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How Imran Haque has made his Career an Opportunity to Serve the Community

Imran is a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine. Imran holds a degree from the University of Iberoamerican Santo Domingo and a master degree from Virginia University. He has a license to practice in North Carolina and a member of the Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro in North Carolina. He has a high level of expertise given he has been practicing for over 15 years and gaining the ability to treat various diseases. Even as a student he had the belief that every should receive quality care and this was his guide. Imran  Haque treats his patients diligently and believes in having a good relationship with each patient. That will enhance the treatment process as this makes the patients more open to him.

As a young student, Imran Haque noticed a gap in his community and sought to bring internal medicine to his community. He further asserts that for you to bring ideas to life and for the plans to bear fruit there is need to follow through the ideas diligently, do a lot of research, work hard and have the financial means to bring the concept to life. Imran is particularly excited at what technology has brought about, making record keeping easy, ordering referrals and makes it easy to do follow-ups. He loves the ability to multi-task which he believes makes him a better entrepreneur and read full article.

Dr. Imran provides a wide range of services which include treatment of diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, and pneumonia. Imran is also a specialist in 360 treatment which helps rejuvenate the skin. Dr. Imran is also a weight loss specialist and with a lot of people struggling with weight the people of Asheboro can get the services from him. He also specializes in a process known as laser hair removal which helps slow hair growth or minimizes hair growth. He has also performed many botox injections successfully and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Haque has received a lot of positive review from his clients and most applaud him for having a connection with each client. Imran also makes sure that he and his team follow the client’s recovery process, making him one of the doctors who has taken his profession a notch higher and what Imran Haque knows.

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Brian Torchin Helps People Find Better Medical Jobs

Searching for medical jobs can be a really hard process for anyone, but it is even harder when they are trying to do it alone. Brian Torchin has been working with HCRC for a long time on jobs that people can get in medicine, and he also has a blog that is the most complete resource for these people. He wants to make sure that everyone who is in need of a job in the field can find one, and he wants to provide these people with information that is actually helpful.

There are instances where people need to get help finding a job because they do not know where to look, and they can learn where to look when Brian Torchin is helping them. There are other instances where people are looking for jobs in specific areas, and they need more help to make sure they can get jobs in these areas. Brian Torchin knows what their resumes should look like, and he helps all these people figure out what the best course of action is.

Brian Torchin gets people ready for interviews, and he helps people write up their resumes. He has an answer for every question, and he knows how to make people look attractive to companies when they are in job interviews. His information produces real results.

He answers questions on his blog all the time, and he is the kind of person who wants people to learn as much as they can. He knows that these people really want to get good jobs, but he knows that he has to give them good information or they are never going to get the jobs they want. he supplies people with the best statistics of the day, and he keeps everyone up to date on new things that he has found. He wants people to have the best information, and he wants to show them that there are plenty of ways to get good jobs. No one should feel like they are going to have to settle, and Brian Torchin prevents people from settling on jobs they do not want.  Be sure to view his full job listings on