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An Egg and Burger Breakfast Sandwich Makes Its Debut In NYC

According to a very interesting online article that I read a few minutes ago, a New York City restaurant named Hard Times Sundaes is now featuring a breakfast burger on its morning breakfast menu.

Situated at the mammoth UrbanSpace Vanderbilt food hall, Hard Times Sundaes is widely known for its bacon-wrapped hot dogs, freshly cooked burgers, egg creams, milk shakes, and more. The UrbanSpace Vanderbilt food hall features more than 20 food vendors and is located at Vanderbilt Ave. and 45th St., New York, NY.

This article mentions how the owner of the restaurant was frequently asked by customers to put eggs on top of their burgers. He says that he is a purist, however, believing that eggs should be for breakfast.

The owner of the restaurant says that his creation of two eggs, cheese, bacon and a four-ounce beef burger on a poppy-seed Kaiser roll is not a burger with an egg on it. He insists that it is actually an egg sandwich that has a burger on it.

When I first thought about eating one of these sandwiches, the thought didn’t seem particularly appealing. By the time I finished reading the article, however, the sandwich seemed to sound much more appetizing. I can’t help but wonder, though, if customers can choose to have the egg in the sandwich cooked either fried or scrambled.