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Better Business Bureau Torch Award

Aloha Construction is a small family owned business that specializes in home renovations. They serve their customers in every area of reconstruction. They are very experienced in all facets of this industry and their workers are experts in their respective fields. From electricians to plumbers they employ them all and continue to allow these craftsmen the opportunity to learn more about it.

The Better Business Bureau recently awarded the prestigious Torch Award to Aloha Construction for their excellent business practices. This award not only goes to a company for their quality work, but, also for their humanitarianism and help in their community. Aloha Construction has been working with charity organizations for many years in order to provide for members of their community. They are outstanding in their philanthropy.

The companies ethics are impeccable and they feel that with all they have been given in the past, they need to give back to their community. Since they are family run, this shows in every member of the family. Each of them has taken time out to serve others. They teach the younger members how they can help to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

The companies offices are located in Illinois and they work in this area as well as parts of Wisconsin. They treat their customers with the greatest respect and provide excellent work. When customers have a problem with something in their home, Aloha Construction will work diligently to make any repairs that are needed. They guarantee their work for quality and stand behind that guarantee. If a client finds that they are having additional problems, the company responds immediately to them.

The Torch Award has been around for approximately 20 years and is given to companies who show high quality in every aspect of business. The Better Business Bureau feels that Aloha Construction’s business model is something that other companies could copy.

Aloha Construction Giving a One Stop Solution for Quality Home Construction and Repairs in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Aloha Construction, the family-owned company operating in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois is giving a ray of hope to homeowners in need of construction and home repair services.

The firm has completed about twenty thousand projects and received a good review from the customers.

Nothing fazes them in this industry, as they have close to a decade’s experience and a team of qualified contractors specialized in different construction tasks.

Aloha Construction offers high-quality construction services with a quick turn around and great customer care services.

They are committed to excellence, safety, and well thought out solutions. What is more, as part of giving back to the community, homeowners can now get a free home assessment from the company.

To enjoy this free service, a customer can contact them through their website or their other contacts displayed on the site. Although it is advisable to assess your home for damages now and then, a construction expert should carry out a detailed assessment every three years.

An expert may detect damages that an ordinary homeowner may not see, and he or she recommends rectification before they deteriorate and become dangerous or more costly to repair.

Homes are exposed to weather elements that damage them slowly. Winds, wetness, strong sun rays and snow can gradually damage your home. It is, therefore, inevitable to carry out repairs occasionally.

If you work with specialists, the quality you get will serve you longer and minimize the need for repairs in the near future.

A company like Aloha Construction will give you quality workmanship at a fair price. They give a ten-year warranty on workmanship for projects such as roof repair.

The roof of your home protects and gives the home its beauty. Regularly checking it for damages can keep it in shape for long. Aloha Construction staffs examine the shingles for cracks, dents or perforations depending on the material they are made from.

Aloha Construction Succeeds In Developing Innovative Products And Services

The ongoing financial crisis has continued to harm all industries. To this end, employment opportunities are dwindling. However, the construction industry seems to be surviving the storm with an increase in the number of job opportunities. The United of States Bureau of Labour Statistics posited that the increased labor force in the construction industry has been fueled by the growing demand. Aloha Construction is one of the leading companies that are creating job opportunities. The family owned company is based in Illinois. It has grown from a local company to an industry leader in the construction industry with over 18,000 projects completed in Illinois and Wisconsin. Aloha Construction has recruited the services of field supervisors, installers, inspectors and office team that work closely to ensure that they deliver outstanding services. The company has gained immense reputation owing to its ability to uphold safety in construction. Aloha Construction is driven by the core principles of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness across engagements with subcontractors, suppliers and associates.

The construction giants pay attention to details and observe timelines for purposes of satisfying the utility of customers. Aloha Construction is a roofing expert. Whether it is installing a new roof or repairing, the company will have it all covered courtesy of its nine-step inspection process. Their process helps in determining the degree of damage on shingles and their remaining life as well as attic ventilation and flashing. Their roofing services are come with a ten-year craftsmanship warranty. Aloha Construction ensures that your home is protected against stagnant and leaking water that can cause ground erosion, development of mold and mildew, and damage to the concrete. They offer world-class gutter guards elbows and miters to keep the home safe. Installing the entire exterior of a home is important, as it protects residents against severe weather. Installation, replacement or repair of sidings not only improves the home’s appearance, but also reduces maintenance fees and cooling expenses. Aloha Construction offers siding solutions and windows replacement services.

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