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Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Plentiful Choices

Cancer is a serious disease that impacts the lives of many individuals located all around the planet each year. It can take a toll on many. Some people even pass away due to the medical condition. That’s the reason cancer education is always so critical. People should take the time to learn about all of the choices in cancer treatments that are right in front of them. It can be extremely difficult to manage the ins and outs of cancer for anyone. Getting a cancer diagnosis can be shocking and jarring. Going through cancer treatment can interfere with peoples’ lives significantly. CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) is an organization that aims to assist people who have this disease. It battles cancer in two distinct ways. It strives to manage the condition with the assistance of contemporary practices. Some examples are surgery, immunotherapy, radiation and chemotherapy. The group simultaneously works hard to do even more. Seasoned clinicians who are well-versed in in-depth cancer management provide patients with supportive therapies that are driven and backed by significant research and studying. These therapists assist cancer patients with all sorts of unpleasant side effects that are brought on by the medical condition. Some of these effects are exhaustion, nausea and intense pain. There are others, too.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America employs an integrative path that assists people who want to hold on to endurance, enjoyable lifestyles and power in general. It enables people to experience cancer treatment without compromising their existences in any way. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides cancer patients of all kinds with encouraging environments. These environments are ideal for individuals who need to receive in-depth and exhaustive treatment. They’re home to cancer specialists who are 100 percent dedicated to knowledge as well. These specialists work nonstop to aid patients and enable them to choose their treatment paths well.

There are so many different types of cancers out there. These cancers include those that involve the prostate, lung, breast, colon and skin. People often benefit from consulting with Cancer Treatment Centers of America prior to selecting any specific cancer treatment paths. It’s critical to consult with an experienced specialist who knows a lot about cancer choices. They’re aware of the fact that cancers are all different. They, because of that, all call for personalized treatments. The staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America consists of specialists who have board certification.

Dr. Clay Siegall: An Important Figure In Innovative, Effective Cancer Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is a scientist and entrepreneur. He’s co-founder, president and CEO of the Bothell, Washington based cancer research company Seattle Genetics. Siegall co-founded the company in 1998 and built it on a foundation of rigorous research, scientific innovation and a passion for helping patients. In the years since its founding, the company has become an international leader in creating effective cancer treatments. Dr. Siegall has played a major role in that. He has recruited an excellent staff and provided them with the resources they need to succeed.

In addition to creating an atmosphere that encourages creativity based on research, Dr. Siegall has been a tireless fundraiser for the facility. Since founding Seattle Genetics he has led capital-raising activities with private and public sources which has netted the company in excess of $675 million. Dr. Clay Siegall has also created licensing agreements for Seattle Genetics’ ADC technologies with Pfizer, Abbvie, Genentech, GlaxoSmithliene and others that have brought in over $300 million. The antibody-drug conjugates the company developed is used in more than 60 countries.

A graduate of the University of Maryland and George Washington University, Clay Siegall bas a B.S. in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Genetics. Since graduating he has worked on cancer research with companies including Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics, Inc., Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc., the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute on the development of effective cancer treatments.

At Seattle Genetics he’s helped to create an excellent development pipeline of diverse antibody-based cancer therapies. It includes almost two dozen ADCs in clinical trial. In 2011, the company’s ADCETRIS became the first ADC to receive FDA approval.

Throughout his career, Dr. Siegall has won numerous awards for his groundbreaking work. They include being selected Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences by the University of Maryland and Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. His vision and innovation has led him to hold 15 patents. Dr. Siegall’s commitment to sharing valuable information on cancer research and treatment has resulted in him writing pieces for over 70 publications.