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Eataly, The Sequel, Set to Open on August 11

New Yorkers anywhere near World Trade Center Tower 4 on August 11 might be drawn to the third floor of the building. That’s because they’ll be getting a whiff of the new Eataly store Mario Batali and his cohorts will be opening up that day come high noon. While pastries (or pasticcini) will be a part of the offerings, the bread will most likely help this facility stand out.

This new site, which was originally scheduled to open up in April, will work in tandem with the original in the Flatiron district. Of course, calling it the original is something of a misnomer, since this is the Americanized version of the company that was created by Oscar Farinetti in Northern Italy. There, his chain of stores is flourishing thanks to the obvious offerings of delicious Italian food.

At the new store, there will be a counter specifically focused on fresh pasta as well as an on-site bakery. To give an idea of the level of specialization, one station will also be exclusively focused on selling an Italian flatbread known as piadina.

While not a specific reason for the delay, one of the early concepts was to start serving alcohol at 8 a.m. That idea was eliminated, though this new version will follow in the footsteps of the American oiginal by serving alcoholic drinks at 11:30 a.m., just in time for lunch. That first Eataly was known for its wild atmosphere that’s often been likened to that surrounding a circus.