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Caroline Fidanza New Culinary Director for Firth and Tarlow Group

Looking for a great sandwich in New York became a little tougher toward the end of 2017, when Saltie closed its doors. However, the proprietor of that establishment, Caroline Fidanza, who was also responsible for the many creative sandwiches on the menu. has taken on a new role that will get the attention of diners.

Fidanza has reportedly been hired as the culinary director for a restaurant group that includes Roman’s in Fort Greene. Tasked by the owners, Mark Firth and Andrew Tarlow, with giving some zip to their five restaurants, a butcher shop and bakery, her most prominent presence figures to be with Roman’s.

While there’s no guarantee that some of her past classics like the Clean Slate and Scuttle butt will find their way onto the restaurant’s menus, Fidanza will work with each establishment’s chef to forge new paths. Prior to that, she apparently is helping Roman’s introduce her former legendary Big Italian.

Though nothing other than a statement released to the media about that sandwich being introduced on St. Patrick’s Day has been announced, it’s clear that Fidanza’s fingerprints are already busy. That particular date is when the restaurant’s brunch will make a triumphant return, giving diners roughly a week to whet their appetites.

As opposed to chains, which rely on standard ingredients, Fidanza looks far beyond that scope to provide items like hot soppressata, sesame focaccia and agrodolce squash. That focaccia, along with cornichon has helped her set herself apart from competitors.

The reunion with Firth and Tarlow renews a connection that first began roughly two decades ago, when Fidanza was based at Savoy. Spotting her talent right away, the duo hired her to work at Diner in Williamsburg. There, something as simple as the lettuce sandwich was created along with uniquew items like oatmeal-caraway cookies.