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Meet Randal Nardone, at the core of Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone is a financial whose ambition cannot be tethered and this was evident back in 1988 when he joined camp with Wesley Edens and several others to form Fortress Investment Group. Randal was beaming with confidence and experience having been in the field of finance for over a decade, and this was the spirit that has made Fortress an investment giant over the years. Randall says he invested more than just money in Fortress. He views the company as a symbol of his commitment, talent, hard work and time and as his mother contribution to the finance world. Today Fortress is the leading investment company, offering premium services to their clientele base which has grown to myriads of customers around the globe. The number of international companies opting for Fortress services has increased each day and this evidently because of the elite background that Randal and his partners set while the company was still young.

Earlier Career

Randal Nardone is without a whisker of doubt among the top influential financials in the world. The fact that he did not initially start in finance only makes his success more deserved and convincing. Nardone initially started in law after attaining a degree from University of Connecticut and masters from Boston University. His law career was marked with success and he even became one of the partners at Thatcher Profit & Wood a reputable law firm. He also worked as a manager at UBS for twelve months and prior to that, he was at BlackRock where he was the principal. Nardone would later gain an interest in finance and would switch to the field leading to their partnership with Wesley Edens to form Fortress.

Professional Attributes

Over the course of his career at Fortress and other institutions, Nardone has exhibited extra-ordinary finance skills and leadership qualities. His years in the field of finance has enabled his work at different positions, therefore making him an all-around financialist. This is the attitude he and his partners have built Fortress on and it is no surprise that other top companies including Japanese Firm, Softbank expressed interest to purchase the company. Softbank made a successful bid and thereafter bought Fortress at a value of $3.3 Billion. Randal Nardone was pivotal during the purchase and it was not a surprise that Softbank management retained him in the management position.

 More about Randal Nardone

He not only serves at Fortress as the chief operating officer and in charge of financial and legal issues, he also serves as a director of Springleaf Finance Inc., Brookdale Senior Living Inc., GAGFAH S.A., Springleaf Finance Corporation, Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd, Eurocastle Investment Limited and Springleaf Finance Inc.

Who Is Equities First Holdings

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They have over 2.55 million in current equities to back their international team of clients. You can learn more about their loan opportunities by visiting their exclusive Equities First Holdings website for more account details today.

Michael Burwell’s New Role At Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is an accomplished company that focuses on offering services such as broking and business advisory. In 2017, the management of the company officially announced that Michael Burwell would join the firm and replace Millay Roger. Willis Towers Watson’s executive team was confident in the ability of Michael Burwell to serve as the company’s Chief Financial Officer due to his experience and accomplishments. Mr. Roger’s retirement was scheduled on October 2, 2017.


Haley John did not hesitate to comment on the new move by Willis Towers Watson saying that the company was fortunate enough to choose a great leader. Haley added that having Mike would lead to the evolution of the company which is also essential in the long run. Haley praised Michael saying that he has an outstanding understanding of leading employees, driving results, and managing multinational organizations. He also said that Mike was the most appropriate person for the job because he is client oriented. Haley was also confident in Mike’s experience and competence in handling transactions, transforming companies, and managing finances. He added that Mr. Burwell would help the company attain its goals and realize its vision. See This Page for related information.


Michael Burwell expressed his excitement and thanked Roger for the contributions he made at Willis Towers Watson. Mike said that Roger’s accomplishments are commendable and that he will do the best he can to ensure that the company grows stronger. Mike noted that Roger was leaving the company in a suitable position that guarantees future success. Mike gladly accepted to serve at Willis Towers Watson. In his speech, Mr. Burwell expressed his excitement for joining a company that is committed to offering quality services, an inclusive culture and a team of influential leaders. Michael also said that he was prepared to start serving at the company.


Willis Towers Watson plays a significant role in helping investors to become successful by taking advantage of available business opportunities. The company has offered incredible services to its clients for several decades. Willis Towers Watson has employed about 40,000 people and operates in140 countries on different continents. The company develops business solutions that optimize benefits, grow talent, and grow other companies. As a result, it helps to balance talent, company assets and ideas to ensure great performance.


Michael Burwell has over 30 years’ experience in the finance sector. He has held several executive positions in distinguished companies. Burwell also has more than 10 years’ experience in the audit field and transaction services advisory. Michael Burwell is a highly ranked professional due to his diligence and excellent ability to handle pre-mergers.


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Agora Financial Offers Useful Tips to Investors about Investing in their Future

Agora Financial provides investors with the right tool to help them make profitable investments. Thus, it offers excellent tips for its investors to achieve it. One of the best tips that they offer to the investors is that even though they can take help of professionals, it is essential that they know the basics so that they have full control on their investments. Setting long-term goals first help investors make short achievable short-term goals so that they can have a large sum of money with them once they retire. One has to be careful when making an investment as a single move can lead to losses that can take years to overcome.Investors also have to know about long-term investment vehicles so that they know what their options are. Investors should also not be afraid to profit from volatility. Agora Financial experts advise investors to avoid any investment based on emotions.

One should be aware of their risks to ensure that they are able to make profitable investments. With a good investment plan, you should be able to have purposeful life goals so that you can live great retirement lives.If you are looking for financial security in your later life, you need to start saving early. Making investments is the only way you can ensure that your future is secured financially. The economic volatility would continue to shadow your earnings and investments, and therefore, diversifying your investments is also crucial. There are many factors you need to consider when choosing when and how to invest and on what to invest. Agora Financial provides you the necessary information you need to make smart investment decisions.

There are many factors that you need to consider when investing, and checking the market trends is one of the primary factors you need to focus on. Agora Financial is a publishing firm that was set up by Bill Bonner in 1979 with the aim to help the common people understand the dynamics of the financial market. In today’s age, availing financial security is not an easy task as predicting market trends and direction can be difficult, even for the most experienced financial analysts. Agora Financial is an independent publication that allows readers to get unbiased information in the financial market. Since they do not accept money for recommendations, they are able to offer honest advice to its readers. All of the predictions made by the editors of Agora Financials are based on facts, and nothing is speculated.

Michael Burwell Finds New Seat At Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is a finance and services professional who gained sufficient experience from PrincewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for more than three decades, also held high-level accountable roles such as being the Head of Transaction Services in the United States; Chief Financial and Operating Officer within the United States, and Head of Global Transformation.



He likewise has experience in Transaction Services for twelve years where he assisted organizations and entities in pre-merger valuations with thoroughness; and experience in audit for eleven years.



In connection with his appointment as the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, John Haley said that they are eager to have Mike Burwell as part of their management team at a period where Willis Towers Watson is evolving. Mr. Haley also said that Mike Burwell comprehends appropriate management, leadership and driving outcomes which are within a multi-faceted world-wide organization that has an intense attention on the needs of clients.



John Haley stated that he is secured in the knowledge that with Michael Burwell’s aptitude in transformation, transaction, and finance – he is the appropriate individual who can lead the company in its long-lasting development as well as with the outstanding efforts needed for incorporation that will permit Willis Towers Watson to realize its comprehensive capabilities.



Haley similarly commented that he is grateful for the service and tenure of Roger Millay, who will be vacating the seat of Chief Financial Officer, because he contributed to the resiliency and proper placing of Willis Towers Watson to realize future goals and accomplishments. See This Page for related information.



Michael Burwell expressed that he is truly privileged to be given the chance to join Willis Towers Watson because through his communications with the people in the company, he was astounded by the all-encompassing culture, the company’s dedication in serving its clients and depth of leadership. Burwell confirmed that he is eager to contribute to the company’s future accomplishments.



Michael Burwell graduated from the Michigan State University where he earned his Business Administration Degree, and he is also a Certified Public Accountant, which accounts for his audit knowledge and experience.



Willis Towers Watson is an international company engaged in brokerage solutions and advisory that assists clients around the globe in circumventing risk ventures to produce profits. The company was founded in 1828, at present the company employs 40,000 workers located in over 140 countries. The core of Willis Towers Watson is its unique ability to combine ideas, talents and assets.


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Incredible Achievements Of Michael Burwell At Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is an avid leader in the success of Willis Towers Watson. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has a lot of skills and experience in finance. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1986.the knowledge in the Business administration that he obtained from the university has assisted in his career. He was employed to serve at Pricewaterhouse Cooper when he graduated from the university. Michael Burwell served in Quality Assurance department of the company. Michael provided service in the company for over 30 years. Pricewaterhouse Cooper improved in service delivery under the leadership of Michael. He instituted various policies that were vital in running the operations of the company.


Michael served at Pricewaterhouse Cooper as an auditor for 10 years. His productive leadership in the position led to his appointment as the leader of Detroit-based Transaction Services which is a subsidiary of the Pricewaterhouse Cooper. He led Detroit-based Transaction Services for four years before he was appointed to serve at Midwest Transaction Services. The exemplary that he provided in the dockets earned him another position as the leader of United States Transaction Services.


Michael Burwell received a promotion to serve as the Chief Financial Officer of PWC in 2008.his successful contribution to the office of Chief Financial Officer made the directors of the company to promote him as Chief Operation Officer in 2009.the able leadership of Michael Burwell enabled him to earn various promotions at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He came up with various strategies that enabled the company to succeed in its operations. The tireless efforts of Michael in achieving the goals of the company guaranteed success.


Michael Burwell was promoted to serve at Willis Towers in 2017.he took over as the chief financial officer from Rogers Malay. The company majors in broking and advisory is based in Overland Park, Kansas. The company has assisted many private and public organizations in more than 140 countries. More than 40000 people have been reemployed by the company. See This Page for related information.


The company has been in operation for since 1828.the CEO of the company, John Haley, welcomed the appointment of Michael Burwell. He noted that Michael would lead the company to realize growth and increase the number of clients. Michael has a lot of skills that are vital in improving the operations of the company. He has demonstrated his competence through the successful records at PWC. Many organizations have increased their profit margin through the leadership of Michael Burwell.


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Equities First Ability To Make Money

The French Tribune wrote an interesting article detailing the movent et and the operations of Equities First Financial Holding. The article is very interesting because it details how the company operates and how the CEO of the company looks at the financial industry in order to grow the company. The main thing that the company does that sets it apart is that they are constantly on the lookout for new partnerships. The company even changed their name about fives years ago in another one of their many deals. The CEO just wants the company to be on the cutting edge of the fi coal industry and the best way for Equities first financial od that id for them to team up with other companies. This also shows Equities ability to make money. Since the company is able to purchase these other companies then you know that they have the funds to do so.

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Mike Burwell Joins Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is one the world’s largest company that offers brokerage and financial advice to people. On 21st August 2017, the company announced that Michael Burwell would be their Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Burwell will replace Roger Millay who had earlier announced his voluntary retirement to deal with other matters.


Willis Towers Watson counts themselves lucky after acquiring the services of Mr. Burwell who is a finance expert with the massive know-how of management. He has in the past gained immense experience from audit giants, PWC where he has worked for about 31 years. During his tenure in this company, Mr. Burwell held key leadership positions that include Global Transformation Leader, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the United States. He was also the leader of the company’s Transaction Services in the United States for a long period. It is from these leadership positions that Mr. Michael Burwell has gained the management skills that are in high demand by financial institutions.


During the introduction ceremony, Mr. John Haley who is the CEO of Willis Towers Watson said that they were pleased to have Michael Burwell in their ranks. He said that the company would benefit immensely from the experience of Mr. Burwell. He was excited that Michael Burwell was part of the team that intended to revolutionize Willis Towers Watson to be the best company of its kind in the world. He further said that he had no doubts that Mr. Burwell will deliver instant success to the company given his enviable track record.


Mr. Haley further thanked Mr. Burwell’s predecessor, Roger Millay for having loyally worked for Willis Towers Watson for a long period and making it the reputable brand that it is today. He emphasized that Mr. Roger was key in placing the company on the path of success through the various development projects that he initiated. See This Page to learn more.


Michael was also given an opportunity to speak during the introduction ceremony. He began by thanking Willis Towers Watson for showing faith in his abilities to drive the company into their projected future position. He said that this was a great show of trust that he was willing to reward by giving his best for the good of the company. Michael insisted that one of the primary reasons that he accepted to join the company was after realizing the ambitions of the company were impressive and achievable. He said that he was ready to take up the new challenge and help bring transformation to what was already a world beater institution in its niche.



There’s Nothing Average About Agora Financial

It’s an interesting position to be in right now if you’re trying to understand how to begin to invest your money. It’s overwhelming for the average person to start sifting through all the information that’s online. There are so many people out there who will gladly take your money and give you little to nothing in return. Many don’t have time or access to the proper resources that would help them to make sound great investment decisions. But most people want to have control over their own money and yet have no idea how to start learning to take care of it. Agora Financial is providing free online newsletters with unbiased market commentary.

This is an ideal place to begin a journey towards wealth and prosperity. They also have over twenty publications that you can subscribe to for further detailed market information. This company is poised to pounce on any up and coming investment opportunity because of their worldly strategy. They have a reputation for predicting upcoming events in the market that are of significant interest to investors. If you’re already familiar with this group you were privy to valuable information concerning the tech bubble, the housing bubble and the credit bubble. You would have had excellent guidance through the panic in 2008. They also predicted the collapse of Lehman Bros. and the bankruptcy of American Airlines. It is important to note that they do not accept money in exchange for coverage so you know that the information you receive is based solely on their research.

Agora Financial is a financial research firm that specializes in independent economic forecasting. Their unique assortment of professionals gives them an original perspective on wealth creation and maintenance. Experts in the generation of income and the protection of wealth, they travel all over the world looking for new trends. This is not a firm that sits around in offices year-round postulating on what might happen. They go out into the real world to see things for themselves. The best Investment advice can be presented in a plain and boring fashion but this group goes out of the way to give their readers a fresh perspective on the financial world, investing and life in general. Their collective varied experiences put them in a position to make incisive and direct observations that others might not make because of their financial entanglements.

Michael Burwell and His New Role as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson

A bad leadership is what usually precludes the sustained success of any company. Fortunately, this is something that Willis Towers Watson is familiar with, which is probably the reason why it has decided to select a new Chief Financial Officer for its operations.



We all know that Willis Towers Watson is one of the globe’s leading global advisory agencies that are pushing the boundaries of what could be done in the brokerage and trading environments. The new choice of the company is Michael “Mike” J Burwell, who will replace the current Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay. Millay has voluntarily retired from the company last October 2, 2017.


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The Experience and Expertise



It is fascinating, and probably reassuring for Willis Towers Watson, to know that the new Chief Financial Officer they now have has at least 31 years of experience and expertise in the world of finance, with his professional services ranging from handling big companies’ portfolio and the assets of a multifarious series of investment brokers.



In 1977 Michael joined a partnership starting out as a transactional service at the PwC at the Detroit Brach. Burwell later on had served a senior leadership position for the last decade is also an added factor why he’s the most leading candidate for the position. It’s also public knowledge that Burwell is the Head of Global Transformation of a company once and used to be a COO and Chief Financial Officer for the United States government, which are also added factors why he could offer Willis Towers Watson the acumen that it requires from its operations head.




CEO of Willis Towers Watson’s Acknowledgment



Asked for a response about the new appointment, the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, shared that to have Michael Burwell to join their leadership team is one of the most important and transformative decisions that the company has managed to make. There’s not that many decisions that could transform the future of a company, and this one right here, according to John, could belong to the category of decisions that will direct the company’s rightly deserved position in the future.



Another thing that could be said about the new position of Mr. Mike Burwell is the fact that Willis Towers Watson would be one of the most challenging companies he will be serving today, mainly because it has already built one of the most recognized and established global advisory companies that have been helping people manage risks in order to use these risks as opportunities for growth.

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