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Hwa Yuan Szechuan in Lower Manhattan

Hwa Yuan Szechuan is a Chinese restaurant in Lower Manhattan. It was built by James Tang and Chien Lieh Tang, the grandson and son of Shorty, a man who owned a famous restaurant before them. Shorty, whose real name was Yu Fa Teng, owned a restaurant that was also called Hwa Yuan Szechuan Inn. His grandson and son named their business after his business in order revive the family business in the 21st century.

A person who visits this place for the first time should try the cold sesame noodles. Do not let the word “cold” discourage you—the coldness of the noodles refers to a freshness and crispness that makes them all the more delicious.

The food at Hwa Yaun Szechuan is not overbearing. Of course, they do use peppers, but in moderation. They do not add tons of lard in the food, as well.

There are some things that their kitchen seems to always be out of, including Hwa Yuan crab cakes, foie gras with fruit and duck liver pate.

Most of their food is pretty good, though there are a few things that aren’t great. For example, the dry-aged shell steak is unpleasantly tough.

There is a tasty dish where potatoes are cooked with chilies and peanuts–kung pao style.

If you are not in the mood to consume cold noodles, Whole Fish With Hot Bean Sauce is a great dish to eat. At the original restaurant, a lot of people ordered this meal. It was produced with carp.

They sell whole, roasted ducks for $65.00. A critic for The New York Times claimed that it was not worth it. He was not satisfied with the cutting of the meat, as well as the conditions of the skin. He claimed that the meat tasted good, though.