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Cassio Audi the Viper’s musical history

The music career of Cassio Audi expanded from the 1980s to 1990s. Originating from Brazil, Cassio performed songs such as Wings of the evil, Knights of Destruction, The Whisper killers, and Law of the Sword. This is a quick synopsis of songs found on his hit albums Krillera Sword, produced in 1985, and Soldiers of Sunrise, produced in 1987. During this time Cassio played alongside fellow band members Pit Passarell, Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, and Yves Passarell. Allocating a myriad of time towards his music, Cassio’s career started to peak after releasing the album Soldiers of Sunrise.

To many, this album pushed Viper over the milestone, landing them in the hearts of many fans. Many were surprised that a band consisting of Brazilian entertainers, could become so popular producing music in the English language. This was due to English being the second language of Brazil. Cassio would continue to showcase his musical talent with his album Theater of Fate, released in 1989. During his time performing alongside the members of the Viper group, Cassio Audi dedicated his talents as a drummer and composer. The band emanated their greatness during a musical concert known as the SP Project.

After the performance, the Vipers attained a solid spot in the eyes of hard rock fans, motivating the group to produce a demo album in an attempt to reach more fans. In the year of 1985 Viper finally released their demo, Killera Swords. Many songs produced by the group where in fact inspired by the British rock group, Iron Maidens. This inspiration would exude from many of the musical pieces such as, Soldiers of Sunrise, and Law of swords. These hit songs would not only resonate with the fans of Brazil, they would soon become a favorite piece of musical history for fans throughout the United States as well.

Music Career of Cassio Audi

In the genre of pop and rock back in the year 1980 and 1990s, Cassio Audi was well known as the greatest artist. During his time he was able to produce two albums. One of the records was named Krillera Sword that was produced in 1985 and later in 1987 Soldiers of Sunrise. The most popular songs from Cassio Audi comprise knights of destruction, the law of the sword, killers and many more. He was in the group that was known as Viper Rock Band and performed in that group for about three years.

Cassio  Audi originates from Brazil and is amongst the metal drummer for the group since the group specialized a lot in rock and heavy metal music. After completing his high school education is when he joined the Viper, and together with other players, they propelled the group into achieving greater success. It is evident that the role that he played in the group was significant since after leaving it was a hectic moment for the group to fill his gap and more

While serving at Viper rock band, he made it sure that the players and other participant were vibrant and concentrated in music production. Cassio Audi participated in so many live performances where the music and his skills as a drummer made the show to be electrifying and everybody likes his performance.

In 1989 to 1994 he attended the Pontifical University and later enrolled to the University of Sao Paulo where he studied master in Business Administration. That prepared him well in his financial career and had over 23 years in the industry. Cassio Audi serves in business administration as the financial adviser, and the progress is significant. He also helps other Brazilians to handle the challenging economy of Brazil by making productive investments to right firms that are profitable.

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Learn the Impact Cassio Audi Has Made In the Rock Music Industry

For any group to succeed, there must be someone willing to go an extra mile to help it realize its goals. Although the success is accorded to the entire group, there is always someone who gives himself more to ensure the group succeeds in its endeavors. Cassio Audi is one of such persons. Many people today associate him with the financial industry. However, he is also a talented musician who was a paramount member of Viper Rock Band. The group composed and performed rock music. Cassio was a drummer in the group. He enrolled in the group immediately after high school and worked tirelessly for the success of the group.


Cassio Audi participated in the group for nine years. He left the group to concentrate with his studies at the university. As a musician, Cassio took his duties seriously. He ensured that musical instruments were taken care of and maintained in good condition. He was involved in many live performances held by the group to make its music known globally. Apart from being a drummer, Cassio also composed songs. Some of his songs are part of the group’s official album.

Many groups fail to go far due to lack of dedication. Cassio Audi did not allow this to happen to his group. As a dedicated group member, he challenged the group members to perform to their level best. He helped his group to release two music albums. The first album was an official one while the second one was a do album. Lovers of rock music received the albums with much enthusiasm. This made the group popular, and its fans grew tremendously.

The role Cassio played in the music field will forever be remembered. You cannot talk about the history of rock music and fail to mention him as one of the persons who pioneered heavy metal genre and rock music in the region. The group was the best at the time in entire Latin America. This would not have been possible without the input of professionals musicians like Cassio.

About  Cassio Audi:

An In-Depth Look at Cassio Audi’s Music Career

Cassio Audi may be known for his experience in the financial industry, but do not be mistaken, Cassio existed in Brazil for many years as a talented musician in the 1980’s, playing in a metal band called Viper. Cassio Audi explored the music industry as a drummer during the mid-80’s, enjoying writing songs and playing drums for Viper. Cassio was extremely impressive with his drumming skills, and became well known for his capabilities during his musical career in Brazil.

As the metal music group continue to grow, Cassio Audi managed to earn a very good reputation with the band, and climbed the Brazilian musical charts during their peak. It turns out that many beloved metal fans fell in love with Cassio’s drumming capabilities, and requested the production of an exclusive album.

While still creating music, Cassio Audi continued to pursue his interest in finances, which would create the development of a crossroads later in his musical career. At some point Cassio had to decide where he’d wish to focus his career, and eventually decided to move onto the financial industry as a businessman and investor.

Despite the fact that Cassio Audi decided to move his lifestyle away from the musical industry of Brazil, he still earned great respect for his remarkable drumming skills as he released many popular hits with Viper during the mid-1980’s. He was featured in several of Viper’s popular albums, including Soldiers of Sunrise and “The Killera Sword”.

Cassio Audi has been recognized as one of Brazil’s greatest drummers to ever live on the planet, and while that particular point in his life may be over, the memories from the past will live on in great recognition, solely because of his great musical presence, and his special instrumental talents as a drummer.