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NYC Residents Can Taste The New Genetically Modified “Impossible Burger”

New York City’s Momofuku Nishi restaurant now offers Impossible Foods’ new 100 percent plant-based burger.

Impossible Foods is a California fake-food research company located in Redwood City that has received a lot of attention and funding in recent days. To be exact, this start-up gained $75 million in funding, mainly from workers in Silicon Valley.

Stanford University researcher Patrick Brown founded this company hoping to find a way to make a burger that tasted like the real thing, but that was more environmentally sustainable and used no meat. Brown’s years of studying genetics and biochemistry have culminated in the creation of the “Impossible Burger,” a burger made with absolutely no meat.

The main ingredients in the Impossible Burger are wheat, coconut oil, potato protein, and the heme molecule, which is the most important molecule in the protein hemoglobin.

So, how good is this plant-based burger? Well, most people who try this burger cannot tell the difference between a real burger and the “Impossible Burger.”

David Chang, the head chef and owner of Momofuku Nishi, was amazed after trying the “Impossible Burger” for the first time. After his first taste, Chang decided to put this product on his menu for customers to try. Since this is such a new product, there are only a few “Impossible Burgers” available each day.

Momofuku opened in January of 2016 and offers both walk-in lunch and dinner. They are located in the Chelsea district at 232 8th Avenue.