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Todd Lubar Success in Business

During the time that real estate business was slowly becoming popular, Todd Lubar ventured into the industry and made it his life long career. His vast experience in business along with the passion for philanthropic efforts made Todd Lubar an expert in real estate investment. Initially, Todd Lubar worked as a loan originator in the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Throughout his career, Lubar gained immense experience in conventional mortgage banking and how to relate with insurance agents, financial planners, CPAs and real estate agents. Later on, in 1999, Todd Lubar moved to the position of an equity officer at Legal Financial Group.

Serving as Legal Finance Corporation’s Equity Officer gave Todd Lubar an opportunity to help outside investors to obtain loans. Todd Lubar launched Legendary Properties LLC in 2002. The establishment of Legendary Properties LLC was a huge step in Lubar’s career as it helped him become an expert in the world of real estate. Here, Todd Lubar initiated more than 200 transactions in sales, purchases, and rehabilitation. These transactions varied from multiple to single families and helped Lubar to build a good relationship with experts in the real estate industry. As such, Todd Lubar created an excellent relationship with the major banking institutions.

Todd Lubar’s Success Journey

Riding on the success of his previous endeavors, Todd Lubar unveiled Charter Funding in 2003. As the President of Charter Funding, Todd Lubar’s businesses developed various initiatives aimed at improving the banking sector. Later on, he formed the Legendary Financial LLC to provide financial assistance to companies and high-net-worth individuals. Under his helm, Charter Funding realized over 7000 successful transactions. Furthermore, Todd gained an extensive experience in loan evaluation and risk analysis as the market fluctuated.

Between 2007 and 2008, Todd ventured into several other lines of business and grew his wealth considerably. As his management skill improved, Todd Lubar became fascinated with the subject of Automotive Scrap recycling. As a result, he founded a scrap recycling business, which proved to be effective. Todd Lubar’s success in business is attributed to his direct involvement in the management roles. Todd lives with his two kids in Bethesda, Maryland.