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Side Dishes For Grilled Main Courses

When you think of a cookout, your probably think of the meats that are prepared on the grill. These could include hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken. There should be something to go along with the main dishes. There are a few summer recipes that you can make to ensure that family and friends have a delicious meal from the grill.

Grilled corn on the cob is a dish that is easy to prepare. Add a bit of butter and garlic salt to the corn for a different flavor instead of the traditional salt and pepper. A small amount of mint can also be added for a fresh taste. Other vegetables that are delicious when they are grilled include asparagus, squash and tomatoes. If you use tomatoes, make sure they are green as they are sturdy and won’t lose their shape like those that are completely ripe.

A large bowl of potato salad is sure to please any crowd no matter what kind of main course you’re offering. Add slices of deviled eggs on the top of the salad. If you want a little sweetness, then consider chopped pickles or relish. A bit of paprika adds color and a touch of spice. Pasta salad is a fresh dish that goes well with grilled chicken. You can add slices of the grilled chicken to the pasta along with cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs.