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Beneful: A Big Brand With Big Benefits

In 2001 Nestle Purina Petcare introduced their Beneful brand of wet and dry dog food, and dog treats. By 2012 Beneful became the fourth most popular dog food brand with $1.5 billion in revenues, and for good reason. As the name suggests, Beneful is aimed at nutrition and the name means “full of goodness.” The products use real meat as a main ingredient with a side of veggies and no added sugar.

As part of the expansion of nutritious products, Beneful released the Beneful Healthy Harvest line of dog food in 2005 with soy as the main protein instead of meat. They also recently released grain free dog food to their ever expanding and innovative lineup. These products add to a total of eight varieties of Beneful dry dog food, 20 wet dog food options, and 10 types of treats to choose from. These products include options for all sizes and shapes of dogs, in all phases of life. You can choose food for small or large dogs, puppies or seniors, and even special diet brands for the pooch who needs weight control for better health.

Beneful goes the extra mile to benefit dogs by tweaking their formula in order to continue to ensure the health and well-being of their furry consumers. They also hold high quality dog food and safety standards, and include 30,000 quality checks in every 24 hour production period to make sure every product that leaves the door will enrich dogs’ lives.

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Premium Dog Foods Offering Unique Products

The fight for sales in the $11 billion premium dog food market is spiking and brands are trying to innovate in a variety of different ways. Namely, these brands are counting on customers being increasingly concerned with the health and wellness of their pets, much as many people are increasingly interested in their own health. Their offerings are commonly unique and try to meet various market niches. Some brands are engineering diets that bring dogs back to their roots with raw meats mixed with probiotic foods, as is offered by the Vital Raw line and seek to better embody the eating habits of dogs during the time period during which they first evolved. This hearkens back to the paleo diet that many people are going after and many feel as if these diets are healthier and more natural than the higher processed foods. Other brands are going for the more natural route and using fresh beef and chicken without preservatives as market pioneer Freshpet is doing. Their sales have recently climbed to over $100 million but many are doubtful of their long-term success as these products are significantly more expensive than alternatives, even in the premium dog food market. With 15,000 refrigerators this represents a large capital outlay though Freshpet is anticipating profit in 2016. Dog food behemoth, Beneful, owned by Nestle, has joined the market with a unique website that allows dog owners to choose their own blends of dog food that can be special designed for their own pet. Each pet in a family can even have their own blend of dog food which is particularly useful for dog owners with different breed dogs with completely different nutritional needs and tastes. Beneful isn’t stopping there, however, and is making specialty dog foods that are designed to provide pet owners with elderly dogs food that is easier to digest and therefore less intrusive for them than normal pet foods. These Beneful foods have triglycerides with fat from coconut oil that is easier for elderly dogs to process and digest. As you have seen there are a wide range of premium dog food options available for dog owners that are different and unique ways to provide your dog with high quality foods.