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What Adam Milstein Says About Modern Jews And Lessons From The Maccabees

Adam Milstein has written many articles on the state of Jewish international affairs, and beyond just opinions of the news he’s published independent blogs on the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the Jewish News Syndicate. One of his latest articles is about how the Maccabees changed the course of an attempt to assimilate and ultimately purge Jewish culture back in the ancient times, and how Jews today can stand up for their identity. Milstein mentioned that throughout the history of its establishment in 1948, Israel has faced armies of superior numbers but has outsmarted their enemies every time to defeat them and defend the homeland. He says there’s many challenges today to defend the Jewish way and maintain national pride, but he believes that if parents instill pride and courage in their children and children are encouraged to think in even unconventional ways, there’s a bright future for Israel and Jewish-Americans.

Adam Milstein is currently the co-chair of the Milstein Family Foundation, Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties and President of the Israeli-American Council. He began his career in 1974 at the Technion Institute after finishing his term in the Israeli Defense Forces, and while completing his bachelor’s degree he also worked with his father in construction. He later helped found Hager Pacific Properties after completing his MBA and picked up experience in commercial real estate brokering. Adam Milstein along with his colleagues David Hager and Robert Neal has helped add millions worth of luxury properties to the firm’s portfolio.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila started their charity group with the purpose of building unity between Jews who’ve been a part of the Jewish-American community for a long time, and newer Israeli-American generations who’ve felt alienated. Milstein has sought to support organizations that have both conservative and liberal ties, but he’s called for all people in their political affiliations to support what the nation of Israel does. He’s often spoke at University events and at annual conferences hosted by AIPAC, and he and his wife often take high school and college students back to Israel during the summer. Milstein also has ranked in the Jerusalem Post’s list of influential Jews.

Joseph Bismark: Different From Other Businessmen

I truly admire Joseph Bismark. It takes a lot of strength and spiritual mindedness to achieve such a high level of success and fame and still keep a level head as well a humble heart. It is easy for people to fall into the trap of seeing themselves as greater than others. However, this article that I have read on the WordPress blog called Citizen Shame, has shown that Joseph Bismark is not that easily swayed by his own success. I could definitely learn from him and his ways of conducting business and relating with people both as his workers and customers.

He is so passionate about improving the lives of others that he has started businesses with the sole purpose of helping others achieve their goals in fitness, business, spirituality and other aspects of their lives. Many people that work with him and conduct business with him notice a difference in him. He is a powerful leader, and yet he makes other people comfortable around him. People often walk away inspired to live better lives after being around him. This keeps them coming back to him and his business. They not only buy his products, but they also listen to his advice on living well.

The majority of his time is spent with the RHYTHM foundation which he himself has got going. RHYTHM is dedicated to improving a sense of well being for people who are interested. It is easy to see that Joseph Bismark has learned a lot from his time spent in the mountains. He has learned a lot of spiritual principles. He has also learned how to clear his mind and break free of all the troubles and concerns of the world. He has seen the light in himself and therefore has recognized the light in others. He wants to bring that out of others so that they can live life more abundantly.

Coffee Meets the Benefits of Ganoderma

By the time Bernardo Chua started OrganoGold, he was already a successful businessman. This company, headquartered in Canada, came to being as Mr. Chua felt compelled to bring Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb, to the world. Ganoderma products had an appreciable amount of success in Asian markets, and this led Mr. Chua to look at expanding in an effort to bring this storied organic mushroom to consumers around the world. His initial foray into marketing Ganoderma products was through Gano Excel, which included direct marketing of these products, including capsules and instant coffee, to customers throughout Asia and North America.

OrganoGold is based in Canada, and has over a million distributors around the globe working on selling product for this direct sales and marketing company. OrganoGold is fairly well established now, allowing Mr. Chua time to focus more of his efforts on refining this product line, sales and marketing channels. He also works with a number of organic Ganoderma producers around the world. Cultivating these relationships, and maintaining them, are important factors when one considers that his entire business model is contingent on them. That being said, ancient Chinese herbs are often times newly found to be useful in remedying other issues, and the closer the ties Mr. Chua has to the producers of Ganoderma, the greater the chance is he will be made immediately aware of such developments. These relationships also serve to help him manage his costs, delivering product to consumers at competitive rates.

One of the pioneers of delivering this polypore mushroom coffee and tea around the world, he is helping spread the story and benefit of this herb to millions of people outside of Asia. Mr. Chua also believes that a direct sales business model is what afforded him the opportunity to grow his business outside of Asia so quickly. He feels this helped him distribute the product globally, in the fastest manner possible. By using the direct sales channels to market and grow the business, this has allowed him the time to educate the world about the benefits of this herb. He stands by the efficacy of this herb as something that is beneficial, and that which can help those who are able to leverage their daily caffeine consumption by using OrganoGold products, which carry the added bonus of introducing them to benefits of these mushrooms.

Duff Beer For Me, Duff Beer For You…

Have you ever heard of a TV network releasing it’s own brand of beer? Probably not, we sure haven’t and yet Fox may be the very first to do so. Fox is currently working with master brewers to create their very own, licensed by the way, Duffbeer as seen on the always popular show, The Simpsons. There have been attempts at recreating the famous beverage, and favorite of Homer J. Simpson, but everyone has ended up in a lawsuit. Fox is ending that mess now by stepping in and taking matters into their own hands. Thankfully the packaging is already designed, it will be an exact replica of the bottle and label off of the show. Beer lovers like Daruis Fisher know that when the recipe is perfected and brewed it will first be released in Chile followed by Europe. Hopefully, eventually the United States since it is where the show originated. There are a lot of people who would love to share a Duff with their friends or while watching sports. The good news is that it is coming, at some point, to a store near you.

Companies Like McDonald’s and Walmart Are Costing Taxpayers Billions

It’s time to wake up, people. Big business is taking advantage of the system, and we foot the bill. Congressmen keep the nation adrift in a sea of waste, and we do nothing to swim to the shore of reality. Companies that pay their employees less than $15 an hour in this economy are costing taxpayers around $153 billion to support those workers. It’s not the 70s anymore. And it’s not 2009, which is when the minimum wage was raised to $7.25 an hour.

The recession created 1.85 million more low paying jobs, and we subsidize the companies that refuse to increase their wage scale. The University of California Berkeley Labor Center discovered that bad news, but we all knew it. We know our economic system is way out of proportion.

Instead of facing the issue, and raising wages to a figure that could get these people off government subsidies, big companies are cutting benefits like insurance.  Big companies don’t care how much we pay to keep these programs alive because all they look at is their bottom line.

Understanding The Real Estate Market

The term ‘Real Estate’ signifies a property that includes a land and the structures erected on it with all it’s available natural resources such as water, crops or minerals. The business of real estate is the trading of properties between different parties through acquisition, rental or lease.

Investing in real estate requires an individual to liaise with a real estate business through their workers usually referred to as realtors or real estate agents so as to gain the knowledge of the right kind of property to invest in. Town real estate is one of such real estate business in New York City with exemplary service and a leader when it comes to NYC luxury real estate in form of residences or offices. They play a vital role in the growth of the community through the inspired and thoughtful services they offer clients.

With the advancement in technology, people are able to use various applications to search for specific properties; be it an apartment, multi-family house, townhouse, condominium, a cooperative or a commercial property. This initial search can go a long way in giving someone an idea of cost and other obligations in terms of expectations and better enable one to prepare before contacting a realtor.

New York City properties can be especially highend due to the whole essence of what this city stands for and represents, so there is need to extensively research the real estate market and not get carried away by the first seemingly affordable offer one gets. Becoming a homeowner is one of the ways one can live the American dream, but while one is still working towards achieving this, one still has the need to rent because shelter is one of humans basic needs. For this reason one cannot avoid being involved one way or another in the real estate market as an intending renter, homeowner, or office owner.

Cookies Lovers Take a Bite Out of This!

Mindy Segal is an award-winning pastry chef and owner of Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago. On April 7 her new book cookbook, “Cookie Love”, written with Kate Leahy, will be released. Cookie Love has 60 recipes broken down into eight categories. In each chapter you will learn new techniques, and each recipe builds on techniques learned in the previous recipe. You will find everything from the classic chocolate chip cookie to blueberry jam kolachkes in this book. Check out some pictures of all this yumminess here. You will learn how to make drop cookies, spritz cookies, and shortbread, to name a few of the techniques explored.

Zeca Oliveira has learned that Mindy has been baking since her parents gave her a Kitchenaid mixer at the age of 13. She has been practicing and developing her recipes every since.

AWC (Antique Wine Company) employs Stuart Young as Sales Director

The Antique Wine Company has made it public about the employment of Stuart Young as its new Sales Director to lead as well as expand its global team of quality and rare wine consultants.

Stuart is going to head AWC’s group of 7 in its London office alongside its international associates in Asia and United States.

Stuart began his profession in technology and, after a short interlude serving in the United States, took a job with Laithwaites, serving originally in its support center. In spite of prior knowledge of wine industry Stuart set up a revolutionary up-selling proposal, and due to his group development accomplishment started writing as well as providing sales training courses all over Laithwaites as well its founding company, Direct Wines.

Realizing an opportunity to combine his sales plus training knowledge, Stuart introduced Provenance Recruitment, in search of human resource for corporations such as Pernod Ricard, Bibendum, Enotria as well as Pol Roger, although after meeting AWC M.D, Stephen William, he was convinced to go back to the sales sphere.

At AWC, Stuart has the responsibility of doubling sales team in the coming 12 months since it helps in keeping up with the demand caused by the swelling international clientele.

Talking regarding his appointment, Stuart remarks, AWC is a company with big ambitions and an entrepreneurial spirit, which provides its team with exceptional opportunities rarely seen within the wine world. It is an exciting time to join as AWC continues to expand into new global markets.”

About AWC
AWC can be described as a wine as well as spirits business, which was initially founded over 25 years back by present chief executive officer Stephen Williams. From its Head offices in London plus its 2 sales offices based in Asia, AWC distributes quality wine to private people, resorts, restaurants, as well as international wine traders.

Whilst holding an obsession for antique vintage wines, the corporation’s brand range is mainly composed of modern vintages that are able to become the antiques in the times ahead. Regardless of vintage, the business just deals with uniquely fine wine.

Globally recognized as professionals in the quality wine business, AWC’s special stocks as well as services are greatly sought-after.