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Dr. Mark McKenna Medical Life Goals

Life for Mark Mckenna was pretty well planned out or so he thought. He had always wanted to help people, so he planned to attend the Tulane School of Medicine to get his medical degree. His plans were to work with his dad in a medical practice. However, life’s twists and turns would soon change his future goals and ambitions to become a doctor and a successful entrepreneur.

Dr. Mark McKenna did, in fact, practice medicine with his dad for a little while in Louisiana. However, he began to question how hard it could be to earn a good living as a doctor. At the time, he didn’t have much of a financial background, but he thought real estate would be a more lucrative business.

He actually developed a passion for the real estate business and went on to open Uptown Title, Universal Mortgage Lending and McKenna Crescent Investments. His businesses thrived until Hurricane Katrina hit and he lost millions. Mark stayed long enough to help the community of New Orleans to rebuild but decided to explore other options in the medical field.

Shape Medical Wellness Center

Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit was determined to find a way to help people and make money. He ended up moving to Atlanta, GA where he founded ShapeMed in 2007. Dr. Mark McKenna would go on to hire an excellent staff of nutritionists, dietitians, and physicians to provide wellness solutions and healthy weight loss programs. In addition, his offices provided cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal and Botox injections. Eventually, Life Time Fitness Inc. purchased ShapeMed in 2014.


As always, Dr. Mark McKenna was ready for a new challenge. He strongly believed that the folks living in Atlanta could benefit from retail medical aesthetic services. OVME was founded and scheduled to open in March of 2018. Individuals can come to the lavish offices where they receive consultations and elective aesthetic treatments. With new technology, customers also have the option of receiving cosmetic procedures from the comfort of their own homes if they desire.

Dr. Mark McKenna and his staff provide a number of facial and skin services to promote a youthful appearance, health and body services and weight management solutions.

Shervin Pishevar: Tweets US Market Predictions

Shervin Pishevar sent out a Twitter rant in December that spelled out his predictions for the financial markets of the United States and the global economy. Pishevar is a knowledgeable investor who buys companies like Uber, Slack, and Postmates.

One area that Pishevar sees drying up is the Silicon Valley. The Valley used to absorb new fresh thinkers and gobble up innovation, but those days will soon be just a memory if Pishevar’s predictions come to fruition.

There are five not big but massive companies that will begin to fail: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet. His exact tweet, “Unicorns are becoming increasingly hungry.” Referring to the fact that these companies have the ability to buy new emerging businesses before they ever take off. This buying style will ultimately break the system.

Not only does Shervin Pishevar tweets predict large corporations failing but also significant managed funds. Two possible candidates might be Managed Future Funds and Volatility Indices. An event like this is unprecedented and unimaginable.

The US stock market will fall. It will plummet to depths that erase all of the profits from 2017. The declines have already wiped out the 2018 gains. Government bonds are not the protected asset they use to be. Bond power is not without boundaries. Gone are the days when the central bank could adjust the financial world by purchasing bonds. Pishevar goes on to state that this so-called “tool” will become useless.

Another tweet stated, “Inflation has been exported.” The United States’ financial markets are intertwined with the international economy. There is no getting around that fact. He believes that America has passed inflation outside of her borders, and with the current political atmosphere, world trade is unstable, at best.

In a separate Twitter sound off, Shervin Pishevar described how building barriers to keep out people might be pointless because talented and skilled people do not need to come to the United States anymore. Other economies, such as China, prove they are competitors when they build a transportation station in nine hours. Shervin Pishevar left us with many things to think about.

Nick Vertucci: Why He Created The NV Real Estate Academy

For Nick Vertucci, real estate was a godsend. He had been unemployed for a year and a half and he didn’t see a way out of his financial troubles. He had a wife and children and the bills were piling up. Then a friend took him to a real estate class and Nick Vertucci’s life took a 180 degree turn. He went from wondering how he would be able to take care of his family to being a multimillionaire, all because of the things he learned in that real estate seminar. Now, Vertucci is giving others the chance to turn their fortunes around through the information he shares at the NV Real Estate Academy.

At one point during his life, Nick Vertucci lived in his van. Then fate and fortune smiled on him and he was able to turn used computer parts into a prosperous business. He also met a wonderful woman, got married and had some children. The future looked bright. The crash changed all that. His customers suddenly disappeared, he was forced to close his company and Vertucci fell on hard times. It was then he became involved in real estate. He was so happy for the help he had received by being introduced to the real estate industry, Nick Vertucci decided he would do the same for others.

Vertucci started the NV Real Estate Academy. The academy teaches people how and where to find available commercial and residential properties, shows them sources of funding they can use to acquire them and helps them learn how to find qualified buyers for the properties. The academy has changed the lives of many people and put them on a path that leads to financial security. The skills they learn at the NV Real Estate Academy can be used by anyone, anywhere in the country, no matter the state of the economy.

Nick Vertucci is now a happy man. He’s financially secure and with the NV Real Estate Academy, he’s found a way to help people use the opportunities available in the real estate industry to earn a good living.

Ian King, Cryptocurrency Trading Expert

Ian King: Cryptocurrency expert and Entrepreneur

Ian King grew up on New Jersey shore, worked as an ocean lifeguard during summer vacations. He was made the captain of the busiest beach in Belmar at the age of 19. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. He had a passion for trading while in school that prompted him to start trading in dot-com stocks from his dorm room. Because of his interest in trading, he went on to an internship program at Merrill Lynch. He acquired necessary skill and experience through rescuing people as a lifeguard which he applied in his entrepreneur journey in trading.

Ian King was a former hedge fund manager and now an expert in cryptocurrency trading. He has many years of knowledge in analyzing and trading in the financial market. He is a senior contributing editor at the Banyan Hill publishing and first established crypto investing multimedia product for Investopedia.

Cryptocurrencies are a vital change in the way people can exchange something of value built on trust. He believes the economies do well in societies where people trust each other.

A unicorn in the financial industry is a startup project or venture that can claim a $1 billion in the estimate and it can be used as a real rarity. Many companies all over the world have been labeled as unicorns namely Pinterest, Dropbox, Uber, and Airbnb. These unicorn companies have a combined investment of two hundred billion and a $967 billion market evaluation. This amounts to a high percentage return of 4oo in about two years.

Investors presently trust that they will be where they need to be to get in at the start of a new big thing or venture. This condition has created a new startup unicorn called cryptocorn. There are 41 blockchain projects that were estimated at over $1 billion however, bitcoin was the only one that could be a verifiable Cryptocorn.

Ian King is considered a cryptocurrency expert because of his expertise in the financial and trading market for over two decades. As a cryptocurrency trader, he has an impressive knowledge of the market. He is one of the leading contributors in the world of cryptocurrencies. He has designed a program to help educate people about cryptocurrencies like ripple, monero, bitcoin, and litecoin to mention few.

Ian King believes that the distribution of investment among new crypto asset undertakings is just the beginning, as new bitcoin millionaires invest back into their crypto wealth and new entrepreneurs look to exploit the current rush of Investment.

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Mr. Troy McQuagge – Long Professional Career of Accomplishments

Troy McQuagge has been on top of the insurance company called USHEALTH Group, Inc. since the year of 2010. He was appointed to two positions in leadership – chief executive officer and president.

Previously, Mr. Troy McQuagge was on the team of USHEALTH Advisors. That is the distribution agency of the main company. The division holds a vast number of responsibilities which are crucial to the business of the large corporation. After he became CEO and president of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Mr. Troy McQuagge USHealth demonstrated his talents to the fullest. He made a number of improvements to the business and so he was recognized for his accomplishments. In fact, over the course of his leadership, the company of USHEALTH Group has reached an unprecedented number of sales and new clients.

Last year, Mr. Troy McQuagge won the gold of the category of best CEO of the Year. The competition was hosted by the prestigious organization of One Plant Awards. Mr. Troy McQuagge took first place and that skyrocketed both his career and the business of USHEALTH Group, Inc. as a whole. Currently, Mr. Troy McQuagge is also occupying positions in leadership at the division USHEALTH Advisors. He used to be CEO and President there until he was promoted to be on top of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Before he was a part of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. Mr. Troy McQuagge worked at a number of other institutions. Mr. Troy McQuagge has been working in the industry of health management for the better art of his career. In 193, Mr. Troy McQuagge was appointed to a position at the Allstate Insurance Company. After that, in 1995, he started working at the Student Insurance Division of UICI, which stands for United Insurance Company, Inc.

Mr. Troy McQuagge received a promotion soon after and he moved up in ranks to the position of President of the protection office of UICI in 1997. That company was sold in 2006. It also had a change of name – Health Markets. Mr. Troy McQuagge remained at the company and his responsibilities included the better part of the deals as well as managing some of the largest teams at the company. During the presidency of Mr. Troy McQuagge, the business surpassed a massive milestone as the sales jumped over one billion dollars. The business was also recognized for the accomplishment with an award – Insurance Sales Organization of the year. It also received a Stevie Award.

Troy McQuagge brought his professional skills to the company of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The company has received a number of awards since Mr. Troy McQuagge took over the company such as One Planet Award as well as a Stevie Award, to name a few. Read more:




Drew Madden Sees CVS And Amazon As Expanding The Health Care Industry

CVS and Amazon might be mortal enemies with each other at the moment, but that does not mean that each is not contributing to the success of the health care industry in some way. Instead, their recent fights might actually help everyone at the end of the day.


One person who has been eyeing this relationship very closely is Drew Madden.  Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry.  He has a long history working in the healthcare IT industry. Drew Madden is a successful entrepreneur who has specialized in dealing with healthcare IT. He always looks for new ways to make healthcare information technology more customer-friendly and helpful to the process of delivering healthcare services in general.


Amazon and CVS going at it could actually help to produce larger gains in healthcare information technology than perhaps anything else that has happened lately. Amazon is already a technology company of course, and CVS is having to respond to their advances with their own moves.


CVS has responded to Amazon possibly coming into their market by purchasing Aetna. They wanted to diversify their holdings and help themselves create a better standing in the healthcare industry. Meanwhile, Amazon has only threatened to join in the pharmaceutical game. They have sought licenses to sell pharma products in a number of states, but that is not a guarantee that they will join in that market.


Amazon frequently tests the waters when it comes to different industries. They have the capital to spread their wings into just about anything at all that they might want to. They like to test the waters for the different projects that they are considering getting into. View More Information Here.


Other players in the industry including Walgreens and Rite Aid will have to figure out how they are going to respond to the possible entry by Amazon. It is not easy to adapt to one of the most respected companies in the world getting involved in something that you have been dominant in for the entire existence of your company. Unfortunately, that is what these companies will have to do if they want to remain relevant in the field that they are in at the moment.


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Felipe Montoro Jens: Assisting the Brazilian Government

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the most prominent Brazilian entrepreneurs. He is also adept at making decisions about infrastructure, which is why the Government of Brazil has asked his help to determine his insights about the upcoming projects in the country. Felipe Montoro Jens is now working as a consultant to the Government of Brazil, and all he does whenever a meeting is taking place is that he will be saying his opinion whether the project should push through or not. He would also share some important points about what can be an alternative, or what other projects should be given priority by the government.

For 2018, there will be several concessions projects from the government, and Felipe Montoro Jens was invited to become one of the speakers. During one of the meetings, the Government of Brazil pointed out some of the projects that will be released in 2018. The government is hoping that some of the private companies present will be giving an interest in helping them with the construction, through the system known as Public-Private Partnerships. Several projects are yet to begin, with some are still being studied whether the structure that will be built would last the disasters that would hit it.

In the northeastern part of Brazil, more concessions projects are taking place. The people are happy with the assistance that they are receiving, and thanked everyone who is helping them to live comfortable lives. The Brazilian government asked Felipe Montoro Jens during the meeting about his insights for the projects in the northeast. He stated that the country has full of resources, but the country still lacks far behind because of the status of their infrastructure. The country is hoping that more people will be wakening up from the mess that the government has come into. Felipe Montoro Jens is helping the Brazilians to get more facilities so that everyone can live happily without any danger.

Troy McQuagge Started the HOPE Program to Help Others

The point of the HOPE Program is to give people what they need. Troy McQuagge knew this and knew the company he worked for, USHEALTH Group, would be better if they were giving back to those who were needy in the community. He had spent a lot of time trying to make sure people were getting what they wanted and that’s how he was going to make the company better than what it could have been before. He knew that HOPE would allow him to make the company better than what it ever was and that’s how he was going to live his life knowing there would be things that could get better for other people through the hard work that USHEALTH Group had done. It was part of how he was working to make things better and was how he was going to improve on all the things that were going on in the industry. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

As long as Troy McQuagge was working on HOPE, it was a program that was going to work. The program, Helping Other People Everyday, gave others the chance to experience all the positive parts of the industry. It also allowed them the chance to see things would continue to work as long as Troy McQuagge was making sure things were getting better. He had always wanted people to know what they could do and how they could make a difference depending on the things that were going on in the industry.

With HOPE, Troy McQuagge US Health showed people how they could do different things. He had always wanted others to realize he was doing a lot of work and that’s what made him better at what he could do. He tried to show people there would be things that would make sense and that’s how he was going to give people what they wanted. For Troy McQuagge, this was a big part of the company and a big part of how health insurance worked to help other people with the things he was doing with it.

HOPE continued to make a difference. The company knew they were doing everything they could to give people the options they were looking for. They knew there would be things that would allow them the chance to experience more and that’s how they felt confident about what they were doing and how they were giving everyone what they needed to be successful. Looking at these things made it easier for Troy McQuagge to keep helping others. He knew that he was becoming an important factor in their lives no matter what they were doing or the type of help they were getting from the company that provided them with health insurance.

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3 Important Rules For Investment in Brazil, From Igor Cornelsen

In Brazil, a growing finance industry places the country in a great position for investors. Those who waited patiently for this time will see the greatest rewards, such as the popular Igor Cornelsen. The South American nation is showing stable and routine gains, along with a stabilizing economy, and increased Chinese production.

However, for those who haven’t invested in overseas property, it is important to understand the lingo of foreign investment. In Brazil, there are things that should be taken into consideration before any money is spent. Igor Cornelsen lists useful low-risk tips and information on maintaining high personal gain.

Learn Currency Exchange Rules

The movement of funds in Brazil is heavily regulated. For instance, only certified banks can be used for exchanges if the person is not a resident or business owner. Also, the exchange rate fees vary according to the transaction type.

Network With Locals

There are many aspiring business owners and business-savvy people in Brazil. Networking and building a good reputation is important for successful entrepreneurship in the country. Mr. Cornelsen has also commented on the relative ease of Brazil’s networking, with a large percentage of adults having started a business by themselves. The people are generally friendly and personable, making it easy to form friendly alliances and share ideas.

Be Ready For Stipulations

Brazil’s relationship with businesses comes in the form of heavy regulations. The market is larger, but is still volatile, which is the purpose of strict regulation in the country. Learning about those most relevant to the entrepreneur are recommended.

After years of economic distress, Brazil is beginning to make a comeback. With these positive changes, education on the nation’s overseeing reach into businesses should be a priority. Investor Igor Cornelsen, who is internationally known out of the Miami, Florida area of the United States, has assisted with aspiring foreign investors in Brazil. The useful tips mentioned above are Mr. Cornelsen’s way to get future investors to realize, as he quotes, that “there is no free money in Brazil.”

Norman Pattiz Article Recap

Norman Pattiz says one of the hallmarks of success is to be the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at the end of the work day. Moreover, stay busy during those hours in between as well. Norman Pattiz has a long professional career in communications media, and in particular in syndication media. He is one of the main founders of the Westwood One Radio Network, which has aired news and sport events in association with the major networks. These include the NFL Super Bowl, NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament daily newscasts and public affairs programs.

Mr. Pattiz, by Presidential appointment, served on the American Board of Governors. This oversees non-military broadcast services provided by such outlets as Voice of America and Radio Liberty. In 2009, Pattiz was inducted into the International Radio Hall of Fame, and from the American Library Broadcasting group received the Giants in Broadcasting Award.

Pattiz left Westwood One in 2012 to devote time and interest to a new sector in communications media – that of podcasting. Along with another business partner, PodcastOne was founded, which he describes as the Westwood One of podcasting. His company provides on demand programming. Recognized names include Dan Patrick, Larry King, Steve Austin and Shaquille O’Neal. Pattiz sees the syndication media market, and podcasting in particular, as a content market opened to plenty of potential in the foreseeable future.

In 2016, a comprehensive conclusive six-month study was conducted with findings reported in early 2017 from Pattiz’ organization. This article PodcastOne CEO Norman Pattiz Reveals Network’s Brand Lift – Patch, describes a pre-campaign and post-campaign study across five industries. Podcast listeners heard advertising for several weeks from these respective service areas. Overall, findings indicated that advertising on podcasts does have positive impact on eventual consumer behavior with regard to the products advertised. Learn more:

– Listeners recall a specific ad campaign heard on podcasts from post-advertising study results.
– Product awareness increases more substantially for some products over others.
– Listeners are more likely by up to 33 percent to use a named product they have heard advertised on a podcast.

Norman Pattiz sees these results as positive as he views this study as multi-tiered and provides analysis from different marketing approaches.

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