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From Salads To Fruit For The Grill

The summer season is a time when you can grill almost anything. When you grill, you need to have a side dish that pairs well with the meat. There are several options ranging from salads to fruits that can be grilled along with hamburgers or hot dogs so that everything is cooked at the same time.

Pineapple and watermelon are two fruits that go well on the grill. You don’t need to leave them on for a long time as they can easily burn because of the high water content in the fruits. Add a bit of sugar to the pineapple for a gentle caramelization. When you see light grill marks on each side, remove the fruits from the grill.

Create a fiesta salad with grilled corn cut from the cob, a bit of lime juice and red chili flakes. If you’re looking for a hearty salad, then use slices of red potatoes and green beans. Add a dressing made of vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. You can also include garlic and lemon juice to the salad for a zesty taste. It’s best to let this side dish sit in the refrigerator for a few hours so that all of the flavors can melt together. A beautiful vegetable that pairs well with almost any grilled meat is the pepper. Red peppers work best as you can get more flavor from them.