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New York’s Youngest Chef Opens Restaurant

On Monday, teenage chef Flynn McGarry rolled out the first stage of his new restaurant Gem. McGarry has spent the past five years wowing New York City palates with a series of pop-up offerings. At the tender age of 19, he has finally launched his first permanent restaurant in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

McGarry found a love for cooking at an early age. As a toddler, his favorite activities were playing in his toy kitchen and dressing up as his favorite chefs for Halloween. The son of a professional photographer and a television executive, he grew up in Los Angeles. His parents encouraged his love of fine cuisine by building him an upscale kitchen in their home. At the age of 11, McGarry launched a supper club called Eureka, where he regaled family friends with sophisticated culinary creations. At age 16, McGarry took his popup concept to New York, offering tasting menus in different venues. He even spent some time working at Grant Achatz’s Aliena in Chicago and briefly apprenticed with Daniel Humm.

McGarry has become something of a cooking celebrity. His career has been closely followed by the New York Times, and he has appeared on talk shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Larry King Now. NBC even tried to make a comedy series based on his career, but the show was never picked up. His Instagram account has over 75,000 followers, and a documentary about his life recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

With his new restaurant, McGarry hopes to bring his unique twist to cuisine to a wider audience in New York. The restaurant is divided into two parts: The Living Room and The Dining Room. The Living Room serves cafe-style food like pastries and the Dining Room will feature a sit-down menu when it officially opens on February 27.

Proper Ways As A Thanksgiving Guest

When guests come to the house for Thanksgiving dinner, there are a few things that they should do while at the table and a few things that you should do as a host. One of the things that you want to do is to take a dish if you are a guest. You should take something even if the host tells you not to worry about bringing food. Even if it’s a simple pack of rolls or a pie, it shows that you’re thankful for being in the home with family and friends.


Show your thanks to the host by taking your food in a new dish that the host can keep. It’s suitable to take the food in a disposable container so that the host doesn’t have to wash dishes, but it’s a better idea to take what you prepare in a baking dish or bowl. If you have other plans that come up, don’t wait until the last minute to let the host know about them. Keep your plans with the host if something changes in the day or two before the holiday. The host has likely gone to a lot of work to prepare the meal for you, so the least that you could do is show up at the house and enjoy the company. If there’s a true emergency, then that’s different, but if you simply don’t want to go, then that could be a little on the hurtful side to the host.


NYC Restaurant Owner Pays the Price of Supporting Trump

The owner of a restaurant in the Queens Borough is learning a hard lesson about American politics. The owner of Corfu Grill, a Greek cuisine restaurant located in the Forest Hills district, had taken to social media to his diners about how much he supported New York billionaire Donald Trump.


As Election Day got closer, Georgios Aspiotis increased the rhetoric on Facebook and Instagram even as his diners voiced their displeasure. Aspiotis’ initial posts were misogynistic and inflammatory, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he posted a selfie from his polling station and included a comment about grabbing women by their genitals after the election.


That social media update proved to be very detrimental to Aspiotis’ business. Corfu Grill used to get decent reviews on; however, in light of the owner’s vulgar support of Donald Trump, diners have returned to Yelp with a vengeance. A flurry of one-star negative reviews are currently affecting the bottom line of Corfu’s Grill, and many diners are taking extra steps by going on social media and destroying the reputation of the restaurant.


Even though Trump is a New Yorker who lives in Manhattan, specifically in the most spectacular penthouse at Trump Plaza, the voting constituency across the five boroughs is made up of people who have a very negative opinion of the President elect. The few restaurant owners who support Trump in New York City are watching the controversy surrounding Corfu’s Grill and keeping their political views to themselves.


Pasta on Demand Set to Heat Up

Rather than take on the expense of setting up a brick-and-mortar restaurant, New York City chef Michael White and his Altamarea Group are combining with an offshoot of Uber to create a delivery service called Pasta on Demand. The scheduled start is set for October 17, with meals made at White’s restaurant, Ristorante Morini. That restaurant is located at 1167 Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side.


The service, which will only be available by downloading the UberEats app, will have a menu that’s obviously focused on pasta dishes. That specific category is one in which White has made his name since arriving in the city in 2002. Over that time, he’s opened a host of different Italian restaurants.


The home delivery approach is becoming more popular with both chefs and investors. The latter sees this segment of the restaurant industry as a growing brand that will only get bigger as people’s lives get busier. In such cases, the reluctance by consumers to either cook something from scratch or the desire to dine on restaurant-quality food without having to leave their home are seen as clear indications of the potential growth involved.


White has previously sampled this facet of the industry by shutting down what had been the site of his steakhouse, Costata. In its place, he used a portion of the kitchen from one of his other restaurants, Osteria Morini, to continue making the foods that were good enough to bring in an average of $2,500 every week from hungry diners.


The difference in that case is that diners have to make the effort to come get their food. In contrast, by working with UberEats, those same individuals only need to log onto their smartphone to take advantage of the convenience.


UberEats has had its ups and downs in the New York area, with their instant delivery that promised to deliver either a sandwich or salad within 10 minutes ending after just after a month. However, no such problems have cropped up with respect to the standard delivery of a wider variety of menu items.


New Street Vendors Will Be Taking Over New York City

Anyone who’s ever been a tourist in New York knows that one thing they have to try is food from a street vendor! It doesn’t matter what you’re consuming whether it’s tacos or sandwiches, it’s some of the best food out there. Street vendors, for the most part, are great people! They’re those who have a passion for food and just want to make good food and sell it to a variety of people.


What many tourists don’t know is what it takes to be a street vendor in New York. A person can’t just set up a truck or a cart on a city street and expect to make a living. There are all sorts of rules and regulations put into place. It’s also a very competitive market thanks to legislation set in place by New York. For over 30 years, only 3,000 food vendors were allowed to have a permit. It’s absolutely necessary to have a permit while operating a food truck. Those doing so without can face hefty fines and even jail time. It simply isn’t worth it to try and operate without one.


Due to the few permits available, New York City has developed a dark side of food vending. People would sell their permits to others for a huge fee. Sometimes people would dish out $25,000 just to be able to sell food on the streets! Hopefully, that’s all about to change. According to GrubStreet, the city council is working to double the amount of permits available. This is great news for vendors! More and more people will be able to pursue their dreams of being street vendors in New York.


The way this works is that over the next seven years, 600 new permits will be given out each year. These people will be picked from a wait list that currently has 2,500 people on it. Although this won’t make everyone happy, it’s definitely a start. This is also good news for New Yorkers and tourists. They will have more of a selection when it comes to finding something to eat!

Food Fans Pick The 12 Best Restaurants In New York City

New York City has a number of fabulous restaurants. A weekly power-ranking survey shows that there is a pretty even mix of old and new restaurants ranking pretty high. Some of the high rankings are justified by critics who have frequented the restaurant or by everyday people who really aren’t that picky but like good grub and good service.

Twelve restaurants made the list according to The metrics were based on food taste, service, ambiance, location, price and intangibles. The top 12 were as follows:

Eataly in downtown. It’s located near where the World Trade Centers formerly stood. The place has delicious panini, pizza and pasta. A real winner. Olmstead opened in early May. It has reasonably priced down home food. The chef is very good. Aska can be a bit on the pricey side, but they serve great cocktails. It’s a good place to go for snacks and hors d’oveurs. Paowalla in the SoHo area is stylish and serves great Indian cuisine. Faun is a great reasonably-priced Italian restaurant. Great Northern Food Hall is a great little spot in Grand Central Station. Great Scandinavian food.

The French restaurant Sauvage has Chicken pot au feu that will make you bite your fingers off. And a great wine list to boot. Le CouCou, another French experience has great regional favorites. Atoboy is a great Korean place that will more than fill you up for $36. Denino’s in Staten Island has Clam pizza that will knock your socks off. Ladybird is a small vegetarian restaurant with tasty food.

According to fans, you can’t go wrong with any of them. There are plenty more in the New York area to choose from.

New York Sees A Rise In Chick-fil-A Restaurants

Chick-fil-A is a popular chain restaurant. Its locations have been sprouting up all across the country and becoming more prevalent. This is because of how popular the locations that are open have been received. Chick-fil-A serves a variety of chicken entrees such as nuggets, sandwiches, strips, and more. They also have waffle fries, shakes, salads, and other sides. They are simple yet many people find them delicious and go out of their way to frequent these locations. There are some states that still don’t have a Chick-fil-A restaurant but the company is working to change that. It seems they have their eyes currently set on New York.

According to GrubStreet, Chick-fil-A will open their third location in just two weeks. They really are wasting no time in ensuring that all New Yorkers will have access to this fast food joint. Two locations are already just a few blocks away from each other in Manhattan. The next one will end up being in Elmhurst.

These Chick-fil-A restaurants aren’t all being well received. Some people do not like the crowds of people that come with them. New Chick-fil-A restaurants are notorious for drawing large crowds. This is because they offer deals to get new customers. They are notorious for offering the first 100 people in line, free chicken sandwiches for a year. People camp out for a long time to be one of the first! The new location in Elmhurst is sure to draw a large crowd like no other. That’s because this location is located in a mall and therefore people won’t have to worry about the elements when camping out. This is sure to bring more people than before.

This could be the start of a Chick-fil-A trend and even more may be popping up around New York! It all will depend on the success of these ones that are already opened. Even though they’ve faced some opposition, the mayor has warned people not to patronize the establishments, they’ve also received some warm welcomes. People are generally excited to see new restaurants pop up in New York. New Yorkers do love their options and they are sure to love how quick, easy, and tasty these Chick-fil-A restaurants. Those who win the free sandwiches for a year are sure to love it even more.