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SahmAdrangi and the Stock Short Selling Strategy

Sham Adrangi is the owner of the hedge fund firm Kerrisdale Capital. The Canadian born financial analyst went to Yale University where he graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in Economics. Initially, Sahm wanted to become a journalist and even got an internship at the wall street journal but failed to pursue it due to visa issues. This mishap in the youthful days of Sahm made him quit journalism and pursued finance and investment analysis.Sahm got a position in investment analysts at Deutsche Bank and later Long Acre Fund Management. At Deutsche Bank, Sahm worked on debt refinancing, restructure non-investment grade bank debt and exit financing. At Channing Capital Partners he advised on bankruptcy restructuring and represented bank debt holders. This skills would later pay off in his career as a hedge fund manager. Later in his career, he started his firm, Kerrisdale capital in 2009 where he still works. The company focuses on event-driven investment options as well as long-term investments. The company currently manages over half a billion dollars and is famous for short selling of stocks.

Discrepancies in financial reports of some companies listed on the U.S stock exchange is one of the ways Sahm chooses his target company to be short. SahmAdrangi uses ample time with his team of experts to research companies that alter their financial books to give investors a positive outlook of the enterprise when it is not performing well. Sahm then shorts the stocks of that company and is known to make huge profits in the process. He accomplishes this by publishing the findings he got from his research on the target company.Some of his target firms were Chinese businesses that Sahm had reasons to believe were shady in their affairs and were dodging American securities regulators. The New York-based company Kerrisdale Capital would short this firms on the stock market and at one time grew the company’s portfolio by up to 20 percent in the process. SahmAdrangi has a team of dedicated researchers and analysts who help him identify the companies to target. They have the creativity and talent required to ensure profitability and investment security.

Greg Secker: The English Businessman

You have probably heard of this big name on forex trading several times. His history is a unique kind of a story that has turned to change other stories, in particular for the young people. But what is behind his motivation? It’s quite simple, Greg Secker believes in a philosophy of everything is possible. He prides himself as a world-class trader, inspirational coach and owner of Capital Index, SmartCharts Software as well Europe’s leading financial company, Learn to Trade. Despite his enormous success in forex trading, it’s surprising that Secker studied agriculture in school.

His mark in currency trading floor started while at Thomas Cook Financial Stand where he mainly changed strategies into coding easily understood by a computer. He attributes his success in this trade to what he says is discipline, creating plans and proper risk management. Further, he is moved by the idea of sharing his passion so as to empower young people and improve their access to life-changing tools which have seen him address over 6,000 platforms. Some of the topics he addresses are such as wealth, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Secker has bagged many awards such as the 2015- World Finance Award, 2017-Global Banking and Finance Review as well as 2010- London Excellence Finalist. For close to 13 years now, he has inspired over 200,000 people globally through seminars on how to find a second income by trading in stock markets. It impresses to note that Secker speaks alongside renowned success stars such as Anthony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson.

Secker has a special place for Filipinos where he assists rebuild homes for the families affected by natural disasters of typhoons and cyclones. He endeavors in empowering Philippines since he believes they are affected by low confidence which affects their ability to be successful. To achieve this, the Greg Secker Foundation seeks to provide access to education while creating a sustainable community.