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Sussex Healthcare Services

Sussex Healthcare is a medical institution that is based on the southern coast of England. It primarily deals with the provision of care to the older adults as well as other individuals who require specialized care. Sussex Healthcare has been in this service for about 25 years. The organization boasts of success over the extended period that it has been operational. What mainly gives Sussex Healthcare a feeling of satisfaction is the number of people that they have positively impacted since they started their operations in 1985.

Companies thrive through the input of their employees. Sussex Healthcare has a large number of dedicated staff who always put the client’s interest first. Their leaders have also been exceptional in managing the organization. This organization has two joint chairmen, Mr. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. What makes the two leaders exceptional is the complementary skills that they bring in the management of the organization. Mr. Boghani is an experienced manager who has been in the hotel business for an extensive period. Mr. Sachedina, on the other hand, is a trained dental surgeon. He is, therefore, well versed in the requirements of a healthcare facility. The two leaders have played a prominent role in making Sussex Healthcare the successful organization that they are today.


At the start, they had only one facility. Today, Sussex Healthcare has over 20 facilities that operate under their name. They also provide day care services. Their gym is built using the modern technology to give their clients the ultimate workout that they desire. Sussex Healthcare provides facilities where older people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia can recover in. They also tend for young people who are suffering from related neurological complications and cognitive problems.

The management of the organization is ever committed to giving the best service. They are continually educated and trained to ensure that they are up to date with the current regulatory requirements in looking after the elderly. Sussex Healthcare is home to numerous individuals, and the staff is always determined to make it the best place to live.

In these facilities, it’s not all about medical treatments. Sussex Healthcare believes that an all rounded approach in caring for their patients is key to hastening their recovery. They have, therefore, made it possible for their patients to access recreational and leisure facilities. The aim of providing the facilities is to ensure that these people will continue leading their normal lives as before. Sussex Healthcare also understands that the diet is very crucial in aiding recovery. They have, thus, hired experienced chefs who make balanced diets for their residents at all times.

Patch Troffer Taking Marlow and Sons Into the Healthier Zone

Since it opened in the trendy Williamsburg area in 2004, Marlow and Sons has generally adhered to changing its menu on a daily basis, while focusing almost exclusively on outstanding taste, regardless of the caloric intake that’s involved. However, Andrew Tarlow’s establishment is forging new territory after the hiring of chef Patch Troffer, whose training ground of the Bay Area has made him more aware of the value of combining taste with good health.

Marlow has been known for its legendary brick chicken, with potato tortilla also a favorite. While Troffer is keeping those money-makers around, he’s also been given a blank canvas by Tarlow to develop foods that might be something as simple as skinned chicken that offers a new level of crispness.

This being New York, the vibe has to be one that exudes a hearty meal. Yet Troffer seeks to find a middle ground between one where the amount of food on a plate doesn’t overwhelm a diner and one where they don’t feel cheated on their portions.

Some of what Marlow and Sons will be offering through Troffer include bottarga toast that’s undergone some deep thought. This is evident by the fact that the restaurant is using a dairy kafir that evolves from sour cream into cultured butter. Performing this task helps eradicate the lactose inside the cream and turning it into lactic acid.

Of course, dairy-based items only scratch the surface of the different nuances in evidence. Broccoli that’s fried and breaded with rice flour and chickpea might not sound completely healthy, yet Troffer merges it with mushroom broth and sauerkraut in place of fatty mayonaise. Chicory salad, butter beans that have been braised also share space on the menu with lamb and bread stew, making this a place that’s looking to break new ground.

Targeting the Healthcare Consumer Through IT

As healthcare services become consumer-centered, retailers and online companies are repositioning themselves. Recent reports of Amazon entering the pharmaceutical field and CVS exploring insurance options in partnership with Aetna give a hint about the battles soon facing the healthcare industry. While the giants battle it out, what can healthcare recipients expect from smaller providers, pharmacies and hospitals?


The short answer to that question is that healthcare consumers can expect to see their services improve through streamlined healthcare technology. The longer answer requires an examination of Amazon’s workflow and meteoric rise.


Tech entrepreneurs and global economists understand that Amazon achieved its influence across markets thanks to technology, specifically the internet and cloud services. Ordering online was easy and delivery became highly precise and efficient. Amazon created a model for tech-based industries everywhere.


Health technology entrepreneurs like Drew Madden worked to streamline healthcare efficiency for over a decade and have learned from Amazon’s example. Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector.


In 2010, Madden was hired by Nordic Consulting Partners and was made to be its president as from 2011 to 2016. Nordic is ranked as one of leading EPIC consultation firms. KLAS has offered it a couple of awards for the outstanding guidance that it gives to clients. The company managed to be ranked as the top provider of Epic implementation.


Madden grew Nordic Consulting Partners from a $1,000,000 company to a $130,000,000 company by leveraging integrated software technologies that facilitated communication across silos. Employing secure cloud-based technologies, Drew Madden helped develop information-sharing networks that allowed health care providers to improve patient care. Madden also turned the screens toward patients so that they could manage their own health care if they chose to do so.


While Amazon was building warehouses and experimenting with drones, and while Madsen developed healthcare information technology, CVS Pharmacies grew its retail footprint and began offering in-store consultations and minute health clinics in its brick-and-mortar locations. Now that Amazon is moving into the healthcare field, CVS is feeling some heat. Competition is expected to be steep, and CVS needs to retain its customer base. Get Additional Information Here.


The upcoming health care battle between Amazon, CVS and smaller providers will take place with technology. Healthcare consumers will choose their providers based on an exchange of information and reliable services. Consumers can walk into CVS, navigate the healthcare insurance system with an in-person specialist and receive care. None of this could be achieved without secure cloud communication between multiple parties, a service at which Amazon excels.

Drew Madden Sees CVS And Amazon As Expanding The Health Care Industry

CVS and Amazon might be mortal enemies with each other at the moment, but that does not mean that each is not contributing to the success of the health care industry in some way. Instead, their recent fights might actually help everyone at the end of the day.


One person who has been eyeing this relationship very closely is Drew Madden.  Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry.  He has a long history working in the healthcare IT industry. Drew Madden is a successful entrepreneur who has specialized in dealing with healthcare IT. He always looks for new ways to make healthcare information technology more customer-friendly and helpful to the process of delivering healthcare services in general.


Amazon and CVS going at it could actually help to produce larger gains in healthcare information technology than perhaps anything else that has happened lately. Amazon is already a technology company of course, and CVS is having to respond to their advances with their own moves.


CVS has responded to Amazon possibly coming into their market by purchasing Aetna. They wanted to diversify their holdings and help themselves create a better standing in the healthcare industry. Meanwhile, Amazon has only threatened to join in the pharmaceutical game. They have sought licenses to sell pharma products in a number of states, but that is not a guarantee that they will join in that market.


Amazon frequently tests the waters when it comes to different industries. They have the capital to spread their wings into just about anything at all that they might want to. They like to test the waters for the different projects that they are considering getting into. View More Information Here.


Other players in the industry including Walgreens and Rite Aid will have to figure out how they are going to respond to the possible entry by Amazon. It is not easy to adapt to one of the most respected companies in the world getting involved in something that you have been dominant in for the entire existence of your company. Unfortunately, that is what these companies will have to do if they want to remain relevant in the field that they are in at the moment.


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