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Gristmill Opens in Park Slope

Less than a week ago, the city’s newest spot for pizza parties opened up in Park Slope. The menu is heavy on the gluten, with all its dishes made from a collection of 11 different wheat and corn flours made to order for the restaurant.

Founder Jake Novick-Finder is just 26 years old but has tons of industry experience under his belt. As a kid he apprenticed at Tribeca’s Chantrelle and then with French chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux. After that he ran his own chocolate business, worked at Union Square Cafe and Gramercy Tavern, and was the exclusive pastry chef at Ribelle in Boston. Now he’s returned to his home town to open a restaurant of his own. Dessert is Novick-Finder’s specialty, so be sure to leave room for an ice cream sundae.

The menu is pretty vegetable heavy, with only a few pizzas containing meat toppings. Novick-Finder includes unique ingredients to challenge your taste buds like pizzas with fennel and dandelion greens, cornbread with chili oil and crab meat, and pasta topped with “curds and whey.” You can also get old-school dishes that will make your meal a little less serious, like garlic knots, milkshakes, and slices of pie a la mode.

The restaurant has 46 seats, including ten at the bar and four at the chef’s table. You can also sit out on the enclosed backyard patio for intimate drinks and dessert. Check out Gristmill at 289 5th Avenue, near 1st Street.