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Grown Up Desserts in NYC

A recent article on GrubStreet compiled a list of the best grown up versions of favorite childhood desserts available in New York. From ice cream to s’mores, there’s an elevated version of everyone’s number one nostalgic treat!

Ice Cream

Try an adult version of the ice cream sundae at Gristmill. This treat incorporates olive oil, fennel, strawberries, black pepper, and honey for an explosion of unique flavors. If you’re craving an ice cream sandwich, head to Win Son. You’ll get two deep-fried Taiwanese buns with vanilla ice cream in the middle and condensed milk on top. Cookshop serves up the soda shop classic Lime Rickey. You’ll get a glass of cucumber soda with lime granita and refreshing raspberry sorbet.


Hail Mary’s Mile-High Funfetti Cake will take you back to birthday party sugar highs. At Covina, get a slice of decadent chocolate truffle cake, made adult with lemon verbena ice cream on top. Mr. Donahue’s serves a Japanese-style strawberry cheesecake that will remind you of Mom’s summer strawberry desserts. For all the Italian kids, Bruno’s tiramisu will make you wax nostalgic while experimenting with the new flavors of berries and peanut butter mousse.

Baked Goods

Daly Pie’s dark chocolate s’more, a pie with graham cracker crust, baked chocolate, and marshmallow meringue, puts a grown up spin on the traditional camping treat. BKW’s chocolate chunk cookies are just like Grandma used to make, except elevated with whipped ganache and caramel.