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Equities First Ability To Make Money

The French Tribune wrote an interesting article detailing the movent et and the operations of Equities First Financial Holding. The article is very interesting because it details how the company operates and how the CEO of the company looks at the financial industry in order to grow the company. The main thing that the company does that sets it apart is that they are constantly on the lookout for new partnerships. The company even changed their name about fives years ago in another one of their many deals. The CEO just wants the company to be on the cutting edge of the fi coal industry and the best way for Equities first financial od that id for them to team up with other companies. This also shows Equities ability to make money. Since the company is able to purchase these other companies then you know that they have the funds to do so.

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There’s Nothing Average About Agora Financial

It’s an interesting position to be in right now if you’re trying to understand how to begin to invest your money. It’s overwhelming for the average person to start sifting through all the information that’s online. There are so many people out there who will gladly take your money and give you little to nothing in return. Many don’t have time or access to the proper resources that would help them to make sound great investment decisions. But most people want to have control over their own money and yet have no idea how to start learning to take care of it. Agora Financial is providing free online newsletters with unbiased market commentary.

This is an ideal place to begin a journey towards wealth and prosperity. They also have over twenty publications that you can subscribe to for further detailed market information. This company is poised to pounce on any up and coming investment opportunity because of their worldly strategy. They have a reputation for predicting upcoming events in the market that are of significant interest to investors. If you’re already familiar with this group you were privy to valuable information concerning the tech bubble, the housing bubble and the credit bubble. You would have had excellent guidance through the panic in 2008. They also predicted the collapse of Lehman Bros. and the bankruptcy of American Airlines. It is important to note that they do not accept money in exchange for coverage so you know that the information you receive is based solely on their research.

Agora Financial is a financial research firm that specializes in independent economic forecasting. Their unique assortment of professionals gives them an original perspective on wealth creation and maintenance. Experts in the generation of income and the protection of wealth, they travel all over the world looking for new trends. This is not a firm that sits around in offices year-round postulating on what might happen. They go out into the real world to see things for themselves. The best Investment advice can be presented in a plain and boring fashion but this group goes out of the way to give their readers a fresh perspective on the financial world, investing and life in general. Their collective varied experiences put them in a position to make incisive and direct observations that others might not make because of their financial entanglements.

Michael Burwell and His New Role as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson

A bad leadership is what usually precludes the sustained success of any company. Fortunately, this is something that Willis Towers Watson is familiar with, which is probably the reason why it has decided to select a new Chief Financial Officer for its operations.



We all know that Willis Towers Watson is one of the globe’s leading global advisory agencies that are pushing the boundaries of what could be done in the brokerage and trading environments. The new choice of the company is Michael “Mike” J Burwell, who will replace the current Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay. Millay has voluntarily retired from the company last October 2, 2017.


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The Experience and Expertise



It is fascinating, and probably reassuring for Willis Towers Watson, to know that the new Chief Financial Officer they now have has at least 31 years of experience and expertise in the world of finance, with his professional services ranging from handling big companies’ portfolio and the assets of a multifarious series of investment brokers.



In 1977 Michael joined a partnership starting out as a transactional service at the PwC at the Detroit Brach. Burwell later on had served a senior leadership position for the last decade is also an added factor why he’s the most leading candidate for the position. It’s also public knowledge that Burwell is the Head of Global Transformation of a company once and used to be a COO and Chief Financial Officer for the United States government, which are also added factors why he could offer Willis Towers Watson the acumen that it requires from its operations head.




CEO of Willis Towers Watson’s Acknowledgment



Asked for a response about the new appointment, the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, shared that to have Michael Burwell to join their leadership team is one of the most important and transformative decisions that the company has managed to make. There’s not that many decisions that could transform the future of a company, and this one right here, according to John, could belong to the category of decisions that will direct the company’s rightly deserved position in the future.



Another thing that could be said about the new position of Mr. Mike Burwell is the fact that Willis Towers Watson would be one of the most challenging companies he will be serving today, mainly because it has already built one of the most recognized and established global advisory companies that have been helping people manage risks in order to use these risks as opportunities for growth.

Michael Burwell Gets Top Position in Global Company

The finance world is highly competitive. The sector has been growing over the years, and people who have chosen to invest their time and careers in the department have turned out to be extremely successful. Companies take their time when hiring their finance officials. This is because these individuals play a critical role in the success of the company. Bringing the wrong people to work in this department can prove to be a great challenge to the management of an institution. However, if the right individuals have been appointed for positions in the department, then an organization can get ready to become more successful in the complicated markets. Some of the most successful companies that are available in the market have decided to hire individuals who are qualified and experienced for positions in finance. Those who have chosen to hire ordinary people end up with fraud cases and other financial problems.


Willis Towers Watson is an international insurance company that is very popular in the global market. The financial department that is available at an insurance company is one of the things that play a leading role in the success of the company. Willis Towers Watson understands this secret too well, and this is why it has chosen to employ the right individuals to head the finance department. The company has been experiencing success over the years because of the individuals who are working in this crucial section of the company.


When the chief financial officer working at Willis Towers Watson announced that he was going to resign and look for greener pastures, the international company had to look for a professional who was qualified enough to replace him. The company had been performing well under the leadership of the former chief financial officer, and they were looking for another professional who would fit in the shoes of the businessman. Visit This Page for related information.


After a long and tiring search, Willis Towers top management selected Michael Burwell to become the new chief financial officer of the large company. Michael Burwell is an authoritative figure when it comes to the finance section. This businessman has worked in various capacities in the last thirty years, and he has acquired a lot of skills in finance.


Previously connected with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he also spent several years in transaction and advisory roles, and that which will be something similar to what he will be doing at Willis Towers Watson. Michael Burwell understands how to successfully run the operations of an international company, and this is why he has been given the challenging job. While speaking to the press, the investor has expressed his joy, and he is looking forward to operating with other leaders for a positive change in the company.


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Michael Burwell: A Certain Success

With beginnings tracing back to the 19th century, Willis Towers Watson the world-renowned problem-solving insurance and reinsurance broking specialist has helped creative minds make the most of their assets. Michael Burwell, a Michigan State University Graduate, former CFO and later COO of Pricewater House Coopers LLP (aka PwC) has taken on the prestigious role of CFO for Willis Towers Watson. Appreciation for diversity is weaved within the fabric of the company. Tens of thousands of their workers are providing services in over 140 countries.


Global Cohesion


Mr. Burwell, who appreciates Willis Towers Watson’s mission, notes their: “strength of leadership, commitment to clients and collaborative and inclusive culture.” Their global aptitude for business is the perfect fit to complement his previous achievement as Head of Global Transformation. His history speaks to the exemplary leadership demonstrated over decades of business-related endeavors. Expertise in financial aspects, more than 12 years of holding Transactional advisory roles, and title as Head of Transactions ensure his entry into any new position a warm and welcoming experience. View More Information Here.



A CFO Sees Potential


John Haley CFO of Willis Towers Watson spoke of the excitement surrounding their newest arrival, Michael Burwell. Confidence in Michael Burwell’s management skills, his keen focus on clientele, and implemented financial acumen were among the many reasons why Mr. Burwell would better their company’s dynamic. His proven track record of 31 years at one company allows other powerful businessmen assurance that unmistakable diligence to the tasks he is given will not waver. Reliable, dedicated and exhibiting a strong work ethic equate to low-risk high reward. And in business terms, certainty means successful results.


Divide and Conquer


Organizational skills are required in various aspects of finance. Michael Burwell has applied his senior leadership acuity by invoking positive change by supervising Global Strategic Sourcing and ensuring effective organization standards were utilized. Versatility in the hectic environment of industry and commerce is a welcome commodity. Mr. Burwell isn’t confined to excelling in just one role. With Burwell’s willingness to “wear different hats,” companies that require their employees to fulfill a variety of needs can trust him to address their diverse needs. When businesses strive to reach their goals, Michael Burwell strives right along with them. And that’s something the business industry can bank on! See Also:

Michael Burwell and Financial Services Leadership

Willis Towers Watson is a massive international company that specializes in all subjects that pertain to broking and advisory options. It’s just told the world that Michael J. Burwell is the latest addition to its illustrious leadership crew. Mike Burwell is the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Roger Millay in the past had his position. He made the decision to exit it for retirement purposes. Millay’s time with Willis Towers Watson ended in the fall of 2017.


Burwell is a qualified professional who has every reason in the world to be steering the ship at Willis Towers Watson. He’s been involved in professional services and finance matters for at least 31 years now. He used to work for PwC or “PricewaterhouseCoopers.” He was a priceless senior leader for the company in many ways. He was a big part of transaction services, global transformation and many related and relevant topics. Burwell was part of transaction services and auditing for 12 and 11 years respectively. He’s a professional who knows exactly how to assist businesses that need help that relates to valuation and due diligence. Businesses that are on the verge of taking on mergers often got a lot out of Burwell’s savvy.


Burwell is a capable CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who has accounting knowledge that is sharp and updated. He got his education at Michigan State University in the Midwest. He earned a Business Administration Bachelor of Arts degree from the sizable school. He’s thrilled to now be a part of the Willis Towers Watson crew. He indicated that he’s in awe of the capable leaders who represent the vast firm. He’s in awe of the firm’s world-class collaboration abilities, too. He wants to do a lot to make Willis Towers Watson even more impressive and adept. Click Here to learn more.


Burwell’s finance services ingenuity has been wowing people in the large field for a long time. People who have questions that involve mergers often make the decision to turn to him. People who have concerns that involve advisory concepts often make the choice to seek his guidance, too. He’s the kind of executive who is always keen to assist other people. He’s not greedy about his knowledge at all. The Willis Towers Watson team wants to make Burwell a true asset. It plans to use his expertise and background to go to a brand-new level. This professional is interested in advancement and a bright tomorrow.


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