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A Closer look at Drew Madden

Drew Madden is currently a Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. This is a position in which Drew Madden has essentially held for just a couple of months. Evergreen Partners provides Healthcare IT Services to a variety of clientele on a national level.

Previously, Drew Madden held a position as President of Nordic Consulting Partners. Nordic Partners specializes in providing recruiting as well as consulting services to a variety of high net worth business clients. To date, Nordic Partners has close to 300 clients on a national level. This is a position that Drew Madden held for approximately five years.

Drew Madden was first hired by Nordic Consulting as a Vice President of Operations back in 2010. Due to his exceptional ambition and drive, Madden quickly became President of Operations at Nordic Consulting. Drew Madden had a great deal of responsibility on a daily basis including maintaining existing clientele. In addition, Mr. Madden was responsible for business development and new account management.

Drew Madden also held a position as Sales Director for an organization called Ingenix Consulting. Madden was responsible for developing new sales accounts. In addition, Madden was required to maintaining an existing client base. Drew Madden did excel quickly during his tenure with Ingenix Consulting. However, he decided to explore other interests and business opportunities.

Drew Madden graduated from the University of Iowa. Madden earned an BSE degree in Industrial Engineering while at the University. Drew Madden did graduate within the top of his engineering class which he considered quite an accomplishment.

Madden has a number of certifications at present. Drew Madden holds certification in Epic In-patient Medication Orders. In addition, he also holds certification in Epic In-patient procedure orders. Drew Madden has also received a number of endorsements by former colleagues at Nordic Consulting Partners.