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Entrepreneurial Tips from Nine9 Chief Executive Officer

Toma Anthony is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nine9 talent company. His business is transforming models and actors representation in the entertainment sector. As a successful entrepreneur and businessman Toma has other various businesses in other industrial sectors, for example, service, entertainment, and retail.

He has worked alongside other influential leaders and is committed to presenting opportunities to fellow entrepreneurs with the commitment and willingness to make business investments. During an interview, he said that his first idea for Nine9 originated during his tenure as a grocery entrepreneur.

He was searching for the type of opportunities presented in the food industry. He’s ultimate choice was to settle for modeling and acting franchise. He ultimately bought the first business space in Orlando, Florida before getting experienced and establishing other separate 30 agencies across the country.

His company received so much sponsorship, and he ended up building the Umbrella Corporation Coral Reef Productions Inc., presently operating as Nine9. During the interview, Toma also said, his source of thinking inspiration is critical. He stated that he visualizes ideas by writing them down and critically evaluating them.

He then presents the ideas to his professional team for brainstorming. Nine9 Talent Agency team always has creative solutions and depending on the type of idea, they take it online and submit the public with the chance to review before launching any serious action plan. The renowned businessman also said that he is particularly excited by fast transformations occurring in the cooperate business world.

He was particularly happy with the idea that one does not have to acquire large sums of money to start entrepreneurship. A business can be started with almost anything. He also expressed his delight that all people have an opportunity to make dreams come true. He gave advice to future entrepreneurs to embrace that plan which has the greater perspective of generating productive life to benefit other people.

Doe Deere Creates New Line Of Pastel Hair Dyes For Lime Crime

When Lime Crime’s CEO and founder Doe Deere announces a new product line derived from her whimsical imagination, devoted customers count down the days until its launch. That’s because Doe Deere has been formulating extremely unique makeup products for almost ten years that are radically different from anything else on the market. Her ability to create unique, fantasy-inspired shades of color has earned her an enormous fan base of offbeat beauty enthusiasts.


This time, Deere has announced Unicorn Hair, a line of candy-colored semi-permanent hair dyes that aren’t like any of the other brightly-colored shades on the market. Deere has earned a reputation for setting trends instead of following them, and this line is no different. Shades like Blue Smoke, a dark muted navy, and Salad, a pastel green, are sure to launch new hair color trends over the next few months.


Another unique thing about Lime Crime products is the formulas created by Deere herself. For one thing, thanks to Deere’s obsession with animals, all Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and completely vegan. Lime Crime product are also known for using ingredients that are nourishing rather than irritating and drying. While most hair dye products contain harsh and damaging chemicals, Unicorn Hair dyes are loaded with vegetable glycerin, a plant-based humectant that coats each strand in moisture.


As an added bonus, each Unicorn Hair shade is available as a full coverage dye or a tint. The full coverage dye gives hair a richer and deeper tone while the tint gives blonde hair a subtle note of color. Both products will last for about eight to ten weeks. Best of all, each jar of hair dye is only $16, making it one of the more affordable hair dye products available.


Like all of Lime Crime’s products, Unicorn Dye features packaging that’s nearly as enticing as the product itself. The plastic jar has a candy pink label and lid with metallic silver print.


Having rocked candy-colored herself for several years now, Deere is extremely excited to launch this product line. According to the glamorous CEO, the line has been in the development process for three years.



Amazing Cosmetic Line Lime Crime Creates Intricate Hair Dye

You can get radiant shades of velvetine matte and super-foil eyeshadows and lipsticks from the amazing Lime Crime cosmetics. Their creator, Doe Deere has always had a niche for bold colors. Furthermore, she was one of the first cosmetic designers in the industry to use moist cosmetics with a perfected mold finish to base their makeup. Her unconventional way of thinking was a success making her cosmetics extremely popular with her 2.4 million Instagram followers, girls, and guys everywhere that want to be unapologetic about their look. In fact, LC offers one of a kind shades that are hard to find with their competitors.


Lime Crime is now launching a hair dye that is fantasy inspired with many different colors that will spark the unicorn deep within. There new trend refuses to die among their loyal customers. They are offering 13 shades that will exceed your wildest explanations. You can choose from wild and dreamy colors that will be hard to find anywhere else and harder to ignore. Their hair dyes will come in highlighters, semi-permanent, and permanent products. You’ll get 700 ml in each jar with the capabilities of a full application or two touch ups.


LC offers amazing colors that go with their makeup blends and wonderful sister company clothing line Dolls Kills. Now, you can get amazing shades of hair dye for your hair. Best of all, their products are made of vegan ingredients that offer their customers no ammonia or bleach. You still get LEAP Bunny approved, hypoallergenic products that are safe for all hair types. Full coverage will last you up to 12 washes while their tint will last you up to 8. Get amazing colors that provide the perfect shade of your unique hair color for your needs.


You can conveniently order Lime Crime products from their exclusive website. Take part in many first-time customer and promotional offers directly from their website today.

Nine9, If You are Seriously Considering a Career in the Entertainment Industry

If you believe you have the desire, the appropriate attitude and above all the passion for being in the entertainment industry, then you should have a look at a company, which they call the UnAgency, Nine9 Talent Agency.

They had a mission, in 2003, to help aspiring talent success by providing the right tools and the resources needed to do it. They are recognized a leader in nationwide casting, and that has happened in the 12 years that they have been in business.

Nine9 has the latest in technology with a searchable database full of talent. This database places the talent in the right genre. The Nine9 staff has over 10 years of experience when it comes to advising, bookings and a good client relationship.

Nine9 is a commission free service. The staff, through their years of expertise, have the contacts that will ensure that their people will get the opportunities and the right castings.

One talent has said that she has been helped in a lot of ways by Nine9 and she has only been with them since 2015. She has worked on sets with some of the major networks and looks forward to having a successful career through them. Said they were an amazing company.

Another client, with them for more than a year said that they are fun to work for, ever-evolving. It seems that everyone who works for them believes in the mission they set out to do. A good place in which to develop your talent professionally and grow.

A woman who has been with them for a few years said that she is not on a show, Chicago Justice, as a core actress. She has also worked on shows like Empire, Chicago Fire, made student films, videos, and some theater. Thanks, Nine9 for making her dream come true.

Fabletics Brings Excitement To Fashion

Fashion is supposed to be exciting. However, there are a lot of people that find it to be boring. While some may conclude that those people lack imagination, one of the greater influences to the attitude toward fashion is the type of products that are offered in stores. There are many cases where stores pretty much offer the exact same styles and cuts as the other stores. As a result, people are not challenged with the task of coming up with something that is unique when it comes to outfits. Fortunately, there is some other options when it comes to fashion.


One option is a company called TechStyle. It has many brands such as Fabletics, the most prominent of the brands. Fabletics has made tons of progress since it has first opened. It has started as an online subscription service and has sense opened up a few locations in various markets so that the customers that have enjoyed the online service could have a chance to see the products in person before they buy it. After all, one of the fun aspects of shopping for clothes is that people get to try on outfits before they buy them.


Also, Fabletics comes up with some new styles and has a great influence on trends. one way to put it is that they are fashion forward. They make sure that they have products that people would want. They are focused on bringing in enough so that people of all body shapes and sizes could have a chance to feel stylish. This is one thing that sets Fabletics apart from other clothing retailers. They make sure that they have something to offer that is unique to them. So far, they have succeed not only beyond their expectations, but beyond the expectations of many customers.


Fabletics is now expected to take on Amazon in the fashion industry. This is actually a big task. For one thing, Amazon has control over 20% of the fashion industry which is quite impressive for Amazon since it is an online mass retailer. However, since Amazon is online and has a few sellers, it is expected for the company to have some unique items in the fashion category. However, Fabletics is on top of the trends and is offering products that customers are interested in. This will bring a lot of rivalry to Amazon as Fabletics grows as a company.

Activewear is Winning with Fabletics Passion

The scientific approach of Fabletics e-commerce and retail experience is Amazon-like with high-performance focus on fashion for the smart shopper. Fashion-for-the-people is getting ready to take the lead in daily activewear.

Co-run and created by mother and actress, Kate Hudson, the growth of Fabletics is due to the fact that Fabletics knows what today’s busy family demands. Community is a high-priority to Kate and the Fabletics mantra, “Live with Passion”, is practiced daily. Fashion is your passion when your life is filled with color. And Fabletics fashion on Wikipedia is designed with your creativity in mind.

A New Story

The story being told by Fabletics fans, that are living on the economy, is that high-end fashion is do-able on a budget. Do you have to make a choice between a bill and a new pair of leggings? Don’t sweat it. When you are a Fabletics member, you can take a break and then come back at your convenience. The seamless feeling of finding exactly what you need and want at a website that caters to your wildest whims, is a good feeling.

A Continuous Path to Happiness

From first glance to fitness, getting around at Fabletics is simple. Start at With fresh and innovative styles every month, there’s always something to look forward to. For V.I.P. members, outfits start at $15.00. Whether you want to work out at the gym, jump in the pool, pick up your kids, or go for a run, Fabletics has something for you. The positive results you’ll get from your Fabulous new wardrobe can catapult you into a more productive day. Yes! Fablectics is crazy about collections. Add to your existing closet of love or fill one up with more mix-and-match threads than you’ll wear in a week.

Have it all at Fabletics Online! And, with more locations opening by the minute, you’re welcome to stop by for some Fabletic fun and lasting memories.

Breath easy when you’re Fabletics family.

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Fabletics: The Future of Sportswear

The world of sportswear is extremely competitive and any type of innovation is needed to set a company apart from the crowd. No other company has accomplished this better than Fabletics. Specializing in so-called “athleisure”, the company is really making a name for itself in the sportswear world and looks to be the future of the industry.

Fabletics was founded by actress Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg in 2013.The company sets itself apart by being a subscription based organization. Members pay a monthly fee and receive outfits based on their preferences and lifestyle. Starting out as a women’s sportswear company, Fabletics opened a menswear division in June 2015 called FL2. FL2 was founded by Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver. In March 2016, the company added clothing other than sportswear, including dresses.

Another way Fabletics is setting itself apart is through its aggressive social media campaign. The company has a presence on all social media platforms but most notably on Youtube. Recently, an ad was released virally and called out Fabletics competitors, including the more expensive brand Lululemon. In the ad, several words are bleeped out as curse words even though they are not usually considered to be profanity. This created quite a buzz around the company and the response has been positive. These type of ads on show that the company is different than competitors and has a sense of humor. This is all in an effort to make the company more approachable and as Kate Hudson says, “all inclusive”.

Read more: Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Plans Aggressive Retail Expansion

Recently in Fortune magazine, Kate Hudson spoke about the all inclusive mission statement. This is referring to the fact that Fabletics offers a wide variety of sizes so that women of any body type can wear their sportswear. This is very important to the owners of the company because they see sportswear as something that was only worn by in shape people. By offering the wide variety of sizes, Fabletics really is a sportswear company for all people, no matter what body type.

It is easy to see why Fabletics is seen as the future of sportswear. The company has earned this through its subscription based business model, all-inclusive sizing, and aggressive social media marketing campaign. It will be interesting to see the heights the company will reach in the coming years and if it can become the number one name in men’s and women’s sportswear.


Wen Cleansing Conditioner Takes Hair Care To Another Level

The changing of the seasons can cause the hair to change. Right now the fall season is a season that makes hair not particularly drier, but it is a good time to maintain your hair’s health. Up your vitamins, ensure you have a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that is the right option for your hair type and hair condition and use hair treatment masks on your hair.

You should also prepare your hair in the fall while considering the effects that winter has on hair. The winter and the heaters in your home, workplace or school can be very drying. The cold of winter can make hair brittle, split and full of static. You should spend the fall ensuring you have enough hair hydration. Avoid washing it too often with shampoo too because over washing can dry out your hair.

Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner is a good hair care option to use in the fall with the winter months fast approaching. This product is sulfate free and has exceptional hydrating properties to it. It can be used to cleanse and hydrate your hair via regular hair washing, yet it can also be used as a deep conditioning hair treatment mask.

Wen was created by the celebrity hair style Chaz Dean. He chose to make the Wen Cleansing Conditioner product because he was displeased with the number of clients he had that used sulfate shampoos that were damaging their hair. See,

The Wen Cleansing Conditioner fall scents right now are Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin, Fall Tuscan Pear, Fall Ginger Pumpkin and Fall Apple Spice. They have many usual scent options as well. These fall choices are just made to make the season a bit more fun. Check out the products on today!


Chris Burch: A Household Name

Christopher Burch may not be a name that you are familiar with, but once you hear about everything that he has accomplished and done in his life, you will wonder why it is not a household name. Christopher Burch had a very modest upbringing. His father had always been involved in business and was a sole proprietor himself. He wanted to teach his children all about the business world and the meaning of hard work. To drive this point home, Christopher’s father enlisted him into service at a construction company at the ripe age of 13. There, he worked long days and made very little money, but from that point on, Christopher wanted to work for a living and be an entrepreneur.


Christopher got his first taste of real entrepreneurship when he was attending Ithaca College. He and his brother invested the paltry sum of $2,000 in their very own apparel business named Eagle’s Eye. Eagle’s Eye bought sweaters for under ten dollars per item of clothing and then sold them for a handsome profit. While this idea was not earth shattering, it was something that nobody else was attempting to do. Through word of mouth and Christopher’s business skill, they were able to grow the business to nearly $140 million in sales after just ten years. They ended up selling their venture for $165 million, making an extremely impressive profit. For Christopher, this was only the beginning of a life of investment.


Christopher then created the Burch Creative Capital Group after he graduated. He had made some good investments between the end of college and the start of his own firm, and he wanted to do something with it. Today, this company is worth billions and has helped to start over 50 businesses. The business model at Burch Creative Capital is to find the companies and ideas that are very innovative and that are not in any currently established markets. The more creative the idea, the better in the mind of Christopher Burch. It is with these truly risky and disruptive technologies and investments that you can make a real profit.


Today, Christopher Burch is a billionaire. He has been in numerous publications, including Forbes, that praise his style and the way he runs his business. He is still investing, hoping to get a piece of the growing technology sector, as well as in areas that are getting more popular with the public, like organic foods. His presence is growing every day.

Chris Burch’s website: