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Privacy Assured for Diners at 432 Park Avenue Restaurant

In the world of New York restaurants, a new concept is something that requires a unique take on time-tested techniques. In the case of chef Shaun Hergett, going out to eat is going to involve minimal effort on those who dine at this currently unnamed establishment. That’s because it will be a private restaurant that will only have residents and their guests of that particular building as its diners.

That address is situated at 432 Park Avenue, with Hergett’s restaurant taking up residence on the 12th of a 96-story skyscraper. Encompassing the entire floor allows it to include both a lounge and a terrace.

Despite only residents having access to this eatery, the sheer size of the restaurant can be seen in the fact that the terrace itself will span 5,000 square feet. One indication of just how large that terrace is that a quartet of small restaurants would be able to fit inside.

Hergett previously ran Juni, a restaurant that closed just two months ago. His partner for this project is Scott Sozmen, who has plenty of experience in this area.

The restaurant will open in the fall, yet the building itself isn’t even completed. Once it’s finished, it will hold the distinction of being the Western Hemisphere’s tallest residential building and have this amazing perk.

Of course, one of the reasons that those with residences can take advantage of this access is the steep prices being paid to live there: the lowest quoted price was over $14 million.