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Dr. Villanueva MB2 Dental Professional

Who Is Dr. Villanueva

Do you hesitate to visit a dentist because your expelled with the myth that most treatment hurts and it can be very expensive? Many advances in dental technology has made it possible to improve your smile for far less than competitor networks and less recovery times says, MB2 Dental professional, Dr. Chris Villanueva. Early dentistry is one way to avoid huge future dental costs and protect your smile. He offers his patients personalized care centered around their unique need for dental work. Their spa dental environment will help you relax on every visit.


How MB2 Dental Can Help Your Smile

MB2 Dental is a licensed and bonded professional dentistry practice. They help their patients understand the importance of taking care of the only smile you’ll ever have in your lifetime. Their friendly technicians will work diligently to ensure your personalized care and input into your dental therapy. Your children should see a pediatric dentist as soon as they show signs of getting their first teeth. You can familiarize your child with a dental experience early, but MB2 Dental is careful to cater to cowards of all ages.


MB2 Dental Care Services

affordable dental x-rays

– most insurance is accepted

– orthodontist referral

– specialty dentistry

– emergency services

– friendly dental professionals

– teeth whitening

– braces clear/traditional

– jaw realignment

– Veneers

– teeth correction

– braces clear/traditional

– spa dental

– several locations to choose

– most insurance accepted

– and much more…


Get the emergency dental services you need regardless of limited resources with MB2. You pay for the treat you need over time. No patient is ever turned away at their experienced team of dental professionals, and

If you’re a first-timer, you encouraged to visit their office and learn more about their equipment meet Dr Villanueva. They teach your child how to properly brush their teeth and why it’s important. Getting your confidence back with your smile has never been easier and cost less. They offer their current patients day, afternoon, and evening appointments. They’re there for you that first awkward moment you decide to get dental work. Thousands of people are opting to maintain their smile in an appearance driven society. You’re invited to get a no risk free consultation to learn about the options available at MB2 Dental for your smile.

Why Dentists Should Attend MB2 Dental’s Yearly Recruiting Event

Every year, MB2 Dental hosts a recruitment event for dental students. At this recruitment event, they work with dental students to see if they are a good fit for employment. Even if they do not end up working with MB2 Dental, they can benefit greatly from this event by learning about things in the industry and about MB2 Dental. At their last event, which was held in Texas, they had a very large turnout. Many young dentists turned out to show up at the event, and it was a great success.

The one who started MB2 Dental is Dr. Chris Villanueva. He started MB2 Dental in order to help out dentists who needed the backing of a dental firm without the regular strings that were attached. MB2 Dental focuses on the patients as opposed to the profits.

In an interview, Dr. Chris said that his worst job was when he was working at a dental agency where the wife ran the business side of the practice. She was not knowledgeable in issues relating to dentistry and medicine, and she messed things up. That is why when he launched MB2 Dental, he made sure that dentists run everything. This way, they can focus on helping dentists out. They know what the dentists need and how to help them succeed. They are not just corporate executives who focus on profits and do not know the first thing about what dentists need to succeed.

Dr. Chris explains that he believes that everyone should take some time out to just meditate and think about things. He believes that a vacation should be about vacating your daily life so that when you come back to your regular life, your mind is clear and you can come up with new ideas and perspectives. He also believes that a business should be built on people and not on a strategy or a theory. He built his firm on the dentists and the patients, not on some marketing tactic.

Dr. Chris also has an idea for another business. He has a child who is allergic to certain foods. He wants to create an app that would map out the world based on that allergic. certain places Maybe more dangerous to people who have allergies, such as certain amusement parks or restaurant.