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Whole Food Markets Found to be Supplying Contaminated Food in NYC and Surroundings

For consumers who love organic food, the idea to walk into a Whole Foods Store in Manhattan and pay premium prices for the food products is not a bad value. Considering that organic farms have suddenly popped up everywhere and numerous health conscious organizations are fervently supporting the idea of organic food, the value-for-money from these big organic food chains in Manhattan is seemingly acceptable. However, unknown to many consumers, New York City Department of Consumer Affairs recently found gross violations of safety and health standards at one of the most well-known organic food chains in the country, Whole Food Stores.

For those who are aware of the recent backlash on the organic food markets in the United States, they also understand that there are numerous instances where organic food markets in the country are violating Federal and State laws. In fact, it were not a huge problem if certain food warehouse were not found to be endangering the health of consumers. For instance, recent investigations by FDA of the climate-controlled warehouse of the Whole Foods Store found packaging that promoted contamination and food poisoning. It is also notable that the New York City warehouse of the company is among the largest in the nations as it Covers a total area of nearly 70,000 square foot and supplying whole foods to nearly 74 stores in eight U.S. States. In the warehouse, investigators found that foods like pasta and mushroom quesadillas were stored in places where condensation was dripping from the ceiling, fan and the doorway.

Interestingly, these violations does not describe huge fines that the management of Whole Foods Market had to pay for increasing the weight of their containers to disguise the actual weight of the food. In fact, there were many instances where the company overstated the weight of the whole foods. Considering that Whole Foods Market is one of the largest organic food market in North America, such gross violations of food safety accompanied by fraudulent consumer affairs is alarming. It is more alarming in the sense that most consumers who buy organic food pay premium prices for the food just to get the best possible healthy diet. Hopefully, FDA and other consumer organisations will hold the perpetrators accountable for deliberately misinforming the public.