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Lime Crime Has A Brand New Scandal


In 2009, the makeup world changed forever as Doe Deere, a Los Angeles makeup artist, rolled out her new line of makeup, designed to appeal to the glam lifestyle that is often forgotten in the beauty world. Donned the name Lime Crime, the company rolled out a new line of products for the individual whom desired to express their originality and individuality. The line included blushes, eye liner, lipstick and lip color, and other beauty products, all made with natural ingredients and good for all skin types. Now, Lime Crime has become a trusted name in beauty, especially for individuals who desire to be themselves rather than what society expects.

What’s up with Scandal?



Scandal is the newest color to join the Velvetine line one of the brand’s most popular lines released to date. The color is a deep purple, offering major intensity once it is applied to the lips. Applied after lip balm, this color is made to last the whole day -or night- through, likely without any reapplications needed. The rock-star purple is great for the rocker-girl; the chic who isn’t afraid to be herself. Since the lip color is 100% vegan made and cruelty free, wearing the lip color is far more fun than before.



It is Time for a Scandal



Deemed the ‘makeup for unicorns,‘ Lime Crime is a makeup brand worth getting to know on a personal level if you haven’t already. The brand is making great contributions to the beauty world, especially for women that like living life on the edge. If you’re ready to express your individuality, start with your makeup. With a color like Scandal and the L.C. name filling your makeup bag, you can never go wrong! You will love this color as so many others before you have.