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The Secret Sauce Behind Dr. Mark McKenna’s Success

Dr. Mark McKenna is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of OVME, a tech company that links consumers interested in aesthetics-enhancing outpatient treatments with the closest providers endorsed by the company.

According to an interview with IdeaMensch, Dr. Mark McKenna’s idea for OVME is rooted largely in the success of ShapeMed, a company McKenna founded in 2007 and sold in 2014 that provided health, wellness, and aesthetics on a fee-for-service basis to customers around the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area.

ShapeMed was created shortly after Dr. Mark McKenna left his birth state of Louisiana in favor of Georgia’s rolling hills. He left Louisiana in mid-2007 and founded ShapeMed later in the year, in November 2007.

Dr. Mark McKenna grew ShapeMed into one of the most popular aesthetics and wellness medical practices across the state of Georgia, let alone the millions-deep metropolitan area of greater Atlanta. Life Time Fitness, Inc., a corporate conglomeration of businesses spread across the wellness, healthcare, and fitness industries, purchased ShapeMed’s many millions of dollars in assets in November 2014, exactly seven years after the company was founded.

From November 2014 through July 2016, Dr. Mark McKenna led Life Time Fitness as the company’s National Medical Director. Precisely one year after leaving the company, Dr. Mark McKenna created OVME, a business that connects potential patients across the United States of America with qualified medical experts who provide treatments that increase the beauty and aesthetics of patients, rather than focusing on their health and physical wellness.

OVME – the name of which is pronounced as “of me,” rather than “oh vee em ee” – links hundreds of patients every day to qualified healthcare service providers that Mark McKenna and his expert staff at OVME have investigated the reputation of and pre-approved prior to being listed on the app.

Mr. Mark McKenna is married to the beautiful Gianine McKenna, a budding swimsuit designer who shares an entrepreneurial spirit just as strong as her husband does.

Throughout the past, Mark McKenna’s business success has made him fortunate enough to be named to the board of directors of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, New Orleans Industrial Development Board, and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

New Lime Crime Lip Product Leaves Lips Feeling Plush

Lime Crime is a makeup company that has been empowering people to live their best life when it comes to makeup. They’re a company that believes that everyone should be able to express themselves without fear of ridicule. Lime Crime, and their creator Doe Deere, have been creating bright and bold makeup products ever since 2008. These are products that help users feel comfortable and magical. Deere herself uses the products to become “Queen of the Unicorns” and she helps others get on that level as well.

Lime Crime is constantly coming out with new products because they listen to what users want and they keep up with the hottest trends. Recently, Lime Crime released a line of hair dye which allowed users to achieve colors like green, blue, grey, and more. Not to mention, Lime Crime already has the latest and hottest colors when it comes to lipsticks, eyeshadows, liners, and more. LimeCrime has done it again. Their newest product launched this month and it’s sure to be a smash hit.

Plushies is the latest product to come from this cosmetic company. It’s for those looking to enhance the natural shade of their lip. Plushies come in several different shades of reds, pinks, and browns. All you have to do is apply a layer and that’s it. The product is so smooth that you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. Plushies will leave your lips feeling soft and luxurious. It’s a great subtle way to enhance the beauty of your natural lips without being too overpowering. Lime Crime understands that everyone needs some help enhancing their features. That’s why they created Plushies.

Plushies pairs well with the other products available from Lime Crime. If you want to tone down your lips, you can hype up other areas. It will pair well with a bold eyeshadow or even glitter! That way, you’re face doesn’t become too distracting. Instead, you can focus on what area which is popping with color. Lime Crime products all work well together to create a unique and magical look. For those who need guidance, Lime Crime has a Look Book available.

How lime crime brings beauty

Cheryl blossom the main character of Riverdale makes festive season look amazing. From head to toe, her garments are usually red. She has a perfect glam that curls below to wardrobe which is bright red. Her flawless rouge mani is also red. The fantastic and ideal thing about Cheryl blossom look is the incredible signature lipstick. She looks fantastic on Christmas day. Individuals in Riverdale have started to use the makeup product that is always used by Madeleine Petsch for the iconic Blossom red kiss.

Although Cheryl embraces luxurious life, her favorite lipstick which she regularly uses is affordable and arrives in the form of lime crimes red velvet.

Lime crime is loved by a majority because of their kaleidoscopic spectrum of lip pigment. They range from Matte Velvetiness to Perlees. It has a stunning spectrum of jewel tones and kiss resistant that many who have used it find it irresistible. For users, there is an option of selecting suede or patent lip finish. Among the two, one will be able to choose the most suitable one. Lime colors are hundred percent cruelty and vegan free.

Several lime crime products can help you have a fair look if not excellent. They include; lime crime diamond crushers, lime crime aquarium brush set, lime crime metallic velvetiness, lime crime peerless and many others. The matte velvetine collection is richly pigmented with vanilla scented color that looks like a red rose. It is kiss-proof, touch proof and addictive. This gives a perfect match to Cheryl character. Lime crime does not wipe off, and that is why it is liked by many.

Six trends look incredibly fabulous when worn together with red lipstick. Various cloth pieces look fantastic and give a professional look and appealing for different occasions.

Lime Crime Is Changing The World One Color at a Time

Are you tired of living life as if your not enjoying life at all? Do you ever want to escape the reality of life to live more free? If so, LimeCrime has just the answer. For people who want to live more on the edge and look the part, Unicorn hair products will give you the edge you are looking for.

Currently there are 13 different shades of Unicorn Hair Dye on the market by Lime Crime. The colors are advertised as being everything you could imagine over the rainbow. It took Lime Crime 3 years to come up with a specific formula of hair dye. They worked hard to establish the right formula and to make sure that all the ingredients in the hair color are used without Amonia or Bleach.

The new purple hair dye is the perfect concoction for brunettes. The Unicorn Hair Dye has been formulated to only contain the purest ingredients and is guaranteed to last for a while on brunettes. The color will not fade like most other brands will and the price is extremely affordable compared to other brands.

Lime Crime knows that people enjoy all different colors. They know that people are unique and enjoy all variety of colors. For this reason, Lime Crime has made 13 different shades of color.

The Lime Crime hair color dye does not require anyone to mix anything or add anything extra to make the dye. As always, like other brands, you want to avoid any contact with fabric and always be safe when using the products. To make the hair stand out even more, try using more than one color at once. Any number of colors can be mixed together in order to create the perfect look.

Doe Deere knew that when she wanted to create a makeup and hair product line, that she wanted to be completely different from other brands. For this reason, Lime Crime is always expanding their products line and are always trying to find new and exciting products. The makeup, hair dye and even nail polish are bold which showcases your individuality.