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Betsy DeVos: The Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos is a force to reckon with when it comes to matters of education and charity work to improve education in the country. Together with her husband Dick DeVos, they have given to charity a total of $139 million for the betterment of education especially in their home state Michigan. Collectively, they have been ranked at number 24 on the Forbes list of top philanthropists.

Currently, she is serving in a position that she loves as the Secretary of Education under the Trump regime. So far, she has been involved in a major disagreement about the students who are transgender. Overall, she is doing great at her position.

Betsy DeVos’ Interests

Betsy DeVos is hailed as an innovator who creates environments where she likes to see everyone thrive. That is why she has fought so hard to make sure that whatever happens, the children in this country get what they deserve. She has shown a particular interest in some of these things:

  • The transgender issue about bathrooms and their usage
  • The voucher programs used in the schools
  • The school choices
  • Charter schools
  • Politics and the betterment of the education sector in general

As evidenced by her spirited fight in the just concluded bathroom debacle pitted against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, she does not like people who try to disrupt school environments and the tranquility of quality education.

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The Bathroom-Transgender Issue

Recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to rescind the bill passed during Obama’s administration that allowed transgender students their choice of bathrooms and a better education.

They were at it for a while but finally, with trump’s backing, the bill was rescinded and it sparked debate about the stance President Trump has been taking on the rights of LGBTQI and Minorities.

Alma Mater

Betsy graduated from Holland Christian High School. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In school related matters, she has been serving as the chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable, The American Federation for Children. She also served on several boards that have included: The DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the University of Maryland and American Enterprise Institute, ArtPrize, Foundation for Excellence in Education.

The Charitable Acts

Mostly, it has been her home state that has gotten the best out of her charity works with her husband but now that she is the Secretary of Education, we can always expect more from her and her works. So far, they have donated to the following schools.

  • The DeVos Institute of Arts Management-They invested $22 million to launch this school at the University of Maryland.
  • Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Compass College of Cinematic Arts
  • Northwood University
  • Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning

In conclusion– we can say that Betsy is a woman committed to helping the education sector get back on its feet and get the American Dream going. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Stephen Murray – CEO and Co-Founder of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray was the CEO and co-founder of a private equity firm that specialized in buyout equity trade has sadly passed away. He had been in the industry for many years, and it has been reported that he passed away due to an illness. It’s an unfortunate situation as many have learned and been reliant upon his expertise. CCMP Capital was a spin off of JP Morgan which was an equity firm as well. Through a series of company merges and many different types of banking companies, CCMP Capital was formed in 2006. In 1984, Murray graduated with his bachelor’s degree in economics and started working as an analyst through a training program offered at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. While working, Stephen Murray decided to go back and get his master’s degree in business administration through the Columbia Business School. He graduated in 1989 when MH Equity Corporation merged with Manufacturers Hanover. I wasn’t long before Chemical Bank strolled in and purchased Manufacturers Hanover in 1991, which put a spin on the company on Crunchbase. MH Equity decided to merged with Chemical Venture Partners while Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation. In 1996, Chemical Venture Partners revised their entity and became Chase Capital Partners. All business were linked together some way, and Murray was part of all of it. In 2005, it was decided that Stephen Murray would become head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. That was the beginning of the making of CCMP Capital, which became a separate company aside for them and started in 2006. Murray was names the CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007.

Murray was known to have served on many different types of boards, as he was very active in the community. Some of the boards that he served on were Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Parnter, Cabelas, Vitamin Shoppe and Aramak. Many knew Stephen Murray as an active philanthropist who was very involved in the community surrounding him. He took part in many different types of organizations and foundations in hopes to help the community and give hope to the future. Stephen Murray was a member and supporter of the Make A Wish Foundation and vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College. He was also active in the Columbia Business School Board and the local food banks that aimed at feed the community. He was a man full of knowledge and expertise, and will be missed greatly.

Financier George Soros Skewered by Glenn Beck in TV Documentary

Well known and respected financier George Soros, who made his fortune on Wall Street as a hedge fund investor, has been harshly criticized by conservative commentator Glenn Beck in a series of 3 one-hour programs on television. And not about his business practices or the wealth he has obtained.

Soros, who along with his business interests is a founder of anti-totalitarianism and liberal causes, has been accused of anti-Semitism by Beck, who contends that as a youth, Soros was somehow complicit in the World War II Holocaust, and was and still currently is an enemy of Israel.

George Soros Nazi, a Hungarian Jew born in Budapest in 1930, survived the Holocaust largely because of his father’s efforts to hide the family’s Jewish heritage by forging documents and faking identifications. While free from detection and capture, he went on to immigrate to England alone.

In England, Soros went on to study at the London School of Economics, developing a great interest and understanding of financial markets.

In 1956, he took a job on Wall Street, where he made his immense fortune, ranking him number 35 on Forbes list of the richest people in the world, mainly in stock and currency speculation.

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Among his interests, Soros has provided support critical to civil-society movements throughout the Soviet bloc, as well as pro-democracy initiatives around the world. He helps fund liberal party initiatives and advocacy groups, having spent millions of dollars in the Presidential candidacies of John Kerry and Barack Obama.

Glenn Beck, with both a radio program and seen regularly on TV, recently decided to take aim at Soros. He sees Soros as as evil figure, a “shadowy manipulator” who seeks to use his greatest advantage the media, unions, the Democratic Party and even the President of the United States.

Beck wrongly contends, much to the disbelief of many on both sides of the aisle, that Soros desires the destruction of America. He feels Soros, blinded by his own greed, wishes to advance a plot to formulate a global state, all powerful, which would be under his control.

Beck, what critics call “a purveyor of conspiracy theories”, feels Soros is a “Nazi tool”, having had the unmitigated nerve to survive the Holocaust. He claims Soros, on a worldwide basis, has spurred on coups, and implies Soros, even now at his advanced age, plans on carrying one out in the U.S.

In truth, and not mentioned anywhere in Beck’s documentary, is that Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, has given support to democracy movements in many countries worldwide.

Quite contrary to Beck’s assertions of what he feels makes up Soros’ composition, Lord Mark Malloch Brown has said he feels that 4 people brought down communism: Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and George Soros.

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Dick DeVos Expanding Business Holdings To The Liquor Manufacturing

Following in the family footsteps, Dick and Betsy DeVos are constantly of expanding their Business Empire. Atop their already established chain of businesses, Dick and Betsy now seek to add a liquor company, Coppercraft Distillery, that they are about to acquire from the Holland Township Company. The proprietor of the company, Walter Catton, said that he has been looking for an investor to help expand the business and it seems like he just found one in Windquest Group, Dick DeVos Grand Rapids-based Company.

The Windquest Group is one of the companies owned by Dick and his wife Betsy is a management firm that oversees the administration of the couple’s chain of enterprises. These companies mainly fall under the technological and manufacturing sectors. For instance, one such company under the Windquest banner is the Electrotherm Company that runs the green machine project that converts waste heat from manufacturing companies to electricity. Dick is on record noting that he is only interested in investing in investments that are environmentally sound and economically viable while not just relying on tax incentives.

About Dick DeVos

Dick is a serial entrepreneur whose accomplishments stretch far beyond the West Michigan neighborhood. He started working in the family businesses before moving on and establishing his conglomerate. He began working for the family company, Amway, in various divisions before rising to become its president heading its overall operations in over 18 countries. When his family acquired the Orlando Magic basketball club, he was appointed CEO and President before jumping back to Amway to succeed his father as president of the company. By the time he left the company presidency in 2012, he had transformed the company and solidified its stakes not just in the United States but also in the overseas markets. He is currently the President and CEO of Windquest company. 

Apart from business, Dick is also a widely known philanthropist. He and his wife are regularly donating and funding various charitable organizations in West Michigan. For instance, he has established the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a high school sponsoring bright West Michigan students wishing to further their career in the aviation industry. He has also co-founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation that donates to charity.
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The Interesting Life of Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth is a man who lives a charmed and interesting life. He has succeeded enormously in the hotel and ski resort business world. Life looked great for Wirth when he became the CEO of Squaw Valley USA. To relax from his long hours in the executive’s chair, he took up the sport of skydiving. The hobby almost turned tragic for him when a horrible accident occurred while landing one fateful day.

Wirth nearly lost his right arm when hitting the grapevine wires in a vineyard. Wirth ended up have to go through nearly two dozen surgeries in the aftermath of the accident. How did Wirth handle the grueling, frightening accident? Wirth concentrated on the lyrics to the Pearl Jam song “Just Breathe”. This calmed him until help was able to arrive and get him to a hospital.

Wirth has returned to his role as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley, CA. He is a changed and no-less-driven man. He puts a lot of time and effort into his job of chief executive. The skiing and resort industry in the western United States might look a lot differently without Wirth’s contributions.

Certainly, a number of charitable causes do appreciate his help. In addition to supporting environmental and conservation plans, Wirth has helped the Navy SEALs Foundation provide support to those servicemen trying to adjust to life back home.

He is a very busy person and his terrible skydiving accident has not slowed him down one iota. Recently, he was named as a new member along with two others to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth worked with the airline industry as part of his managerial duties at Squaw Valley. His knowledge and expertise surely is going to be a huge asset to the airport, to the states of Nevada and California, and the ski resort/tourism industry in general.