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Joseph Bismark: Different From Other Businessmen

I truly admire Joseph Bismark. It takes a lot of strength and spiritual mindedness to achieve such a high level of success and fame and still keep a level head as well a humble heart. It is easy for people to fall into the trap of seeing themselves as greater than others. However, this article that I have read on the WordPress blog called Citizen Shame, has shown that Joseph Bismark is not that easily swayed by his own success. I could definitely learn from him and his ways of conducting business and relating with people both as his workers and customers.

He is so passionate about improving the lives of others that he has started businesses with the sole purpose of helping others achieve their goals in fitness, business, spirituality and other aspects of their lives. Many people that work with him and conduct business with him notice a difference in him. He is a powerful leader, and yet he makes other people comfortable around him. People often walk away inspired to live better lives after being around him. This keeps them coming back to him and his business. They not only buy his products, but they also listen to his advice on living well.

The majority of his time is spent with the RHYTHM foundation which he himself has got going. RHYTHM is dedicated to improving a sense of well being for people who are interested. It is easy to see that Joseph Bismark has learned a lot from his time spent in the mountains. He has learned a lot of spiritual principles. He has also learned how to clear his mind and break free of all the troubles and concerns of the world. He has seen the light in himself and therefore has recognized the light in others. He wants to bring that out of others so that they can live life more abundantly.

Regulating Health Supplements on Store Shelves

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, many people are turning to natural health and herb supplements that they can buy without a prescription. From St. John’s Wart to other herbs, you can get confused going down the natural supplement aisle of just about any store. Unfortunately, in a recent break in news, it was found that many of these herbal supplements didn’t contain any of what they claim to have contained. Many of these supplements, instead, contained house plants, asparagus and even bean powder to fill the capsule without it having any real value. This was saving the herbal supplement company a whole lot of money in terms of production and sales.

Now that the news has relatively died down, many people are wondering what is changing in order to better regulate these supplements so that this does not happen again. After all, people do not want to be paying for herbal supplements that are simply sugar pills that do not even contain a fraction of what they should. The FDA still does not regulate herbal supplements because of the fact that there is not enough medical science and proof to show the effectiveness of any of them. Because of this, it is important that you stick to highly reliable sources when it comes to your supplements and to consider speaking with a doctor if a prescription form is your better option to avoid this type of thing entirely. That is what Mikal Watts is trying to do more and more.

Beneful- Treat your dog just like Family

Today more families are moving towards a more healthy and natural lifestyle. Improvement in the quality of vegetables, fruits and meats is encouraging many families to make the switch to all natural foods and products. IF your family is make the pledge to be healthier why not include your loyal pet in that pledge?
Many dog foods cater towards healthy families and their pets. Providing a delicious meal while appeasing picky appetites isn’t easy – and you know that! That’s why Beneful employs a large team of scientists and nutritionists to formulate their dog food with the best nutrition, complete minerals, vitamins and the healthy food that your dog needs to live a healthy and full life. Your dog will love the great taste of Beneful’s natural blends of dog food – and you’ll love that Purina provides these blends at an amazing value for your family.
Beneful includes a balanced nutrition that provides all the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs in the ideal amounts. With decades of experience providing top-quality products for your animals Beneful ensures that your pet will love their new food.

Working with picky eaters is never a fun scenario, as people have seen on Facebook. That’s why Beneful provides multiple formulas for different dogs, breeds, sizes and even tastes. My dog especially loves their chicken and rice blend – it makes a simple and easy choice when I go to the grocery store to pick up her food.

Within the last few years, several companies have been in the news for scandals and poor quality ingredients. Beneful has avoided all those scandals and not by chance either. By using only the most state-of-the-art methods for preparing their kibble, they can insure that every bag meets the health standards that you expect.

Sam Tabar is the Answer to Your Investing Needs

Sam Tabar is becoming a household name in the investing world. He has a unique approach that originates from his varied experiences that I am proud to say my diner was one of. Sam used to stop in to study on Sunday afternoons when he was still a law student. Tabar does not take any of his experiences for granted. He uses all of them to make wise decisions in the investment world. In other words, we still see him from time to time on the occasional Sunday and of course keep up with him through CNBC and all the rest of the news he pops up in.

 History of Sam Tabar

 The foundation of Sam’s career started at Oxford University and Columbia Law School. He graduated with honors from Oxford University and served as an Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. After he graduated from Columbia, he, later, joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, which is one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. During his tenure, he helped his clients with side letters, hedge fund formation and structure, investment management agreements, regulatory and compliance, and employment issues.

 Sam refined his skills at PMA Investment Advisors, a unit of Sparx Group Co., in Hong Kong. As a Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development, he gained the finance background he needed to give wise advice to his clients. He successfully managed a $2 billion hedge fund and managed all facets of global marketing and investor relations.

 After providing advice to his ultra-high-net-worth clients, he was able to gain a Rolodex of over 2000 potential qualified investors. The firm raised over $1 billion in assets while under the management of Tabar. He, later, became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. He provided information on endowments, pensions, foundations, and funds of funds.

 Tabar and Commodities

 Tabar knows that investing in commodities requires research. He advises that each investor explores the history of the commodity. Research allows you to make a reasonable prediction of what the commodity may perform like in the future. Problem products can be eliminated or avoided when proper research is conducted.

 For example, Tabar instructed his clients to avoid the US Natural Gas Fund because it was a poorly managed fund. When there were significant losses because the UNG had fallen more than 75 percent, he advised his clients to stay away until they created more shares or resolved the issue in some other manner.

 Tabar is a Force to be Reckoned With in Investing

 If you want to know more about Tabar and his accomplishments, there are many publications discussing his intellectual prowess. He has worked countless hours to invest and give his clients what they need to be successful in the investing world.