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Couscous Based Restaurant Opening Soon

Chef Einat Admony, owner of Taim, Balaboosta, and Bar Bolonat, will soon be opening a fourth restaurant, Kish-Kash. In a recent interview with Grubstreet, the chef expresses her craving for “real” couscous since moving to New York from Tel Aviv seventeen years ago. She explains that all North American couscous is an instant version; authentic couscous takes hours and lots of work to prepare. That’s why the menu at Kish-Kash will revolve around dishes containing the grain.

In the interview, Admony explains the process of making couscous, which takes up to three hours, many labor-intensive steps, and lots of special equipment to prepare in a traditional way. She notes that her craving and desire for these dishes inspired Kish-Kash, since she didn’t see anyone else in the New York food scene making it for her.

The restaurant will have both takeout and eat-in options, with the dining room composed of communal tables to reflect the community and culture of the food. Admony says that she will keep the menu small to keep wait times as low as possible, with dishes like chicken tagine, mafrum, brined fish, and ground beef stuffed in potatoes. She explains that because she will not need to hire chefs, just prep staff, the food costs will be low; she says she aims to make her restaurant accessible to customers of all economic classes.

Though location and opening date are yet to be determined, keep an eye out for Kish-Kash in either the West Village or Chelsea late this year.