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Reports of Food Poisoning Knock Chipotle Down Again

This morning on Twitter, two people reported cases of food poisoning after dining in Chipotle restaurants in Manhattan. One report claimed the person was in urgent care needing two liters of fluid replacement after doctors found unusual bacteria, probably from unsafe food handling practices, in her stomach. The other said he was “sick all weekend” after eating at Chipotle.

In the past few months, Chipotle has been hit hard financially as a result of similar reports. This morning’s Twitter reports alone caused the company’s stock to fall by 3.5 percent. Last month, Chipotle’s stock price was the lowest it has ever been. The reports and worries of E. coli and norovirus (which started last fall) have also led to a huge drop in sales for the once extremely popular chain.

Despite all the fuss, Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold rebutted the Twitter claims by saying the chain had not received any formal reports of food poisoning in any New York locations. He also defended the company by saying they “have excellent health department scores throughout the city, and [they] continue to have the highest standards of food safety in [their] restaurants.”

Chipotle has clearly been trying to clear its name in recent months by rolling out lots of new features. These include a rewards program, the addition of chorizo to the menu, and a fun new commercial that could have been made by Pixar.