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Pizza Delivery Driver Stabbed in Louisville, Still Completes Delivery Before Collapsing

A 19-year-old college student and pizza delivery driver made sure his pizza made it into the hands of its owners, even after being stabbed. According to police reports, Josh Lewis was delivering pizza for Spinelli’s Pizza in Louisville, Kentucky when he was approached by an assailant. The assailant demanded Lewis’ car keys.

Lewis, who luckily was delivering his pizza to the local hospital, stumbled inside. He completed the transaction then promptly collapsed in the emergency room. The wound tore through the teens muscles and collapsed his lung. He was transferred to The University of Louisville Hospital, a high level trauma center, shortly after his collapse. As of Wednesday he was listed in stable condition following surgery to repair internal damage.

The money will hopefully offset the medical bills and the travel expenses that were incurred. His family resides in Detroit and drove down to Kentucky to be with Lewis as he recovers from his injuries. STX Entertainment, who you can check out on their Wikipedia page noted that a GoFundMe page has also been created to support the victim.