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How Aloha Construction Will Take Care Of Your Home

Aloha Construction Inc., a family owned and operated business, is a company which has been expanding rapidly in the construction industry. There has been a decrease in job growth among many industries but the construction industry field has been hanging in and has actually reported an increase in positions according to the United States Bureau of Labour.

Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction once was a small business. It now leads the market in its area as a company that hires other general contractors to work for it. They are very diligent in assuring that their work is done correctly, on time, and in a way that gives excellent customer service to their clients. This has enabled the company to have completed more than 18,000 projects in both the state of Illinois as well as in Southern Wisconsin.

When working on a project, Aloha Construction sends a team that is specialized in the task, or tasks, that need to be performed. Their two primary services they offer are siding and roofing. These two items are often damaged in the pounding storms that affect this region of the company. Their employees are specialized in dealing with this type of damage and can either repair or replace as appropriate.

Aloha Construction also offers gutter and spout installations and repair. A properly installed water mitigation system can save homeowners a lot of money over the years. Many people have had their homes flooded or even destroyed when the system has been installed incorrectly by other companies resulting in flooded basements or crawl spaces as well as ground erosion. Mold and mildew are also a serious concern that can result when these types of systems are not installed properly like the employees of Aloha Construction do.

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Aloha Construction for All of Your Home Repair Needs

If you reside in Illinois, you have probably heard of Aloha Construction; although their company name conjures up images of Hawaii, they are, in fact, a premier construction company located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Aloha Construction is best known for their roofing and vinyl siding services, but they are also very capable when it comes to general home repairs as well.

For example, they install gutters, fix windows, replace worn out screens, put on shutters, install insulation, and many other repairs. In fact, Aloha Construction employees are highly trained, bonded, and certified to perform a variety of task including vinyl siding, insulation, installing gutters, and a host of other home improvement projects. Furthermore, they are considerate of your home, and they make it a point to clean up after completing each project. Aloha Construction is a true proponent for customer satisfaction; it is not uncommon for the company’s management team to contact customers to make sure they are fully satisfied with the work performed on their homes.

Another thing that differentiates Aloha Construction from other companies is that they are family-owned and prides themselves on their professionalism; Aloha Construction places considerable emphasis on their relationship with their customers, subcontractors, and suppliers. At the head of Aloha Construction is President and CEO Dave Farbaky; he has helped Aloha Construction become recognized as one of the best construction companies serving Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Farbaky has been praised for his business acumen and his ability to turn what was once a small business, into one of the most sought-after construction companies, in southern Wisconsin and Illinois.

Whether you’re in need of general home repair, roofing, or repairs related to an insurance claim, you can be assured that Aloha Construction can provide you quality home repairs at competitive prices and more importantly, 100% customer satisfaction.