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Mark Mofid: Plastic Surgeon

Mark Mofid is a doctor who has been certified by La Jolla, a plastic surgery, and San Diego board. They are plastic surgery boards dealing with plastic surgery and facial plastic & reconstructive surgery. In an interview,Mark Mofid talked about his recent development.

When he was asked about his clinic set up, he said that the location of their office is in La Jolla that is in the county of San Diego. In the clinic, his wife is a full dermatologist there and him being a plastic surgeon together with a nurse. The clinic has a Medicare accredited surgery that also provides laser services when required. In the clinic, several thousands of patients have visited yearly, where cosmetic dermatologic services and reconstructive plastic surgery are being offered.

The physicians are always interested in staffing, so Mark Mofid talked about their hiring process. When experience become overrated, and those front office employees the clinic had over the years had tremendous potential but they were a proverbial diamond that was in the rough. Currently, there are full-time front offices, two surgical technologists together with a nurse working full time. The office manager who has been practicing for 7 years, has provided a wonderful administration assistance and can be credited for having shaped the few generations. When they were hiring the front office, they used to typically fielded over 500 applicants in every position. It was a vigorous process where they could select 50 resumes through phone interviews. They checked how they were answering the phone. They then met at least 20 of the applicants so that they could select the ideal fit. They looked those willing to commit their life like 2 to 4 years and learn everything that is in dermatology and plastic surgery field and has the inspiration.

It is after the promised 2 to 4 years where Mark Mofid help them get better jobs paths in the field industry. They have some of the past staff in the front office having their best career in larger corporate entities that provide plastic surgery or dermatology services. They even become office managers, nurse practitioners or nurses.

InnovaCare Health Works To Help Patients


Headed up by Rick Shinto, InnovaCare Health knows what they need to do to help other people with the issues they’re having while getting the healthcare they need. InnovaCare Health works with Medicare to help people determine the options they have. They also do what they can to give back to the communities they are a part of. When InnovaCare Health works with patients, they do it so they can help them through the difficult process of understanding Medicare. They make a point of giving people the options they need to continue getting health care treatment no matter what issues they’re facing.


When InnovaCare Health joined forces with other health care solution companies, they learned about the new initiatives to help reform the costs of care. They did this so people wouldn’t need to worry about all the issues they had and so they could make things easier on everyone who was trying to get more from the health options available to them. It made things easier for InnovaCare Health to give people the chance at a better future. It also made it so they wouldn’t need to worry about all the issues that come from not being able to pay their health care bills.


Instead of just focusing on the patient part of giving back to the community, InnovaCare Health focused on helping others with the issues they had. They wanted to team up with the providers, so they could make the most out of all the healthcare options they were offering. They also wanted people to realize there were things that would help them make more from the healthcare options they had. It was their way of providing people with all the things that helped them grow in business. Even if they weren’t doing things right, InnovaCare Health felt they could move forward to try doing things right. View More Information Here.


As long as InnovaCare Health continues helping patients through health care options, they know they’re doing their job right. They also know it is important for the patients to feel as though they have options. When Medicare recipients partner up with InnovaCare Health, can get more from their insurance. They make all the right calls and help those who need insurance get all the best healthcare treatments available. The industry works to provide people with a chance to enjoy all the benefits that come from using InnovaCare Health for better health.



Penelope Kokkinides And InnovaCare Health Work

Penelope Kokkinides is an efficient individual who also happens to be the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of a Fort Lee, New Jersey business that’s referred to as InnovaCare Health. Richard Shinto is the man who is behind the creation of the firm. InnovaCare is perpetually expanding.


Kokkinides returned to the firm in the summer of 2015 after a little bit of time away from it. She used to work as InnovaCare Health’s Chief Operating Officer. That’s not all, either. She even was its Clinical Operations Vice President for some time. She’s been working in the medical care field for over two decades. She concentrates on programs that are set up by the government in the United States. Medicaid and Medicare are the two she puts her time into all the time. She delves into all aspects that involve the managed care world.


Penelope Kokkinides had a position with Centerlight Healthcare before. She was the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President. She was the one who took care of its in-depth managed care sector. She handled all kinds of strategic guidance matters and basic management duties. Other big names she worked for are AmeriChoice and Touchstone Health Services. AmeriChoice is the UnitedHealth Group’s business branch. This professional was a big part of coming up with and putting together medical care models for AmeriChoice.


Kokkinides is a Binghamton University alumnus who learned a lot about classical languages and even biological sciences while in attendance. Those were her major topics. She’s equipped with a bachelor’s degree from the institution. She, after that, made the choice to go to New York, New York to work on her master’s degree. She signed up at New York University to study everything there is to know about social work. Penelope Kokkinides even decided to take the Ivy League path after that. She enrolled at the School of Public Health at Columbia University in the Big Apple. She studied public health and has a master’s degree in the essential subject.


This talented person has an existence that’s rather unpredictable. She frequently travels. People she knows, because of that, often are unable to guess where she may be at any given time. She doesn’t have a problem being inside of airplanes, though. She considers flying to be a serene and calming experience of sorts. Kokkinides adores technology in all of its forms. She loves that it lets people reach out to others. It gives her a feeling of gratitude.



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Dr. Richard Shinto: Innovative New Leader Of InnovaCare Health Inc

Dr. Richard Shinto is the president and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. His innovative leadership has helped to make the company a leader in providing the highest quality health care to patients across North America. The company is also a model in healthcare leadership because of the ingenious method they use to ensure their patients using a variety of healthcare plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, have access to cutting-edge medical treatment at the hands of highly-skilled, experienced medical professionals. Dr. Shinto’s unique approach to healthcare is part of the reason for the company’s success.


Ensuring all patients enjoy great treatment outcomes and a better quality of life is Dr. Shinto’s goal for InnovaCare Health Inc. This is a perspective he has developed in his over 20 years’ experience in clinical and operational healthcare. His goal is a balance between quality care and efficiency and that is exactly what he has brought to

Innovacare Health. Under his leadership patients receive excellent healthcare delivered by some of the nation’s leading healthcare professionals and paid for using innovative insurance support.


Prior to taking over at InnovaCare Health, Dr. Richard Shinto was Aveta Inc. president and CEO. His ability to mesh the company’s goals of providing excellent patients care with the implementation of a profitable, sustainable business model led Ernst & Young to name Dr. Shinto Entrepreneur Of The Year. Dr. Shinto was also NAMM California’s Chief Medical Officer and served as Medical Pathways Management Company’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer. He also served as MedPartners Corporate Vice President of Medical Management from 1996-1997. Dr. Shinto then left to take the position as Orange Country, California based Cal Optima Health Plan’s Chief Medical Officer.


Dr. Shinto has a Bachelor of Science degree from UC Irvine and an MBA from University of Redlands and graduated from Stony Brook College of the State University of New York with his medical degree. Dr. Shinto was trained as a pulmonologist and an internist and practiced medicine in Southern California for many years. An author, Rick Shinto has written extensively on clinical medicine as well as healthcare and healthcare management. When he took over at InnovaCare, Inc., Dr. Shinto brought a unique vision of how healthcare could be transformed as well as the knowledge, experience and ability necessary to do it. Go Here for related Information.


His work with PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare, InnovaCare’s subsidiaries in Puerto Rico, has been outstanding.



Dr. Villanueva MB2 Dental Professional

Who Is Dr. Villanueva

Do you hesitate to visit a dentist because your expelled with the myth that most treatment hurts and it can be very expensive? Many advances in dental technology has made it possible to improve your smile for far less than competitor networks and less recovery times says, MB2 Dental professional, Dr. Chris Villanueva. Early dentistry is one way to avoid huge future dental costs and protect your smile. He offers his patients personalized care centered around their unique need for dental work. Their spa dental environment will help you relax on every visit.


How MB2 Dental Can Help Your Smile

MB2 Dental is a licensed and bonded professional dentistry practice. They help their patients understand the importance of taking care of the only smile you’ll ever have in your lifetime. Their friendly technicians will work diligently to ensure your personalized care and input into your dental therapy. Your children should see a pediatric dentist as soon as they show signs of getting their first teeth. You can familiarize your child with a dental experience early, but MB2 Dental is careful to cater to cowards of all ages.


MB2 Dental Care Services

affordable dental x-rays

– most insurance is accepted

– orthodontist referral

– specialty dentistry

– emergency services

– friendly dental professionals

– teeth whitening

– braces clear/traditional

– jaw realignment

– Veneers

– teeth correction

– braces clear/traditional

– spa dental

– several locations to choose

– most insurance accepted

– and much more…


Get the emergency dental services you need regardless of limited resources with MB2. You pay for the treat you need over time. No patient is ever turned away at their experienced team of dental professionals, and

If you’re a first-timer, you encouraged to visit their office and learn more about their equipment meet Dr Villanueva. They teach your child how to properly brush their teeth and why it’s important. Getting your confidence back with your smile has never been easier and cost less. They offer their current patients day, afternoon, and evening appointments. They’re there for you that first awkward moment you decide to get dental work. Thousands of people are opting to maintain their smile in an appearance driven society. You’re invited to get a no risk free consultation to learn about the options available at MB2 Dental for your smile.

Imran Haque is Helping Diabetes Patients

Over nine percent of the American populations are suffering from diabetes. According to a recent survey, more than twenty-nine people are currently living with this condition. This number has risen in the recent times due to the poor eating habits practiced by most people. The sedentary lifestyles have also played a role in this figure. Diabetes is a common condition that affects the ability of the body to produce the insulin hormone. For human beings to use sugar as a source of energy in the body, they must use insulin. People living with the condition experience high levels of glucose in their blood and urine because there is an abnormal consistency of carbs in the body. There are three types of diabetes.

Although the disease is not easy to treat, patients can manage it and live a healthy life just like everyone else. Regardless of the type of diabetes, it is important for a patient to get medical attention when they realise that they are suffering from the condition. Many medical professionals in the healthcare industry promise to offer the medical attention needed by diabetic patients. However, some of these physicians are not well qualified for the job, and they end up mismanaging the patients. Imran Haque is one of the individuals you should consult when suffering from diabetes.

In his successful career, Dr. Imran Haque has assisted so many diabetic patients. Most of his patients have successfully overcome the effects of this dangerous disease. Haque is very experienced and also highly reputable medical professional. At the moment, Imran is working as a licensed internist at one of the best hospitals in the world. Since childhood, Imran wanted to change the lives of people who are living with different medical conditions. Haque has assisted very many patients. When he cannot handle a problem, the medical professional refers patients to the right professionals so that they can get help.


How to become a USHEALTH Advisor Agent

USHEALTH Advisors is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States at the moment. The institution is known to many as the marketing branch of the prestigious USHEALTH Group. The USHEALTH Advisors mostly focuses on marketing the products and services from the institution. The goods and services sold by the institution are affordable to the middle-class individuals.


The USHEALTH Group offers clients a variety of insurance plans. The institution has served the American market for a long time, and it understands that the people who need the medical covers are those in the middle class. However, most of the insurance companies offer costly plans that cannot be afforded by the self-employed people and their families. Small business owners and their employees cannot afford the plans provided by some companies in the market.


USHEALTH Advisors has a team of experts who know how to select their customers. According to the portfolio of the marketing institution, their target markets are the Americans who are self-employed, the small business owners and their dependent and any other American who wishes to get affordable covers. The marketing agents understand the healthcare market because they have been there for the last thirty-five years. The products and services provided cater for the growing demands of the modern consumer.


Becoming a marketing agent for the institution is very easy. These individuals are responsible for selling the products and services of the company. First of all, the candidate must be well educated and experienced so that they take the institution to the other level. With the right qualifications, the candidate is given adequate training so that they do not make costly mistakes. The candidate must understand the market before they can start working.


The USHEALTH Group knows that the marketing agents need a good compensation so that they can sustain their families. These professionals are offered several benefits so that they can live a good and happy life like other people in the society. The management of the company has several ways of making sure that the marketing agents remain motivated so that they do not lose focus in their work.

The Achievements of Troy McQuagge

US HEALTH Group is one of the leading insurance companies in North America. The company offers some of the best life insurance, end renal illness insurance, accident insurance and health insurance to entrepreneurs, small companies and their workers and families. Today, the company that has been around for more than half a century is privileged to have served more than 15 million customers.



To be able to reach a wide market, the company operates through subsidiaries. Their agents are wholly-owned subsidiaries that have the same mission as US HEALTH. These subsidiaries are known as US HEALTH Advisors.



US HEALTH has made the lives of many North Americans easy. They aim at providing customers with innovative insurance packages that fit within their budgets. The company knows that each customer is different and have varying preferences and work with varying budgets. Therefore, the company strives to tailor products so that their customers get the optimum benefits for every dollar they pay.



Thanks to the excellent customer service provision, the company acquired an A+ rating from the BBB Accreditation company. This means that the company excels in responding to customer complaints. Also, it reflects a high level of confidence and trustworthiness in the business. Additionally, the company was marked as one of the top 50 North American Call Center in the year 2013. This means that their clients get quick services and as a result, their claims are speedily processed.



Behind all the success of the US HEALTH Group is strategic leadership by Troy McQuagge. He is the CEO of US HEALTH Group and has been in that position since the year 2014, when the board of directors agreed to have him named as the CEO. Since his appointment to this position, he has proven that he was indeed the best man for the job.



Troy McQuagge was born and raised in Florida. He also studied in Florida, attending the Central University of Florida, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in the year 1983. His education background prepared him for the real life work experiences that he was bound to have.



As a fresh graduate, McQuagge was very persistent is searching for a job. He was lucky to acquire a job, the same year he graduated from College. His first job was at Allstate Insurance Company. At Allstate Insurance Company, he worked really hard and was soon gaining recognition. So, two years later, he was admitted to the Student’s unit of United Insurance Companies.



At UICI, he became one of the best performing employees and within two years, he was already being considered for executive positions. In the year 1997, Troy McQuagge was promoted to the President of UGA, which an agency of the United Insurance Companies. As is his legacy, Troy McQuagge continued to out-perform those in his level and beyond. Each year, he would rank as one of the best performing employees, having recorded huge sales and revenues for the year.



Troy McQuagge was with UICI for a decade. BY the time the company was being sold, Troy McQuagge had managed to raise the revenues from $250 to over $1 billion. Also, he had managed to raise the shares of the company by over $50 dollars per share.



In the year 2006, the company was bought by private investors. However, due to his excellent performance, the private investors decided to retain him. At that point, he was made the sales manager of all company sales made by the Heath Markets Group. However, his work was so impressive that the investors decided to name him the president of the overall company and that was where things began to really change.



His time with Health Markets Group was one that the investors would not regret. They had indeed entrusted the running of their company to the best there is in the industry. He had managed to achieve annual revenue of over $1 billion, making the company one of the fastest growing in the area. Also, due to his excellent leadership, the company was honored with the Sales of the Year Award, from the Stevie Awards and the Selling Power Magazine. These are just some of the highlights for the things that Troy McQuagge achieved as the President of HM.



After being with HM for four years, McQuagge left to join the US HEALTH Group. His education and career background played a very huge role in landing him the job at US HEALTH Group. And, working for US HEALTH would see him at the peak of his career. At US HEALTH, McQuagge continued to reflect the same outstanding performance and he would receive one promotion after another. Besides, since he joined the company, the profits has increased year in year out and the share price had increased with over 1000%.



Therefore, three years into his job at US HEALTH Group, McQuagge was appointed to work as the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. This was followed by another promotion in the year 2014. That was when the board of directors named him the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company.



Troy McQuagge’s achievements have not only been recognized by his employers, but by the whole industry. As a result, he has been honored with several awards, including a gold award from the CEO World Awards. Also, he was honored by Sales Growth Achievement of the Year Award.


USHEALTH Group Makes Insurance Count

Health insurance is so important for so many people and families. The idea that USHEALTH Group PPO is able to provide people with exactly what they need is something that the company has consistently relied on and something that they always work with so that they will be able to make things easier for all of their clients. They know what they can do and they also know that they are able to help more people out with the issues that they are having since they are so good at the help that they are providing. It is something that has given people the chance to experience more and something that has allowed them the chance to show others what they can get from their own experiences no matter what is going on or what they are doing in their own businesses so that they can help even more people out with the issues that they have.


Even when health insurance started to change, USHEALTH Group was prepared. They did not let the Affordable Care Act make them slip up and they knew that they would be able to show others what they were doing and the right opportunities that they had to be successful since they had made their business better than what it was in the past. This is how the company was able to be successful and how they were able to make things easier on the people who were working with the company.


As things have gotten easier for the company, people have learned more about the opportunities that they have. They have also learned that things will continue to get better no matter what is going on so that they can show people the options that they have for success. The USHEALTH Group company knows what they are doing and they know that they can help as many people as possible get the opportunities that they need to be healthy and stay successful with all of the various health goals that they have in their own lives.


The idea behind the USHEALTH Group is that they are an insurance company that cares about their customers. Not only do they appreciate the money that they get from them because it helps them profit more but they also appreciate their customers as people because they know that they are doing the most to help them. They just want to see people be successful and will stop at nothing to get to that point with the customers that they have in the insurance world as they are trying to learn more and do more with them so that they will be as successful and healthy as they can be.

Dr. Imran Haque Takes Care of Your Fitness

As time advances, the people’s practices also change. With the change in most of the world’s trends, many people have adopted poor living styles that adversely affect their health. As much as such lifestyles may ease the convenience of an everyday American, it is important to get cautioned about the chronic diseases that come about as a result. Such conditions like obesity and diabetes are quite common not just in America but the entire world. Specialists like Imran Haque have risen to the occasion and are helping people contain such ailments. He is celebrated as among the prominent internists in Carolina where he provides medical solutions to his patients.

Imran as the Best for North Carolina

Imran Haque is devoted to improving the lives of the people of Ramseur and Asheboro where he has served for over fifteen years. Over the years, Dr. Imran Haque has honed his skills and helped many people from across North Carolina. His primary areas are diagnosis and prescription of treatment for chronic conditions and cross system acute illnesses. These are diseases known to affect multiple major body organs, especially among adults. In some special cases, Imran Haque refers some of his patients to other specialties for specialized treatment. His excellent service extends to other cases like weight management, revitalizing the skin through 360 resurfacing, Venus body contouring among others.

An Overview of Dr. Imran Haque’s Education Background

The good doctor is highly educated, having taken his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina. After attaining that he went on to train as an internal doctor from the University of Virginia under the internal medicine Roanoke-Salem program. Even after graduating with honors, Imran did not stop at that. He further enrolled for hospital residency training at Carilion Health System. His level of education qualifies him, and in fact, he is a certified internal doctor legally running his facility in North Carolina. Dr. Imran Haque does more than just attending to his patients. He cooperates with other physicians in the industry, something that has exposed him a trustworthy professional. Everyone who visits Imran’s facility leaves with a testimony not just about his proficiency but also about his heart of gold.


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