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Delicious Indian-Style Breakfast and Lunch Foods Are Now Available In NYC

In my ongoing effort to stay aware of current events in the NYC food scene, I came across an interesting online article earlier today that focused on a brand new Indian-style restaurant located in Manhattan.

Located on West 27th Street, this new restaurant is named Pondicheri, and is run by a renowned chef from Houston named Anita Jaisinghani. In addition to providing creative breakfast and lunch menus, Pondicheri features an on-premises bakery called the Bake Lab.

I find it interesting to see that this eatery is offering masala egg breakfast wraps, rice and almond pancakes and stuffed parathas to hungry New Yorkers during the morning hours.

Although Pondicheri is a large 5,000-square foot establishment, the management team want people who are purchasing just a cookie to feel as comfortable about sitting down at a table as someone who is enjoying a full meal.

At lunchtime, customers can choose from an assortment of curries, salads, stuffed rotis, and more. Dinner service at Pondicheri is slated to begin soon, as is bar service featuring craft liquors.

According to this article, the Bake Lab in the front of the restaurant will be serving pastries all day, and gluten-free and vegan items will also be available.

Having worked as a restaurant cook for many years, I can’t help but wonder how Indian-style breakfast items will be received by the general public. Chef Jaisinghani has experienced success with her restaurant and bakery in Texas. I hope that her NYC venture works out just as well.