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Troy McQuagge Talks Up Career Success Stories in US Health Group

Randy is happy about where he is in his career and excited about his future. He is an advisor at US Health Group. Before he got there, Randy has an interesting story that will inspire anyone who thinks they are far from achieving their goals. Like Ryan Nolan, Randy thought he would follow his footstep and gain success. Unfortunately, the most unexpected thing happened. Randy suffered an injury that halted his dreams of being a professional player.

Randy became devastated but he still had to think about his life and decide the next chapter. He decided to go back to school and get a career. Randy chose business and economics because he heard how the job market was lucrative. It was a difficult journey for Randy because he experienced difficulties. The course was not as interesting as the careers he has always been hearing. As he went through school, Randy worked as a waiter and used the money for his upkeep. Finally, Randy completed his college education and began job hunting. Visit for more info.

Randy submitted his resume to various job sites until one lady called him. She was a persistent lady who could not take no for an answer. Randy had been declining an offer of becoming an insurance salesperson at US Health Group. He finally agreed and took up the job. At first, it was hard but after guidance, Randy began learning the ropes. He became good at it until he received the promotion to where he is now.

US Health Group is a popular insurance company in America. It has become such a known company because of offering a wide range of options for clients. The company has also become active in philanthropy through its HOPE program. It is a concept that is about helping people in need. The program also has a section for children with fall illnesses. It supports these children to get treatment and care. Try McQuagge, the CEO, launched this program because he wants the company to be compassionate to the society. US Health Group is not just about business and selling insurance. It wants to give back to the community and make positive change.

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USHealth Group’s CEO And Hope Program Founder Troy McQuagge

Since joining the health insurance company USHealth Group in 2010, Troy McQuagge has taken the company to great success on many levels. Not only was he eventually elected as its CEO, but shortly after he became a member of the group, he started a philanthropic program called HOPE, which is geared toward serving communities that are in need by providing assistance to victims of natural disasters and essential items to children who are living in shelters, as well as those who are suffering from terminal illnesses.

HOPE is an acronym that stands for Helping Other People Everyday, and Troy McQuagge USHeatlh has said that he feels that the soul of a company lies at its core and shows who its people really are, so this is the reason why his company is committed to their mission to support and serve others in as many ways as they can. One of the ways their HOPE program has helped others was during the Hurricane Katrina crisis that hit Louisiana over a decade ago. HOPE and the company’s USHealth Advisors helped with the recovery efforts, and with the rebuilding and repairing of homes that were destroyed during the devastating storm.

Also, through HOPE a great deal of supplies were donated to a non-profit children’s shelter called The Crisis Nursery, which serves Arizona’s Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Items such as new shoes, clothes and baby formula was given to the shelter with the intention of helping support the organization’s effort to provide the basics for children who are in urgent need of their services. HOPE has also contributed funds to organizations that assist children who are battling life-threatening conditions. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Having earned a degree in Business Finance from the University of Central Florida, and going on to obtain employment in the healthcare and insurance industries for a number of years, Troy McQuagge brought over 3 decades of experience to USHealth Group, and since he’s been with the company, he has won several awards that honors excellence in business. USHealth Group is a provider of health coverage for self-employed individuals and for people who own small businesses.

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Cassio Audi One of the Most Well-Known Business Executives in Brazil with Successful Past in Music Industry

While Cassio Audi is currently regarded as one of the most reputed and successful businessmen and financial executive, very few people do know about his musical past. He is one of the well-known musicians in the Brazilian music industry and is the co-founder of the band named Viper, which was one of the most prominent metal bands in Brazil in the 1990s. The name of the band he co-founded was Viper, which went on to become a massive sensation in Brazil. Some of the songs that Viper composed were in English, which gave the band and its huge member popularity overseas as well, particularly among the lovers of Metal music.


Cassio Audi was a drummer in the band Viper, and he helped in giving the band its unique identity and sound. At the time of the formation of the band, Cassio Audi was very young. However, due to the sheer talent of Cassio Audi, he became to known as a legendary drummer alongside famous drummers like Ivan Busic and Jean Dolabella. The first album released by Viper was known as Soldiers of Sunrise, which featured songs like Killer, Nightmare, Princess from Hell, and others. These metal songs are considered classic creation today in Brazil and are loved by the fans of the metal genre. The group formed by Cassio Audi was primarily inspired by the metal band named Iron Maiden, which was a global sensation. Viper followed the footsteps of Iron Maiden and was hugely successful in gaining a massive base of loyal patrons in Brazil and across the globe.

Cassio Audi is currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he is a successful financial executive. Over the years, Cassio Audi has helped many companies achieve their financial goals through his economic insight and expertise. He has done his graduation in business administration from the reputed university of Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University.

Getting To Know Dr. Mark McKenna

Those who have heard of Dr. Mark McKenna and the work that he has done may be interested in learning more about who he is and what his passions are. This man is someone who has owned multiple businesses, and he is someone who has done a good job of finding success. Dr. Mark McKenna is a husband and a father, and he is someone who is actually involved as a parent. He is someone who takes time to have breakfast with his daughter so that his wife can sleep in and enjoy some rest. This man is someone who can be respected because of the personal life that he leads.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization, and he does good work there. He is someone who formerly served on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival as well as the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, he is someone who was there to help the city get put back together. He gave of himself in that time, and he worked hard to make sure that the city had what it needed to survive. He is someone who is passionate about the city that he calls his home and more

There are some who find their passion at a young age and there are others who spend their whole lives trying to find that. Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who has shared that he wishes that he had discovered his passion at a younger age. He was not old when he figured out what he would like to do with his life, but he wishes that he had figured that out when he was a little younger. He feels that there was time that was wasted in his life because he did not know what his passion was.

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OSI Group President David McDonald Understands Why Being Local and Building Trust is Important

OSI Group President David McDonald understand that in order forOSI Group to retain its position of $6.1 billion in annual revenue and even perhaps surpass that, the company itself has to be global and local at the same time.

“We are positioned very well in that we have a global network, literally with people from our organization in offices or plants all over the world”, David McDonald, president of OSI Group.

In September 12, 1992, OSI Group had entered into the Chinese market with its globally-focused food-processing operation. With OSI Group entering the Chinese market, McDonald’s was there to serve the Chinese people with fast food.

Twenty-five years, OSI Group’s foresight on the growth of the Chinese market allowed the company to grow in proportion with its client, McDonald’s.

David McDonald has some insight that he can definitely offer when dealing with the Chinese market.

Global and Local Perspective

OSI Group President David McDonald mentions that when you are an international company, the most important thing that you have to understand that it is even more important to be local to the country and the market that you (your company) is entering into.

“We have a global operation which means we have scale in size but we have local management teams that are very sensitive and very understanding of the local cultures and taste”, David McDonald continues.

David McDonald of OSI Group understands that it can be very easy to enter into a market and approach business problems from a Western perspective and that may not always be the best option to take. His LinkedIn Profile.

This understanding means that there has to be a different operational approach internally but even more so with external approaches when you are dealing with the consumer market.

“It’s the power of global scale and efficiency along with local solutions”, David McDonald states.

Building Trust Slowly in a Fast-Paced World

Another thing that David McDonald also understands that the world is constantly moving fast but there are just some things that take time to build. One of those things that take time to build is trust.

David McDonald understands that you need to build trust with longtime partners and government agencies in China in order to come to a solution that benefits all of the parties.

However, it’s more than just dealing with partners directly, it’s building trust with the Chinese consumers.

Actions that demonstrated that OSI Group is exemplary when during the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, OSI Group received zero complaints when OSI China supplied 113 tons of beef, chicken, pork, eggs, and dehydrated onions collectively.

“We engage with customers early on ad discuss with them the solutions they are trying to provide or the concepts that they want to pursue,” McDonald states.

With the understanding that you have to be local and build trust, McDonald has demonstrated that he is capable with growing with OSI Group.

Planning For Your Retirement With David Giertz

Life after retirement may seem appealing to some, while it may come as a shocker to others who are not ready to get into the golden years. Whatever one’s reaction is to the process of retirement, staying prepared for it is something that everyone must try to be. Retirement is something that is inevitable no matter how you look at it, and the things that you do in your working years will shape how you spend your retirement. Saving for retirement requires a set plan of action in mind, and must be achievable at a certain age. If you have not planned for your retirement, no matter how much money you earn, retiring at any point will be hard.

According to David Giertz, Saving money is one of the best ways to ensure that you have enough to lead a comfortable retirement life. However, if you want to live the best out of your golden years, simply saving half of your salary might not be enough. People who lead extravagant lives after retirement are only able to do so because of the incredible measures they take to multiply their money efficiently. Investing in the right places is one of the best ways to do this. By investing, you are not only getting back the money that you put in, but a little excess to go with it. It doesn’t require too much trouble, and it is pretty much like saving more than half of your salary without facing any dents in your pockets.

David Giertz is a notable financial advisor and investor who has helped several people figure out the right plan to get the best out of their retirement. He has over thirty years worth of experience in the field of finance and has worked with a range of companies, offering them investment and financial advice that helps them secure their future better.

Norman Pattiz Article Recap

Norman Pattiz says one of the hallmarks of success is to be the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at the end of the work day. Moreover, stay busy during those hours in between as well. Norman Pattiz has a long professional career in communications media, and in particular in syndication media. He is one of the main founders of the Westwood One Radio Network, which has aired news and sport events in association with the major networks. These include the NFL Super Bowl, NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament daily newscasts and public affairs programs.

Mr. Pattiz, by Presidential appointment, served on the American Board of Governors. This oversees non-military broadcast services provided by such outlets as Voice of America and Radio Liberty. In 2009, Pattiz was inducted into the International Radio Hall of Fame, and from the American Library Broadcasting group received the Giants in Broadcasting Award.

Pattiz left Westwood One in 2012 to devote time and interest to a new sector in communications media – that of podcasting. Along with another business partner, PodcastOne was founded, which he describes as the Westwood One of podcasting. His company provides on demand programming. Recognized names include Dan Patrick, Larry King, Steve Austin and Shaquille O’Neal. Pattiz sees the syndication media market, and podcasting in particular, as a content market opened to plenty of potential in the foreseeable future.

In 2016, a comprehensive conclusive six-month study was conducted with findings reported in early 2017 from Pattiz’ organization. This article PodcastOne CEO Norman Pattiz Reveals Network’s Brand Lift – Patch, describes a pre-campaign and post-campaign study across five industries. Podcast listeners heard advertising for several weeks from these respective service areas. Overall, findings indicated that advertising on podcasts does have positive impact on eventual consumer behavior with regard to the products advertised. Learn more:

– Listeners recall a specific ad campaign heard on podcasts from post-advertising study results.
– Product awareness increases more substantially for some products over others.
– Listeners are more likely by up to 33 percent to use a named product they have heard advertised on a podcast.

Norman Pattiz sees these results as positive as he views this study as multi-tiered and provides analysis from different marketing approaches.

Dr. Mark McKenna Makes Significant Contribution in Enhancing Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. S. Mark, MD, MBA, is an accomplished medical doctor who has achieved huge success in both his medical practice and entrepreneurship. He is the founder and CEO of OVME, a tech-enabled medical aesthetic company that connects consumers with specialists nationwide. After gaining adequate experience in the medical aesthetic industry, Mark, a shrewd entrepreneur, started seeking for disruptive opportunities in the market. After a few ventures, he created OVME. The enthusiastic businessman creates and implements ideas by first setting goals and visualizing them. He brainstorms different options before bringing the idea to life. Speaking to ideamensch, Mark said that he surrounds himself with smart people who help him grow his business. The avid reader enhances productivity by sourcing for knowledge and information.

Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed by the Georgia and Florida State Board to practice medicine and surgery. He is an alumnus of Tulane University Medical School. After completing his studies in medical training, Mark joined his father’s medical practice where he began his career. While practicing medicine, Mark ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development firm. Through the investment flagship, McKenna acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. The workforce of these companies expanded to over 50 employees. They offered finance, design-build, and real estate closing services. In 2005, Mark demonstrated his commitment to the community after Hurricane Katrina left severe damage to the city of New Orleans. He played a leading role in the reconstruction of low-income housing in the city. To know more about him click here.

In 2007, McKenna moved to Atlanta. In his efforts to advance his entrepreneurial engagements, he launched ShapedMe, a wellness and aesthetic medical hospital. After being in operation for seven years, the health doctor sold ShapedMe to Life Time Fitness Inc. (NYSE-LTM) where he served as the national medical director until July 2016. In 2017, he established OVME, a company that is redefining elective healthcare. He offers innovative weight loss solutions with various exceptional Non-Surgical Aesthetic (NSA) procedures. Presently, McKenna is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. Previously, he served on the boards of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Due to his success in the field of medicine and entrepreneurship, the visionary leader has received various awards from reputable organizations.

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Norman Pattiz is a Talented man

Norman Pattiz is Founder, Executive and Chairman of PodcastOne. He has worked under Clinton and Bush on the board of governors in the US broadcasting company. He is on the board that looks at the programming services that work for the general open. These services provide the best diversions, news, and games. A full range of services is given the most astounding consideration and quality. That is the reason Norman Pattiz is known and selected in many places to give his leadership abilities that will help in managing assets and run of PodcastOne.

Norman Pattiz has many talents. He had a front-push seat to the presentation of television, writing, making or developing more than a hundred shows. He has nine detailing progressively in the meantime. Pattiz went past the screen and established the 300,000-part liberal backing gather People for the American Way, and he was given with the National Medal of Arts by President Clinton.

He is one of the best in searching for new open doors. His inner eye helped him start PodcastOne which is an audio station. This company turns into the best in that segment giving all services that are required by the general open. His main point was to provide the best services that could help people. He could consistently make beyond any doubt that every one of their services is measured as they are given to people. Because of that, he could lead an investigation into services each time they propelled another service. As a CEO, he needed his company to be the best in giving services. That happened in all organizations he was involved with. Learn more:

With the assistance of Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne has rated the best company in the USA. It is known for providing the primary services that support the best Podcast Networking. The network gives more than 300 hours of giving unique programming in an entire week. In combination with every single other service, Norman Pattiz is the best in philanthropy work. Many of the gifts are given to schools that support music. One of them is Hamilton High School.

Aside from being the best in leadership, Norman Pattiz has worked as the chairman in many places where he worked. His hand has touched many awards from many organizations and associations that work as one with American Broadcasting. His work in programming on the part of traffic generation gave great results.

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Adam Goldenberg Sees the Future in the Fusion of Fashion with Tech

As early as 2014, Adam Goldenberg, was named by Built in LA as “one of LA’s CEOs you need to know now.” Goldenberg is the co-founder of a fashion retailer deeply rooted in the tech world, TechStyle Fashion Group.


TechStyle started as JustFab in 2010, and in a few saw a meteoric rise in success and influence, expanding rapidly to become a global presence—making available its bags, shoes, athletic wear and jewelry to Canada, the UK, Germany, France and Spain. Its expansion has been due to savvy business choices, unparalleled financing opportunities and collaboration with such celebrities as Kimora Lee Simmons and Kate Hudson for TechStyle’s divisions, including FabKids, Fabletics and Shoedazzle.


Goldenberg has had amazing success in the business world long before TechStyle. In 1999 his gaming network, Gamer’s Alliance, was bought by Intermix Media, when the company was only two years old and Goldenberg still a teenager. In 2006, four years before co-founding JustFab, Goldenberg started Intelligent Beauty, an internet brand incubator.


Three years after JustFab was founded, it became a “unicorn,” the term given to companies valued at over one billion dollars. Despite their massive success, being part of the “unicorn” club did not go to Goldenberg’s head. While he welcomed the validation, knowing that every hardworking member of the JustFab team deserved it, he acknowledged that it didn’t change much by way of their day-to-day operations. The team continued working hard to make their members happy and to build amazing apparel, footwear and jewelry brands. He emphasized that the team would focus on expanding both online and in storefront retail.


The name change from JustFab to TechStyle occurred just last year, in 2016. Many had expected the change, as it underlined the company’s deep roots in the tech world, having built their brand based on the analysis of members’ personalized data, a successful meeting of Silicon Valley and Fashion Avenue, as Goldenberg himself said to WWD magazine in an interview last year. TechStyle is the natural evolution of both JustFab and Intelligent Beauty, as it combines the essence of both companies. The name change fits in perfectly with the brand’s corporate identity—as they have successfully merged fashion with technology in all aspects of the business.


To date, TechStyle continues to thrive, with more than four million VIP members all across the globe.

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