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USHealth Group’s CEO And Hope Program Founder Troy McQuagge

Since joining the health insurance company USHealth Group in 2010, Troy McQuagge has taken the company to great success on many levels. Not only was he eventually elected as its CEO, but shortly after he became a member of the group, he started a philanthropic program called HOPE, which is geared toward serving communities that are in need by providing assistance to victims of natural disasters and essential items to children who are living in shelters, as well as those who are suffering from terminal illnesses.

HOPE is an acronym that stands for Helping Other People Everyday, and Troy McQuagge USHeatlh has said that he feels that the soul of a company lies at its core and shows who its people really are, so this is the reason why his company is committed to their mission to support and serve others in as many ways as they can. One of the ways their HOPE program has helped others was during the Hurricane Katrina crisis that hit Louisiana over a decade ago. HOPE and the company’s USHealth Advisors helped with the recovery efforts, and with the rebuilding and repairing of homes that were destroyed during the devastating storm.

Also, through HOPE a great deal of supplies were donated to a non-profit children’s shelter called The Crisis Nursery, which serves Arizona’s Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Items such as new shoes, clothes and baby formula was given to the shelter with the intention of helping support the organization’s effort to provide the basics for children who are in urgent need of their services. HOPE has also contributed funds to organizations that assist children who are battling life-threatening conditions. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Having earned a degree in Business Finance from the University of Central Florida, and going on to obtain employment in the healthcare and insurance industries for a number of years, Troy McQuagge brought over 3 decades of experience to USHealth Group, and since he’s been with the company, he has won several awards that honors excellence in business. USHealth Group is a provider of health coverage for self-employed individuals and for people who own small businesses.

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