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Chef Lou Tomczak Opens New Restaurant in NYC

New York City is getting a new pizza destination. Beebe’s, a popular restaurant in Long Island, opened a few weeks ago and are serving pizzas designed by famed chef Lou Tomczak. Situated inside the Boro Hotel in Long Island City, Beebe’s offers traditional New York thin crust pizza, layered with delicious toppings such as prosciutto and sweet fennel sausage.


Fired in a classic brick oven, each crust is made from scratch, then fired up briefly in a gas oven set to 700 degrees. This gives the thin crust the strength to support the toppings without tearing, and the pie finishes baking in a wood fired oven.


Like many upscale pizza restaurants, Beebe’s offers more than just pizza, serving a variety of pastas and other Italian-inspired fare. But the restaurant isn’t all Italian, either. Chef George Mandakas contributes a variety of inspired takes on classic ideas, such as avocado toast for breakfast. Beebe’s is an all-day restaurant and serves a full menu, so you’re not limited to a pasta lunch or pizza dinner.


As you might expect, beer and wine are also on the menu. Beebe’s has several different beers on tap and offers a complete wine list. So whether you’re looking for a pint with lunch or want to share a bottle with your friends for dinner, you have options.


The next time you’re in the area, stop in and see what Beebe’s has to offer. It’s located between 38th and 39th Street in Long Island City, and it’s open all day long.