended and graduated from the University of South Florida and graduated from the top of his police academy class. He would eventually become an entrepreneur, starting out as a part-time associate in direct sales. The idea from Talk Fusion came from touring a home in North Carolina. When he tried to send a video to his family through an AOL email, it was impossible to do so. He called on his IT friend Dr. Jonathan Chen, who would help with the start of their flagship product Video Email, which would involve into Video Marketing Solution. Learn more:


Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion has formed several other marketing products including Video Newsletters, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat. With Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has also launched a program for his associates that allows them to donate a free account to any charity of their choice. The free charity account is available through the Custom Monthly Plan which includes all of the marketing products listed above. Through Talk Fusion, Bob Reina hopes to help people achieve the goals and live their best lives through his products. He has given to several charities, including a record-breaking $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and donations, Indonesian orphanages, aid for the Nepal earthquake crisis, volunteering for the less fortunate and victims of the Japanese tsunami. He has provided aid in over 140 countries.






MB2 Dental-Creating a Productive Atmosphere

MB2 Dental takes all of the stress out of running a dentist office. They handle all aspects of the behind the scenes workings and responsibilities so that more attention can be directed to the patients. MB2 handles all of the necessary services needed to run a dentist practice. They offer maintenance plans, hardware installations and upgrades, data management, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud network solution. They also offer surveillance installation, and network solutions, business network solutions, and custom A/V installations just to name a few services.

MB2 Dental has a human resources branch that will handle everything from employee wellness to compensation. They handle the benefits, payroll, employee relations, diversity, labor relations, and safety and security. They will enhance the experience of the employee and will also help to create an environment that is sustainable and competitive. They also handle the accounting and finance aspect of a dental practice by establishing and administering accounting procedures and controlling, preparing, and offering safekeeping of financial records and all of the office’s administrative records.

MB2 University, also known as MB2U, is a great resource that MB2 Dental provides. The University teaches dental employees and gives them the tools they need to become productive and professional employees in a dental practice setting. Their training programs range from training and development programs to DHMO training, and everything in-between. Credentialing can be time-consuming and can detract from the quality and time available for patients, but MB2 will handle all of the work involved with credentialing. Once MB2 obtains the needed information from the dentist, they will handle the rest. Their credentialing department will get the process involved resolved quickly so that the dentist practice can continue to run smoothly. Billing and collections is another part of the MB2 package. They will take care of all the billing and will collect any fees from third-party payors and insurance companies and in a timely manner. They will recruit the most competent employees to join the dental practice affiliated with the company so that the dentist can focus on patient care and not on what is or is not being done. MB2 will do pre-screening and will filter candidates so that only the most able and qualified individuals will be considered, saving time and frustration. Procurement, marketing, and business development are also available to the affiliated dentist offices that have wisely chosen to go with MB2 Dental.


Talk Fusion CEO Shares the Wisdom

Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, has decided to bless his associates and the rest of the world with a gift. His gift consists of offering courses that he refers to as “Talk Fusion University.” Talk Fusion U is a school of sorts, and Mr. Reina is the teacher. He tries to help whoever is listening to reach their full potential as entrepreneurs, business persons, and leaders. The training program is online and has already been a great success. Only certain people will have access to these special teachings. Among those members were a vast assortment of Talk Fusion associates.


What’s unique about Reina is that he developed a system that could sell products immensely, but he didn’t even have sale experience when he developed it. That proves that a person does not have to have a salesperson title to be effective as such. What he has is a firm understanding of the level of dedication that it would take for someone to succeed. The points that he consistently tried to make in his training is that success takes the efforts of many people, not just one. It’s a team venture, and every member of the team has to be on board for it to work. Reina is delighted to offer this service to help people succeed. Learn more:


First and foremost, Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion, which is a company that performs video marketing. However, Reina also served time as a police officer and has been in positions that highlight his entrepreneurial spirit.


Reina believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to make a substantial income from home. His system is one that has worked effectively for years, and because of this, he decided to share his secret with other people that he would like to see succeed. The new formula teaches the followers to innovate and keep pushing forward until they see results.


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