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NYC Restaurant Owner Pays the Price of Supporting Trump

The owner of a restaurant in the Queens Borough is learning a hard lesson about American politics. The owner of Corfu Grill, a Greek cuisine restaurant located in the Forest Hills district, had taken to social media to his diners about how much he supported New York billionaire Donald Trump.


As Election Day got closer, Georgios Aspiotis increased the rhetoric on Facebook and Instagram even as his diners voiced their displeasure. Aspiotis’ initial posts were misogynistic and inflammatory, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he posted a selfie from his polling station and included a comment about grabbing women by their genitals after the election.


That social media update proved to be very detrimental to Aspiotis’ business. Corfu Grill used to get decent reviews on; however, in light of the owner’s vulgar support of Donald Trump, diners have returned to Yelp with a vengeance. A flurry of one-star negative reviews are currently affecting the bottom line of Corfu’s Grill, and many diners are taking extra steps by going on social media and destroying the reputation of the restaurant.


Even though Trump is a New Yorker who lives in Manhattan, specifically in the most spectacular penthouse at Trump Plaza, the voting constituency across the five boroughs is made up of people who have a very negative opinion of the President elect. The few restaurant owners who support Trump in New York City are watching the controversy surrounding Corfu’s Grill and keeping their political views to themselves.