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Barbara Stokes works in a Disaster Relief Company industry as a CEO in a company known as Green Structure Homes Delivered which is in Alabama, The United States. Barbara studied Biomedical Engineering and physics at Mercer University where she graduated. Stokes also studied for other courses in that university like Technical communication, Manufacturing and Management, Thermodynamics and Structures and Properties of Materials. Barbara worked at Pisces Corporation and Boeing before she joined GSH. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

GHS is a company that provides a temporary home to individuals who have lost their homes due to natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados. The company is partners with FEMA which is a disaster management agency in America. GSH got a 2.5 million dollars contract from FEMA which enabled the company to improve its efficiency by hiring more workers and being able to extend their operations to other parts of the country.

Hurricane Irma, wildfires in California, Idaho and other natural disasters have made GSH services be of much demand to cater for the housing of the victims struck by the blasts. Barbara Stokes is well known for her excellent social connections and skills to ensure that the company delivers its services well to both government agencies and people who need help. Barbara has had good exposure and experience in areas of manufacturing, technical communications, and engineering which has enabled agencies like FEMA and the US military to trust her skills being a brilliant natural leader. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Apart from temporary housing natural disaster victims GSH also manufactures local structures for clients, guard shacks, and bollards. Barbara as the CEO to the company oversees every activity done in the company. She believes that the company’s performance reflects so much on her and the efficiency of the company hence she takes her work very seriously. GSH was able to recruit 80 more workers in Cullman, Alabama to cater for manufacturing jobs. Barbara Stokes feels obligated too also to help people in her country find jobs hence in glad to employ American in her company and is considered to be very responsible with people she is with whether they are employees or clients.

Outside her corporate life, she is a mother of three. She cares very much for people around her and has also volunteered to help in her community to nonprofitable charities.