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Who is Mark Mofid?

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon in San Diego, California, where he owns his own practice and is certified by the medical board. He went to school at Harvard University to earn his bachelor’s degree, while he attended John Hopkins University School of Medicine to earn his medical degree. After medical school, Dr. Mark Mofid decided to specialize in plastic and general surgery and went on to do a fellowship in advanced craniofacial research. In addition to his work at his own private practice, Dr. Mofid also finds time to practice at various hospitals in the greater San Diego area. Some of these hospitals include Palomar Medical Center, Scripps Memorial Hospital, and the Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. Additionally, Dr. Mark Mofid teaches in the field of plastic surgery, at the University of California’s San Diego campus. While Dr. Mofid fills up his most of his time, he is still able to find time to speak publically at various medical conferences, integrating his knowledge in both plastic and general surgery.

In looking at the article pertaining to Dr. Mark Mofid on, we can shed some light on his work in relation to implants. The article starts by talking about Dr. Mofid and his approach towards healthcare in which patient safety is prioritized. It then goes on to talk of the renowned reputation that Dr. Mofid has earned, due to his following of medical safety guidelines specifically. It talks of how Mofid is an innovator and leader in the plastic surgery industry as he is able to prioritize patient safety in circumstances such as a gluteal augmentation when enlargement above a certain threshold can cause medical deficits, but often does happen due to the concept that the plastic surgeons can charge more for a larger augmentation. Ultimately, in its contents and closing the article on Dr. Mark Mofid goes on to sum-up the various types of surgical procedures Mofid has developed over the years.

In looking at the interview of Dr. Mofid on Medical Spa MD, we can learn more about Dr. Mofid’s current life as well as his background. The article goes on to question and inspect the infrastructure behind Mofid’s clinics. It then goes on to inspect the hiring process, and generally throughout the interview, gathers information using a question-and-answer based process. Ultimately the closing evaluates a question concerning the best advice Dr. Mofid has ever received as a physician.

Lime Crime Gets Past its Roadblocks

Lime Crime, the well-known cosmetics company, has recently come up with a new approach to launching its product line in China. The Global General Manager for the company, Kim Walls, talked about the issue in depth at the NRF Conference recently.

According to Kim, it was difficult for the company to sell to China because they were not able to sell in the ways that they were used to selling. One of the main issues was that their cosmetics could only be sold wholesale if they were tested on animals. This was an issue because the vegan company proudly does not test on animals and that is one of the reasons so many people love the brand. Not testing on animals is really a part of their notable brand. They are a pet-friendly brand and is not willing to test on animals no matter what. They could only avoid that issue if they shipped directly from the United States.

Shipping to China directly from the United States would cause complicated transportation issues such as having to deal with taxes and duties as well as having to deal with international returns and customer inquiries in Chinese.

Issues such as counterfeits were also emerging. Over 1 million units of the brand’s lip products were found to be counterfeit and sold in Chinese marketplaces in just the past year alone.

The solution that the company came up with was to partner with Revolve, an e-commerce fashion platform out of Los Angeles. This helped the company to really stand out. Lime Crime also created a “seed audience” in China that was used to engage people through social media.

Fans could access the new e-commerce hub which prompted the word to spread about the brand before the official launch. Lime Crime also used influencers to help the brand to get noticed.

These “influencers” were their passionate fans who helped, but it also helped to avoid the “first tier” mavens of lesser influencing people. These little moves that the company has adapted has helped the company to overcome some drawbacks in order to move forward.

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