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Tender Greens Chain to Open Soon

New York City’s Flatiron district has long been home to many new business ventures. Those who live or work in the area will now have another new dining option. The Tender Greens is a chain of restaurants backed by famous chef Danny Meyer. Meyer took his concept of a menu that revolves around salad greens to California. It quickly took off. After several years of expansion in that state, he’s ready to head back to New York City. The first outlet of this chain is going to open up in February. Slated for a location at First Avenue and 27th street, the restaurant offers diners sixty-five seats in a warm and inviting space. Here, they can enjoy a fast casual meal with an emphasis on delicious and fresh ingredients. The emphasis at this location is all about providing people with choices they enjoy for a quick lunch that offers them the protein and calories they need to power through the rest of their day.

Lots of Choices

Lots of choices are open to those who want to head here. Vegans can find wonderful items like a salad with farro and hummus that have been carefully designed to appeal to the eye and the taste buds. Meat lovers can opt for choices like pasta with a thick pork sauce that has been carefully simmered all day long to maximize flavor. More upscale items are also on the menu. Steak is lovingly prepared to the user’s specifications and then presented with mashed potatoes and a side dish of vegetable. Diners who appreciate seafood can also opt for choices that include lobster salad with greens that are sourced from local area farmers. Eventually the restaurant plans to use the space in the location’s basement to grow vegetables for the entire menu.